Jamaica’s opposition leader to speak at UCCI event

| 10/03/2014

(CNS): Andrew Holness, the leader of the opposition in Jamaica and a former prime minister, will speak about his vision for change in our neighbouring country when he attends next week’s UCCI anti-corruption conference here in Cayman. Scheduled to appear on the morning of Friday 21 March on the ethical and anti-corruption framework of Jamaica, Holness, who is also a former education minister, will be on a discussion panel following a presentation by Tara Rivers, Cayman’s current education minister. Rivers will speak on the role and effectiveness of formal education in instilling values and ethics. With corruption widespread in the region. Holness pointed to the significant of the forum.

“Holding such a conference is very important to the Caribbean, as corruption continues to be of serious concern among many territories. Unless this changes the development of the region will continue to be at risk, as there can be no doubt that corruption is a hindrance to the positive development of Caribbean societies,” Holness said.

He expressed grave concerns about the effect of corruption on the stability of Jamaican society, adding that he continues to crusade for improvement to Jamaica’s ranking for the second consecutive year [on an international perceptions index] of 83 amongst 175 countries.

Dr Livingston Smith, the organiser and conference chair, said Jamaica’s leader of the opposition would add to the diversity of the views and to the enrichment of the discussion at the conference.

UCCI President Roy Bodden said that the attendance by the number of high-level political leaders as well as those in academia, civil society and the clergy underscored the importance of the upcoming event.

“Corruption is everybody’s business,” Bodden said. “I challenge the Cayman public, as well as our overseas guests, to show their support by attending the sessions offered at the conference and beyond that,to become involved in anti-corruption campaigns.”

In order to ensure that participants are able to take forward proposals coming from the conference, Dr Smith said that one of the end products of the conference would be a communique compiling key recommendations emerging at the conference.

Dr Trevor Munroe, Director of the National Integrity Action of Jamaican, will be leading arrangements for the drafting of the communique. The aim of the conference is to raise awareness of the potential for corruption and the decline in ethical standards across all the various sectors of society, and the consequent damaging effect on economies and social harmony. The conference will focus on strategies of various regional governments and organisations, public and private to raise sensitivity to these threats and how to curb and eliminate them.

For more information or to register to the conference which takes place at UCCI 19-21 March, visit www.UCCIconference.ky  All local teachers, school children, and seniors over age 65 will be admitted free of charge, but they will need to register as well.

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  1. Born and bred Caymanian says:

    What is UCC President Roy Bodden up to? You would think the Cayman Islands is the most corrupt country in the world? What about the host of African countries? Even some major developed countries in our area where "lobbying" is perfectly legal and considered good business.  Tell Mr Bodden to try and focus on more pressing matters like SMCs, or creating that beneficial ownership register in Cayman, or focusing on the environment with the new road going to mash up the Mastic Trail, tires being used in golf course for new development- this will do the environment a world of good, and can someone please move the GT dump????????????   Give it a rest Roy and try another meaningful topic of benefit to Cayman,  signed a concerned born and bred Caymanian.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah!1 Look, he is wearing a green tie. He mussa be a UDP SUPPORTER.

    • Anonymous says:

      Idiot, didn't noticed that green is part of the Jamaica flag which is also located on his jacket, adn further GREEN is the color of his party.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please your sarcastic remark is unwelcome. Are you not tired to talk about UDP? They are no longer in power. We have other serious matters on hand to deal with in the country. Why not read the reason why the man is coming here and post intelligent ideas on CNS.

      And give your ideas of the event.  Out of everything that is written, you chose to comment on tie? One forsaken tie….SMDH. good god man.


    • Anonymous says:

      Can't you stick to the issue, why he is visiting Cayman?

      Immaturity gets the best of us at times!

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP started the colours nonsense here by following the Jamaican parties.