Local artist to show-off big talent in big apple

| 22/03/2014

(CNS): One of Cayman’s best known home grown artists will be exhibiting in New York next month at the Artexpo 2014, showcasing not just his own work but Cayman as well. Gordon Solomon said the exhibition, which will get significant media coverage in the USA and abroad, offers an excellent exhibition space for emerging artist. Individual artists also have a chance to show in their SOLO event, a juried exhibition of emerging and mid-career independent artists. Solomon said he continues to strive to be one of the artistic ambassador’s for the Cayman Islands to expose “home-grown Caymanian talent” to an international audience.

“I feel in an artist’s life we need opportunities like the artexpo not only as a way to make a living but also to enhance my skills, to be challenged, to see and learn new things. Opportunities like this can be life changing and encouraging,” he said.

Taking place 2-6 April at the New York Pier 94 711 12th Ave, a recognizable event space in New York City used for high-end shows and large scale events, the Artexpo 2014 follows the Armory Show, completing the convention centre’s month long, critically acclaimed prominent art fairs in New York City.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope you make a big impression in the Big Apple Gordon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Gordon Solomon. I hope that the government will support him in this venture and that he and other local talent will continue to be recognised. Mr. Horatio Esteban and his amazing craft also needs to be highlighted. There are of course many others!

  3. Another Anon says:

    This is awesome. Best of luck, Gordon.

  4. And Another Ting says:

    All the best to you Mr. Solomon, Jah Bless.

  5. Just Sayin'.... says:

    Gordon is one of those artists whose unique style of painting makes his work instantly recognizable. That is extremely hard to accomplish and makes his work stand out amongst the crowd. He is truly one of Cayman's hidden talents and we should all wish him the best in showing his work (and Cayman) to the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is true. Gordon's works as well as he, is a national treasure. Keep up the good works and represent the Cayman Islands talent well in NYC! I'll be investing in his art this coming year!