Deputy governor smooths road to naturalisation

| 01/04/2014

(CNS): The procedure for becoming a British Overseas Territories citizen will become easier and faster, the deputy governor has said, as a result of review of the application process, which he recently directed. Franz Manderson said the changes were part of the “cutting red tape” initiative by making efficient use of the internet and simplifying the application for naturalisation. The new system, introduced Friday 28 March, reduces the number of visits to the government building and halves the timeline it once took to become British. 

“I asked my staff to re-engineer the process to make it more customer-friendly and to process applications in a reasonable timeframe," Manderson stated in a release from his office. "It was achieved by simplifying the application form, using the internet and removing unnecessary bureaucracy,” he added.

The oldsystem involved a minimum of four visits to the government administration building but the new system will require only two: one to place the completed application in a drop box and, if successful, one to take part in the pledge ceremony. Applications will be processed within two to three months, reducing the processing period by about four months.

The major changes include a new and simpler application form and guidance notes for the forms can now be accessed online on the office of the deputy governor’s website. Alternatively, the application form can be picked up at the government headquarters on Elgin Avenue in George Town.

Completed application forms can be placed in a drop box in the foyer of the Government Administration Building between 8.30am & 5.00pm Monday – Friday with cheques or a banker’s draft payable to the “Cayman Islands Government” for CI$825 for adults & CI$450 for children.

Certified copies are now required for all documents except Police Record & Travel History.

The staff at the deputy governor’s office are still available to answer queries on 244.2441 / 244-3181/244-2403 or email

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can the DG now try to 'smooth the road' to allow deserving civil servants their rightful places, and introduce succession planning – inspead of the rampant nepotism & favoritism that's destroying the credibility of the service?

    I guess that's a stretch – but the recent faux "voluntary separation' (ie selective rewards) is an example of the morass that exists in the top ranks of government!

  2. Anonymous says:

    05:04- I am still amazed and troubled that you will have a problem with people having a business license.  People who comes here and open their business are not taking away jobs from you. In fact, by creating a business they are providing a job for you.


    • Anonymous says:

      OK – so let's give Starbucks a licence and see what happens to every Caymanian owned small coffee shop. It is more complicated than you portray

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be much nicer if you had a opened a business in your own Country.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent work DG. We knew you would make the right changes. Don’t worry about the negative comments that’s typical CNS. I remember when it took six months just to get an appointment to submit an application. So well done. And for the unwise posters since Mr Manderson has been DG all government reports have been submitted for auditing. Try and keep up with the facts please.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Why not smooth something that helps the original dry foot caymanians?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who told them about the internet?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Will this be reciprocal for British citizens wanting to become Caymanian?   I suspect not……

    • Anonymous says:

      You should improve on your reading comprehension:

      "The procedure for becoming a British Overseas Territories citizen will become easier and faster…".

      Becoming a BOTC is an essential precursor to obtaining Caymanian status, so it follows that that has made it easier for British Citizens to become Caymanian. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, marrying a Cabinet status grant recipient will get you status much faster without ever having to meet the criteria to become a BOTC.

    • And Another Ting says:

      Ok Mister  Deputy, now please fix the Accounting records of the CIG , get rid of the AG and have all accounts  professionally Audited and I wil personally pin the Good and Well done seal pan your breast. And Nother ting.

    • Anonymous says:

      Umm, getting Naturalized has nothing to do with becoming Caymanian…

      • Anonymous says:


        Can you explain what you meant by that statement?

        If  getting  naturalized doesnt make you a caymanian, how come all those have it, are running the long- termed borned caymanians out of business, by acquiring business licenses.


        • Anonymous says:

          Getting Naturalised makes you a British Overseas Territories Citizen. Getting The Right to be Caymanian (formerly known as Caymanian Status) is what makes you a Caymanian. Thousands of Caymanians are not British Overseas Territories Citizens and have no right or ability get Naturalised (because they refuse allegiance to the Queen, have criminal backgrounds, spend more than 90 days year away from Cayman, are of poor character, or simply canot be bothered to apply) just as thousands of British Overseas Territories Citizens are not Caymanian.  

      • Anonymous says:

        There are no indigenous people to the Cayman Islands, unless you count Mosquitos or turtles.

    • Anonymous says:
  8. Anonymous says:

    And crotchety old McKeeva said this go"w"ernment would only "acheive bureaucracy".

    Good job Franz. Show em how it's done.

  9. Anonymous says:

    $825.00 dollars for a British Passport?  Mr Manders istis for real, because Caymanianswuld prefer buy grocere for eight weeks

  10. Anonymous says:

    When will they get rid of the oath of allegiance?  You can't owe allegiance to a non-sovereign entity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Naturalization is as  a citizen of a British Overseas Territory not as a citizen ofCayman. The oath is to the Crown not to Cayman. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think the applications should be regerstered  and day stamped, as received, not just dropped in the drop box. Every applicant should have an official record of that. 

  12. Juan Derland says:

    That’s amazing. Cutting four visits to two. And it took staff to figure this out.

    Just another day up in the palace.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know, if all government departments did the same process, there would be no traffic jams any more.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cut out citizenship, status and the rest, and we wouldn't have as many predator here.