Work force agency goes on road to help job seekers

| 28/03/2014

(CNS): Local unemployed workers looking for a job will be able to go to their district library over the next two weeks to get direct help from government officials and check the database of vacancies registered with the National WorkforceDevelopment Agency (NWDA), officials said. How many jobs are open is unclear but the NWDA said it is going out to the community in an effort to, what it described as “provide improved customer service to its clients in their job seeking efforts.” The agency will have a representative at the district libraries on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The government agency said this would provide opportunities for job seekers to register online with the NWDA and to search the online job portal and self-refer for vacancies – in other words make an application. They will also provide assistance with preparing resumes and help with getting ready and getting through an interview successfully.

The officials will be at the East End Library on Monday, 31 March 10:00am -1:00pm and then at the Bodden Town Library on Wednesday, 2 April 2:00pm -5:00pm. The following week they will be at North Side Library on Monday, April 7 10:00am -1:00pm and then West Bay on Wednesday, April 9 10:00am -1:00pm.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And when you do employ them they quit within a week or two and you have to start all over.  We went through this last time PPM was in power, it didn't work then it is not working now not that UDP is any better but at least you could get on with hiring proper local candidates when they qualified.

    • Anonymous says:

      16:06 you are absolutelycorrect.  It is absolutely no use any Caymanian looking for a job or  anything under their reign. Vote them out come next election, all of them.

  2. UHUHUH says:

    What has to be done to make sure that those who are contented to sit on their rumps and collect dole when they are able to work, will after identifying them as slackers who just want to collect their Government grant, will no longer be given these grants unless they are working on assigned jobs for Government. If this is not done, then they willjust  sit around and collect the freebies!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stand back and watch the rush!! The numbers going to the libraries could get scary. I mean, like the same as before this campaign. Spooky. If a job seeker cannot be botherred to get their a$$ down to the NWDA office, then who the hell would want to employ them?

    • Anonymous says:

      "Job seeker" is a myth…" Pay seeker " is a more accurate description of our lazy unemployable hangers on who believe that the only reason they don't have the top job is because a foreigner has it.

      • Your are wrong says:

        So untrue you horride hateful expat. Give NWDA and qualified locals a TRY:

        There are many, many, many qualified and excellent locals.

        Just like the global world, just demand references and confirm solid work history and you will be satisfied.

        At my office we make no apologies up front and tell people that they may be entitled to 10 sick days by law, but if they play that game or don't pull as a team, put in some unpaid overtime and extra effort, it will reflect on their reviews and no job is guaranteed.  We make it clear that there are many people looking for the same job and everyone, regardless of nationality has to prove themselves daily. All employee contracts are 2 years and we never have we had an issue with letting a mediocre employee go (yes, you can fire locals for poor performance and no- no one has ever successfully sued so THERE IS THE MYTH!!) 

        In turn, we are proud to retain and promote the most excelllent Caymanians andare 80% local workforce in a white collar very competitve industry and you should try the same!  We pay less for work permit fees, get kudos in the community and are not seen as hateful expats like yourself.

        Please take your head from outside your @$$

        • Anonymous says:

          Dear 11.18.

          Thank you for your response and I agree that Many/the majority of Caymanians are decent hardworking folk…my comment which has upset you was directed out of frustration at the lazy can't be bothered looking for work amongst our people.

          And..I am not a horrid foreigner, but a very concerned Caymanian as are you. Thank you for setting out your firm's positive experience in hiring Caymanians, that at least was one good result from this exchange.

        • Anonymous says:

          If it's already outside of the A$$ then it can' t be taken out…just saying.

          • You are wrong says:

            True, corrected thanks. The horrid hating expat has his head UP his A$$ -true.  

            As for "casual overtime" to the person asking about that, let me give a little tip for free: after working in the USA/UK, Bermuda and Cayman: to succeed in a white collar job, you do not get paid overtime.  You do what it takes to get the job done and yes, that means missing dinner with my family at least a few times a month. It means taking overseas calls at 6AM with UK customers. It means going into the office on a weekend when it is quiet to catch up.  Yes, good rewards, but annual salary does not pay overtime and high pressure jobs expect a bit of extra effort.

            You want overtime pay? Stick to an hourly wage and good luck.

            I am a hard working internationally degreed Caymanian and still defend that most locals are a damn good bet!  It is time to give the locals (that deserve it) their place up the ladder instead of rubber stamped year after year work permit renewals.  I hope the NWDA succeeds in breaking down the Business Staffing and Immigration Boards pandering to big business and we get back to following the law.  By the way, we are ALL onto you for bringing in a "temp" and then six months later, whammo a 2 year permit sails through!?

            No one wants a free lunch, but if qualified and worthy, they should at least be let in the front door!  The NWDA: if you look at their goals, are just trying  to finally make this fair and legal.  No more paper shredders by HR for all local applications is all that we ask.  This is just a small step to stop (any if they exist) HR games.  An moral person would welcome respecting the law.  If qualified and worthy, give a local the shot- most of us "can't" and don't want to live overseas, we need shots at more than just tourist jobs and are willing to work hard to get up the ladder.

            • Anonymous says:

              "By the way, we are ALL onto you for bringing in a "temp" and then six months later, whammo a 2 year permit sails through!?"

              Truer words have never been spoken.  Then you have also hit many nails on the head in the rest of your comments.  Well done!!

              You can also add bringing on a Caymanian and then whammo they get let go before the typical probation period is up for some silly, trumped up reasoning. Only to have a hand picked replacement from overseas put in their place many times for less money.

        • Anonymous says:

          why should your employees put in unpaid overtime? surely they deserve to be paid for any overtime that they do?