Alden points to election fraud

| 20/03/2014
(CNS): "Time and again we have heard stories of election fraud, of vote buying – whether its cash in an envelope, a bottle of rum, a new washer or refrigerator," Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin said at the anti-corruption conference at the UCCI. However, he was not referring to the local polls but elections "the world over". Having emphasised the clean bill of health given to the last general elections in the Cayman Islands by the independent observers, he stated, "We can’t keep ignoring election fraud if we are to truly going to stamp out corruption. Those who are guilty – both the candidate or party and the voter – must own up to it, admit it is wrong and help move their country, its people and the region forward."

Without acknowledging the widespread belief that a great deal of vote buying take place during election time in Cayman, McLaughlin stressed the role of election observers in the 2013 general election, who gave the process a nine out of ten score for a fair and proper voting system, and found that the "2013 general elections in the Cayman Islands met the international standards for democratic genuine and transparent elections and the results truly reflect the will of the people.”  
Speaking Thursday morning at the University College of the Cayman Islands conference "Towards a Corruption-free Caribbean: Ethics, Values, Trust and Morality" in a round able discussion on "Anti-corruption Assessment and Strategies in the region", the premier admitted that there was corruption in Cayman, though not the level seen in other parts of the world.
"I have no doubt that corruption is here. We are not perfect by any means," he said.
Corruption, however, does not just exist in government. "We also have to acknowledge that corruption exists in other areas throughout the region and the world, especially when it comes to elections, and especially in the Caribbean," McLaughlin said but was keen to distance Cayman from the taint of election fraud.
Noting that the observers came from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, "despite objections from some candidates", he also pointed to the role of the Election Office, which worked "diligently to ensure the voting was free of corruption" and said they released two election workers for not complying with their oath of office.
"Even Police Commissioner David Baines got in on the anti-corruption act when he advised political camps and voters to file complaints of voter bribery, which he said would be investigated and prosecuted," McLaughlin said.
"If we are honest with ourselves – and we have to be if we want to develop a sustainable ethical and anti-corruption framework throughout the region – we have to admit that election irregularities have occurred and continue in the Caribbean," he said.
Without naming names or any reference to Cayman, he said, "There will be those like the candidates who don’t want elections to be observed, who get into office using illegal means, trying to thwart anti-corruption initiatives, but it is they who must be brushed to the side so that good governance and transparency can thrive in all branches of government."
Turning to Cayman’s Freedom of Information Law 2007, which was introduced by the first PPM government, he said it "went a long way to combatting and even revealing corruption in this country". 
Cayman also has a "robust Auditor General’s operation with an internal audit unit that has been instrumental in getting information to the public," he said.
"And that’s what it is really all about; getting pertinent information to the public about how government works and is functioning to put an end to real and perceived corruption," the premier told attendees at the conference.
"Governments, their authorities and agencies must be forthcoming with information that is requested. Better yet, government should be disseminating prudent information before media and the public request it. There is much information that should already be available to the public; that the public shouldn’t have to seek out 
He said, "We all have to work together to make sure the truth about our governments and who we work with is out in the open; thatour actions are transparent. It takes a willingness to comply with and working together while ensuring that the floors of our own houses are swept clean of corruption."
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  1. Catcha Fire says:

    The PPM needs to stop hanging on to Mac sins and deal with their own and as far is POOF! is concerned you must be talkng bout dem election promises and that POOF manifesto or the POOH POOH that was written in it  needs to be flushed just like those loyal village idiots and KO rupt henchmen being appointed to the various boards and positions in government. Yes folks if it is starting to look just like the UDP all over again it is. Only thing different is these jokers are simply a whole alot CHEAPER.  Puerto Rico PPM Blogger Remember Puerto RICO!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is whay the sooner Mac has this day in court the better for the country.   Regardless of the outcome of the trial we, the people of Cayman,  need it dealt with swiftly and for the court to make its decission.

  2. Cayman aha. says:

    And the NWDA web site actually works, ha ha ha! Tell me another one PPM.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don't worry about the "region."Tend to your own knitting and let the "region " deal with its own issues. Cayman is very different than the other places represented at this conference.

    • Anonymous says:

      Correct, they can. Only sell Cayman status in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      How did you find time to write your comment with your snout so deep in the trough.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman is a part of the region, dimwit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman is no different!  If you look at the history of all the other countries in the region, they all began where Cayman was, small, simple (not poor but simple lives with happiness), then came corruption and all the wealth left the country and eventually countries sold to Dart or people like Dart and now the Chinese.  Think about it.   Cayman likes to boast about its wealth but hides its Watler's road and other similar communities because tourists are not supposed to see these things.  Then our politicians lie to us every four years and we soak it up and regurgitate the spiel that we are wealthy and doing better than the rest of the world.  All the while our politicians and businessmen are the wealthy ones and most of us cannot pay our bills and live from pay check to pay check even when our belts are tightened!    Wake up Cayman!  Even our own are screwing us!


  4. Anonymous says:

    You find corruption at both ends of the spectrum in Cayman.


    The National Building Fund is an example at the high end.


    The GasBoy cards are an example at the low end.


    Everyone seems to want a piece of the pie.


    On a brighter note, the culture is slowly changing for the better thanks to the Auditor Generals (past and present) and the Freedom of Information Office. There are good and moral people in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard the Gas Boy cards are still being used and no one was ever charged.

      • Anonymous says:

        Knowing about it is the first step to fixing it.


        No one said fixing a corrupt culture would be easy. It will take time.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is ironic is that all of governments original chief financial officers, neither of whom ever produced auditable financials, have all been promoted upwards. One just received a promotion recently without going through an open and competitive recruitment process.  How can these CFO's be promoted? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong, its corruption at the top that steals money from those at the bottom that causes corruption at the bottom. Those at the bottom cant afford lavish parties to network with partners in crime or lawyers too cover their arses.

  5. A-non-E-Mouse says:

    WOW!!  The UDP Blogger Brigade is back in full force on CNS!

    Ironic how they were so disapproving of CNS and other media pre-election that they would attempt to chastise others then stayed away in droves and REFUSED to participate in open democracy.  Just like their lovable, hugable, fearless, mischevious leader Big Mac who even more ironically now has re-appeared on Rooster every chance he gets (with his new fries) !

    Poof!! There it is!!!!

    • Anonymous says:


      I think you are mistaken here. This site was alway dominated by the PPM. The proof is in the last 5 years while UDP was in power,  the comments were tenfold againts UDP meaning the site was 90% used only by the PPM supporters.

      This trend is still evident up until today. Sorry my friend, these comments are from yours truly PPM members.


      • Anonymous says:

        Hmm, your post if not even VAGUELY similar to the post at Fri, 21/03/2014 – 13:35 and Sat, 22/03/2014 – 07:49., it is VERY similar.

        Slam Dunk and Point Proven methinks.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes 8;12

          It is the same. my views are always from past experiences. I will always maintain the facts.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let turn talking about corruption into a cottage industry since the lectures get some money/free travel/food/lodging, the organizers get promoted, and as long as we keep the level of talking about corruption to a nebulous and abstract level, corruption will continue to exist and we can continue to conference.  Please visit my website to set up a conference of your choosing.  We put the "Con" in conference.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nothing like having the same people inflicting corruption to have the gall to hold a conference on how they can solve the problems they have created. Massaging clap-trap at best to save their own jobsecurity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahhh, but the conferences make them "appear" to be straight.


      Appearence is everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      I found it difficult to listen to some of the local speakers talk about corruption and the like it was mendacity at its finest.

      The buzz words of honesty openess and transparency were used but they rang like a tin bell.

      The education minister discssng the schools sounded like she was from another planet.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Strange, I did not hear anything about double-dipping pensions or the minimum wage. Well, I'm sure money is not a factor when considering corruption.

    • Anonymous says:

      Double dipping pensions is COMPLETELY LEGAL hidjut whether you like it or not.

      • Anonymous says:

        Legal, unpopular, unfair, and arcane. …In the state of Alabama, if you put salt on a railroad track, death is the punishment. 

        Can we make public those who are collecting double pensions?

      • Anonymous says:

        completely legal for MLA's, how convenient.

        but the rest of us Caymanians have to wait until we're 65…  what's good for the goose is certainly not good for the gander. 

      • anonymous says:

        Time to get it changed for the good of the country. There should be a referendum held to see if people think it should be legal.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes it is legal due to a self-serving law passed by legislators.  Just because it is legal doesn't make it right. This will continue until the public stops getting so easily distracted by politicians and demands this is stopped.

    • Anonymous!!@##!! says:

      Talk about double dipping pensions, what ever happenedto the "Ironwood fund" that was set up about 12 years ago by the members of the PPM and a few UDP folks when they gave them selves a raise when we the poor was bleeding. As far as I remember it was supposed to be for scholarship for the less fortunate. Ask Mac as he was one that was part of the fund and the PPM folks too.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I went to the conference and was so impressed by the glossy pamphlets, the top shelf diction, and thegeneral feel that I was among CS self proclaimed royalty that I totally forgot how corrupt things really are here, bravo to the UCCI team, you are better than getting blacked-out drunk and as I understand are well practiced in that exercise.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would very much like to know if it is true that a retired civil servant was hired to work on the government budget as a consultant  The issue here is that this man returned home to England on retirement supposedly to start a church but yet he is given a contract from here TO WORK WHILE LIVING IN ENGLAND!!!  That is messed up up!  Does the finance ministry or whoever hired him not think there are enough Caymanians out of work to work on this locally?  Please! 

      • Anonymous says:

        For this information to be of any value you have to name the person so it can be investigated.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to the UCCI members involved in creating the conference,  you will be promoted and lavished with favours because management can now trust you in producing the dog and pony show that management has been producing for decades. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    "…and for our first talk bout corruption, lets open the books at UCCI and their spending on African trips and procuring certifications from a degree mill…wait….I've just been told from our Deans that our topic has switched to corruption in other countries…wait…I've just been told that we have a snack truck outside waiting for you…and…we have decided to push any serious contemplation to our next conference…god bless, enjoy the food, and I will see you all in church this Sunday.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Me thinks, the government doth conference too much to cover their arse,  fluff their resume, and collect their next unearned promotion. 

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a UCCI Conference, not Goverment's.

      • Anonymous says:

        Where does UCCI get its money, tuition??? HA. Try scholarships and transfer payments paid for by the government. Has the President and his Deans brought in business from international students??? HA. The confrance was conceived and pushed by the government. Just because it backfired because the locals are catching onto the scam doesen't mean governement gets to chose who its in bed with this week.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The passing of the torch of how to hide CS incompetence  from generation to generation brings tears to my eyes. Great job. You just need a few scape-goats now and you can skate clear to your next promotion.


    -A veteran CS employee

  14. Peanuts says:

    OMOV ? where is it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gifsts at Christmas. No strings attached. Not near election time. No problem.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mmm … "a new washer or refrigerator" …….there's something curiously familiar about that but I can't quite put my finger on it, but I know just the man to ask!

  17. Anonymous says:

    They ALL do it in one form or another. Some are more blatant and come out before elections. Some are more subtle and dress it up as Xmas gifts.

    What is more dishonest? Doing it openly and owning it? Or doing it slightly less openly and pretending you aren’t?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Isn't fraud presenting something to be what it is not? Sounds like the pot and the kettle here.

  19. The Parliamentarian says:

    There will ALWAYS be fraud and corruption in politics/government until there is action taken to prosecute the wrong-doers. 

    • anonymous says:

      I got a driveway done and I cannot even vote. 

      • Anonymous says:

        In reply to Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 22/03/2014 – 16:39.                                          I guess it is not about buying votes then.

  20. Anonymous says:

    and what of the turkey and ham hocks at Christmas time? 

    • Anonymous says:

      They were really tasty thanks, hope you got one?!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Can't be electioneering if you give turkeys to Caymanians and expats alike, right?  😀

      Seriously, as an expat I got a turkey every Christmas delivered by total strangers. I never saw any politician.  The first time it happened I had to ask my landlord what that was all about to find out it was a form of political largesse.  


    • anonymous says:

      There was turtle meat brought door to door in Hidden town.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Alden when it was election time you went house to house asking what changes and improvements people wanted to see. Answers were given and promises made that the very best effort would be made to implement the changes and improvements. Were any efforts made? If I am really honest about it. The response and your desire to bring Cayman forward was the only reason my family and I voted for you. The next election, the vote will not happen and neither the rest of the constituents that visited the house. Education was my top concern. I have a child and want more children. However, I do not want to have them in Cayman any more. Why? See article on waiting times for obstetrics and the article on teachers. My father was one of the seaman that left the island to look for work to improve himself and for his family. It looks that I have to follow suit as for the sake of the nurturing of my child and future children there is little hope.  Cayman is beautiful, safer than most places and generally opportunities are better. If I was a young single professional. Cayman is the place to be. Great opportunity to make money. If I was making 150 a year plus my husbands income then yes. Cayman is wonderful. Private school is an option if I maintain a single child household. I want to expand my family and I have thought out and planned. Plan is to rent out the house in Cayman -mortgage mostly paid- find a job in new country, move child to a school that is equal or better educationally and that costs less than the most expensive private school on island. This plan will work if the country continues to develop. The financial industry is stretching it's limits and needs something more other than being the one trick pony. Health care is in. That may help. Tourism is declining. Environmental deterioration, mosquito spray plane and related cancer rates, the dump. Lots of areas to work on Mr. Alden. 

    The next election based on what has occurred and the promises made and outright disregarded. Not one that went house to house will receive another vote from my entire family and I. That cuts not just one of two people. Remember Caymanians have large effects on voting by family. If the promise was never intended or is not possible, it would have been acceptable to say at the onset. It is not feasible. People appreciate honesty and will respect you for that. 

    Alden – next time to get votes, your only hope is to come by with the fridge and stove. Lying is just as bad. At least the people you lied to would get something out of it other than crushed dreams of Cayman moving forward. 

    Btw Alden being faithful and being manipulated because your description of faithful is skewed is also corruption. 

    Corruption is corruption  no matter the format. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Would be nice to see a comment from someone other than the same UDP Trolls over and over all the time. Ala the "B"ooster Radio Show.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you even still bothering to listen to that show?

    • Anonymous says:

      Now 1;58

      Should one look back at the threads on this site, during the reign of the UDP, you will notice that they were 90% PPM members that used this site.

      I would venture to say, that these comments are still coming from the 90% PPM members. Nice try though!

      • noname says:

        Deny, Defend, Distract.  Typical UDP Legacy behaviour.

        Nice try though!

    • Anonymous says:

      You have serious issues, if you truly believe that all negative comments about PPM, are posted only by UDP supporters.

      Your comment is ignorant,  generally honest PPM and mixed supporters are fed up with the promises that are not being adressedby government. And that is how it should be no matter what government is in. You should not just let it slide because your government is in power.

      I am not a supporter of political parties, so do not assume I am a UDP supporter. I vote country first, as such for the best candidates. Not for an entire party. No matter who you support, when they are not doing what they promised, and what is not in the best interest of country, then people need to speak out.

      Now would be a great time to take your head out of the sand, and hold the persons you voted for accountable….. if they are doing crap. 

      Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to Government, when it is DESERVED. You are not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does or say it.


      • Anonymous says:

        So say the C4C member who will not identify himself.

        "Wrong is wrong, no matter who does or say it."

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone who starts out a blog comment with "You have serious issues" more than likely has "serious issues" with themselves.

      • Anonymous says:

        You need a course in punctuation.

  23. Catcha Fire says:

    Come on now AL all them Turkey Boxes piled up by the PPM offices gate during certain festive seasons  what about them "Wienna" sausages and  Jamaica Easter Buns unnah be delivering to certain people yard i agree it aint fridges and stoves and plywood only difference between unnah and other party is unnah  like a old Buzzard with a young chic in its mouth Cheap cheap Cheap!

  24. Coconutz says:

    Mini-Mac has spoken – listen carefully, believe little.  He like many others before him likes the sound of his voice far too much.

  25. SKEPTICAL says:

    What might happen in the Elections Office is relatively easy to monitor. It is the behind closed doors activities in the various districts that matters. Although much more public, have we so soon forgotten the huge sums that were to be distributed to church congregations, black-topping of secondary roads, car parks and driveways, and of course the household appliances – the list is endless. In communities as small as the electoral districts in Cayman,  such ex-gratia handouts can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of an election, Unfortunately, until a couple of people are found guilty of corruption, AND, jailed for several years, there is no deterrent to those who are inclined to use these methods for their personal benefit.

  26. Turtle Stew says:

    So making promises just to be elected and then breaking them isn't considered election fraud? Even this iron wood development, we the people see right through this deal and this is just to compete with Big Mac and his west bay road fiasco. 

    When are you going to learn mr. Premier? You messed up the school in frank sound by your extravagant designs which busted the country's finance and now you going to start again?

    I am certain I will never cast another vote for this party system?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahem. Listen carefully. Maybe all that Turtle Stew is going to your brain or I don't know what.

      It was not the design of the "Frank Sound" school otherwise known as the Arthur Hunter's father, Brian Hunter's grand father, formally known as the Clifton Hunter school. It was the "Extravagant" RE-design by your one and only favorite legacy UDP members. 

      Nothing will EVER compete with Big Mac's West Bay Road fiasco. 




      • And Another Ting says:

        Nothing compares to ignorance bobo. Even the people who went to court over the land on west bay road understand that. Why don't you go a nd live with the PPM in their own home and Another Ting.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Great speech from the Premier.  Can we ask then why his CIG refuses to produce accounts, and no department heads sweat?

    • Anonymous says:

      The government will not be able to produce proper accounts until they amend the FMFL and recentralize its accounts to the treasury department. The Minister of Finance and the FS will be able to come true this time. It will take a lot of political will to do it because the DG and chief officers do not want to give up the power they have over the budgets through their respective Chief Financial Officers. The recentralization has to be done in conjunction withe the PSML. Take my word for it, nothing will change unless those functions are recentralized. Just follow the thumbs down on this post by those in position of power and the various ministries.

    • Anonymous says:

      CIG is producing accounts. The problem is that they are not audited (or in some cases auditable). If you are going to try to be clever make sure you are correct.  

  28. Anonymous says:

    Isn't election fraud to tell your people you will pass OMOV as the asked for in the referendum and then not do it?

    Fraud is not just before or during the election, it is also what you do after. You are a fraud if you lie to your electorate.  FULL STOP.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM are known as the regressives for a reason just look at all the campaign promises and what they are doing now.  

    • Anonymous says:

      This behaviour happens in all democracies around the world.


      Get used to it.

      • james Pouchie says:

        "this behavior happens in all democracies"

        Yes but it shouldn't be condoned unless you are happy with dishonest politicians running your country. What needs to happen in Cayman is that the voting populace need to mature and hold elected officials accountable. We moan and cry about the same politicians we elect every 4 years just because of their names and then we expect change to happen?

    • Anonymous says:

      No. Election fraud is a criminal offence. What you are describing is standard politician's behaviour the world over.

  29. Anonymous says:

    You mean like promising things like no Dump in Bodden Town and We will institue OMOV if we are elected. Making false promises is no different nor is make promises that cater to specific groups of people leaving everyone else hanging..If you live in a glass house don't throw rock Alden…You are not inocent

  30. Anonymous says:

    The irony of it all is completely lost on this poor man.

    He speaks with a forked tongue and proving himself to be just as untrustworthy as the last lot.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Listening to the rhetoric may lead one to think there is ZERO possibility of corruption or undue influence currently in Cayman when direct family members, siblings, cousins and those with vested business interests are appointed to key positions on government appointed boards like the Port Authority, Airports Authority, Cayman Airways eh? It must be nice living in the perfect world called politics where accusing the other side is expected but not seeing the same potential for corruption in your own decisions.

    • Anonymous says:

      I swear the average level of reading comprehension on CNS is lower than than that of a Grade 4 schoolchild. Which part of this did you not understand?

      "We can’t keep ignoring election fraud if we are to truly going to stamp out corruption. Those who are guilty – both the candidate or party and the voter – must own up to it, admit it is wrong and help move their country, its people and the region forward."

      "We all have to work together to make sure the truth about our governments and who we work with is out in the open; that our actions are transparent. It takes a willingness to comply with and working together while ensuring that the floors of our own houses are swept clean of corruption."


      • Anonymous says:

        PPM bloggers defending the indefensible out of blind loyalty. LOL

        The mindset is do as PPM say not what PPM do. If you not a PPM you bad which is very childish 

      • Anonymous!!@##!! says:

        The average level of compresion is weak here in Cayman, I agree with you. This vote buying is rampant here and NO ONE will admit to it.

        The coruption in these party systems are so rank that you can smell it daily, however 3 to 4 months before elecion anyone can see the scale vote buying rise. I have seen it and I am fabbergasted at the brazen way they do it.

        Envelope wth money, stoves,fridges, trips to miami. you name it  the receivers are so blantant with it. The are just as guilty as the givers. These kind need tbe named and shamed.

        • Anonymous says:

          So if you know who is involved why aren't you naming names? By remaining silent you are condoning it which makes you just as bad as those that are directly involved.