Iguanas break trotters winning streak

| 04/03/2014

(CRFU): The Queensgate Pigs Trotters 3 game winning streak was brought to an abrupt end by the John Doak Architecture Iguanas who, through an improved scrum performance and a tight back line defense, limited the usually free scoring Pigs Trotters to 12 points (all from the boot of scrum half Robbie Cribb). The Iguanas front five managed to turn over a number of Pigs Trotters scrums and whilst neither team had a firm grip on their own lineouts it was still the Iguanas who managed to be more productive with their own ball. Whilst the Iguanas crossed the try line more than once (importantly in the closing stages by scrumhalf Kramer Bell to deny the Trotters an all imports losing bonus point) they will be disappointed they allowed Cribb’s kicking to keep the Trotters in contention and will look to stop the indiscipline in their own half in their upcoming fixtures.

The 10 point loss to the Iguanas sees the Trotters drop down into 2nd place on the league standings whilst the Iguanas jump into first place with a slim 1 point lead.

Whilst the Pigs/Iguanas game caused the movement in the league table it was the 2nd fixture of the day between the Fidelity Cayman Storm and the Advance Fire and Plumbing Buccaneers which raised the most eyebrows in the local rugby community.

With the Buccaneers looking to bounce back from their heavy loss to the Iguanas the week previous and the Storm looking to build on promising periods of play in all of their 3 losses so far this season it was the Buccaneers who looked to have the game under control in the early exchanges and were leading 12-0 before Claudio Sarfati marched passed Richard “Grizz” Adams for the Storms opening score of the game. The Storm scored again to level the scores 12-12 and the real battle for dominance ensued. Nerves were high as the teams exchanged kickable penalties but neither kicker could secure points as Michael Sumares hit the posts and Morgan Shelver’s long range attempt sailed wide.

The teams traded scores once more but Shelver secured his conversion to give his team a slender 2 point lead whilst the Storm’s kick once again missed its target. As the clock ran down it appeared that the Buccaneers had the game all but sewn up before a late yellow card to Buccaneers meant that the Storm had a numbers advantage going into final seconds and the Buccaneers, desperate to secure the ball committed a series of infringements after the clock had gone dead to put the Storm in kickable range of the posts. Trailing by 2 points the 3 point penalty kick would have given the Storm their first win of the season and all but ended the Buccaneers hopes of a run at the league trophy but once again the routine kick was sent wide of the posts and the game was over for the Storm and the Buccaneers breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

League Standings

Upcoming Fixtures

8 March 2014
John Doak Architecture Iguanas vs. Advance Fire & Plumbing Buccaneers 3:00pm KO
Fidelity Cayman Storm vs. Queensgate Pigs Trotters 4:45pm KO

Games are free to watch at the South Sound Rugby Ground or online at www.caymanrugby.com

Photos by Caroline Deegan

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