Workers help kids of missing woman

| 18/03/2014

(CNS): Employees at the Water Authority have made a donation to the children of Anna Evans of various gift certificates from their Christmas charity project. It is now more than three years since their mother disappeared and life has not been easy for the children who now reside with their guardian after their father was deported. Evans was reported missing in 2011 after she was last seen at the landfill where she worked by her cousin sometime between 11.45am and 12 noon on Thursday, 27 January. Thirty seven year old Evans a mother of five children worked as a director of wagons at the landfill site and when she did not meet up with her work colleagues at the end of her shift friends and family began searching.

With no sign of her that evening they contacted the police. However, despite extensive searches there has been no trace of Evans and she remains on Cayman’s missing person’s list.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just saw him riding his bicycle by the Captains Bakery, so it's not true that he has been deported.  Glad to have seen him. CNS check your info!! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think losing both parents has got to be tearing these poor lil souls apart!!! Is anyone really thinking about what these kid are REALLY going thru, first their mother and now their father??? This was so wrong only so many levels.   Shame on CI GOVT to allow this to happen to these children. And why are the guardians having to reach out to the public for help?  Their mother was a civil servant and was last seen at her place of employment.  I think they should be fully cared for by the Govt and not social devices as they are a f****** joke. These children deserve so much right now that it's not funny.  The Premier should have stepped up on this big time. XXXX

  3. Anonymous says:

    Take government to human right court he will win as he entitle to have a family life. It is NOT his fault for loss of his wife. What a low life cayman government are.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems pretty harsh to deport their father – any idea why, CNS?