No PAD for Ironwood

| 04/04/2014

(CNS): Developers of the proposed $360 million development in Frank Sound have said it is unlikely that they will be submitting a Planned Area Development application for this project, despite its size. David Moffitt said he was expecting to submit a planning application sometime this month for another part of the project but it appears the developers will continue submitting applications piecemeal. Despite warnings from the Department of Environment regarding the size of the project and its potential impact on the community and natural resources in an area home to many of Cayman’s endangered endemic species, the authorities will not get to consider this project holistically.

Speaking at a public meeting in North Side last week, Moffitt revealed that alongside a proposed golf course, residential and commercial buildings and a retirement village, all covering several hundred acres, the developers also plan to dredge lakes in the area. 

Although Moffitt said the developers would undertake some type of environmental audit, given the mounting ecological threat this development and the accompanying road extension pose, the decision not to submit a planned area development has raised concerns amongst environmental activists.

Sustainable Cayman, a local advocacy group of the environment, said this week in a CNS Viewpoint that the “current impromptu method of development based primarily upon the interests of private investors” would not solve the Caymans' economic problems but it would sacrifice the environment.

Since 2012 the Department of the Environment has been raising its concerns about the proposed project, not because it is trying to stop it but because of the expressed desire to examine the plans in their entirety rather than bit by bit. Given the impact that such a huge new development would have in the area, the DoE has said that all of the wider implications should be considered in context before it is given the green light.

During last week’s public meeting most of the residents of North Side who attended appeared to welcome the project as they seemed to believe it would bring jobs, prosperity and more development in its wake to the district. Only a few residents were concerned about the change it would bring and the obvious destruction of natural critical habitat, the threats to National Trust wetlands, Mastic Trail and Reserve, the Botanic Park and even the local fresh water lens.

Ezzard Miller, the MLA for the district who organised the meeting, which was the first time the developers had spoken to his constituents and allowed them to ask questions, was concerned that the developers would not necessarily be willing to pay North Siders the wages that they should be paid. Despite promises, he was worried that in the end, like many other developers before them, they would seek cheap labour from overseas, leaving locals unemployed. The popular representative was also concerned about what it would do to the district.

“While it might sound good, I am concerned about changing the face of North Side and what a potential influx of 2,000 people into the district might do without the correct supporting infrastructure,” he said. Expressing concerns about the water lens and environmental threats, Miller was, however, not too worried about the developers decision over the PAD. He said the most important thing was that the people of North Side were kept fully informed about the details of the development and involved in it if it went ahead.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A PAD is an option that developers are able to use when planning large developments that give them the option of making changes further down the road.  I think if Ironwood has opted not to go this route (because it is an option, it is not a requirement) it must mean that they do not intend on making changes to their plan and they have already thought it through.  

    in Cayman we so often look the gift horse in the mouth – we scream and cry and make up stories about people so that we will have something to chat about on the marl road or around the water cooler – something that we can all get incensed about, scream about and wave our arms in the air, but none of it is constructive.  None of it gets people working, none of it makes for the betterment of society.  It is really very sad.


  2. 4Cayman says:

    David Moffitt, who? Due diligence anyone? Cayman certainly cannot stomach anymore bad publicity in the world press?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this project going yo be a mirror image to The Villages in Florida. If it is, then I think this will be great for the Island.

    • Diogenes says:

      "a mirror image to The Villages in Florida"? – Including the sinkholes at the Villages die to excess pumping out of groundwater?

  4. Anonymous says:

    If North Side residents think that this is going to be a good thing for them they'd better start looking a lot deeper than a few short term jobs. If there was so much good will the developers would have no issue with applying for the PAD. I am surprised that Miller, the district's representative did not fully support such an application.

  5. UHUHUH says:

    Is Mr. Moffitt going to be the PPM's Michael Ryan? Remember all the special amenities that was given to Michael Ryan and how he left us holding the bag while he walked away with some six million dollars of our money. Have any of those politicians who assisted Mr. Ryan in doing this to us ever been called to task.  Of course not! This is Cayman, a once beautiful caribbean island known for its charming hospitality and it's lack of crime, but is now fast becoming the Nigeria of the caribbean because of the corruption that exists here. What a sad commentary to have to make on this my island, a place that I love and call home!

    Has anyone asked this  question. Where does Mr. Moffitt get the funds to develop a three hundred and sixty million dollar project. I have done some research on Mr. David Moffitt and he certainly is not known for his development of major projects such as this. According to what I've found on his business background, he does more renovations than actual construction. Mainly single family residences. So my question to Mr. Moffitt is. Are you fronting for somebody that we may know? Someone who had major plans to develop  a similar large single family project  off the West Bay Road Corridor, but after at least four years of advertising and promoting  of "that" project nothing has been forthcoming re those plans.

    Could it be that the remediation of Mount Trashmore is uncertain? Or is there some other reason. Now the question must be asked of our Government. How is it possible that Mr. Moffitt who seems to have just popped out of the wood work, is being given all this attention and is being allowed to begin construction on this project without a  "Planned Area Development  document being submitted to the planning authorities. By law these things are required! SORRY! I forgot this is cayman, and we can bend and sometime break the laws when there is millions of dollars to be spent on projects which will employ "so many Caymanians" and will be "so good" for the economy. Really? Boy, have we been drinking that cool aid!  There are some good examples of this kind of thinking that has into a mess before. Just look at the Ritz Carlton and other projects that has employed so many of us Caymanians. Isn't that a joke!

    It is my belief that this project will be good two groups! One! Those who will give the developers what ever they ask for. And Two! The developers themselves. Other than that I'll venture to say that "if" this thing is built,  you will be able to count on one hand the number of Caymanians employed  there. This is so unfair to our people! We must stop these politicians from giving away the Island to people whose only objective is to squeeze from us  every drop of anything good that's in us and when they have done that they will leave in the middle of the night and we'll be left holding the proverbial bag of bills that have been left unpaid by those whom our political leaders thought were so good for the Island. People like Michael Ryan!


    • Anonymous says:

      First things first fool, A PAD app is not required by law. Second, unemployeed Caymanians needs to stop sitting around and waiting for people to employ them and start leaning to employ themselves or at least qualifiy for the jobs they want. On the other hand I do agree with you that the Caymanians employeed there will be a few for reasons everyone already know..Oh and what the heck does this have to do with Mt Trashmore, get your thoughts together before opening your mouth so you sound like you have sence.

      • UHUHUH says:

        First of all, based on the content of your comment, I would guess it is I you are speaking to. So let me say this, I know that a PAD is not legally required, but it was suggested that Mr. Muffitt should have done one like other Developers of large projects such as this have done before!  And secondly, let me say to you that you it is obvious that you are lacking in good manners, and I refuse to lower myself to your level, by getting into an argument with you. AS far as Mount Trashmore comment is concerned Ileave that for you to sleep on.

        There are thirty five [35] intelligent persons who gave my comment thumbs up.  I think they all understand what the Mount Trashmore comment was referring to. And I'm sure that if you'll  take the time to read my comment over and over again, for an hour or two,  you will eventually understand what was meant.  And to show you that there are no hard feelings, I will personally give you a "thumbs up" just so you will have have at least one thumbs up  on your comment.

        So you have a good day and please don't call people nasty names!  

  6. Henry 111 says:

    First let me say this is a quarry in the making. The golf course and retirement village is a scam! Who the heck is going to afford to retire in the bush. The only people that are retiring and moving to cayman are going to the Ritz and watercolours.

    dont understand how come the politicians are so blinded by this farce? Well then again UDP wanted to develop west bay for west bayers now ppm want to develop the eastern districts for the sake of employment and wealth. Really? Remember ppm what happened to the frank side school and ppm at the next election. Time longer than rope…..then I guess who would really benefit from this whole scheme?

    btw where can I go to join the environmental group? Certainly seems like a good group  to join considering there's to protection for the environment here in cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is the name of the little world you live in?

    • Anonymous says:

      You're Nuts most retired people can't afford the Ritz or WaterColours. Old retired folks love living on Golf Courses especially professionally built and maintained ones not like the crappy ones already here. People need to stop trying to tear this down when it’s something that would be the first of its kind in the Caribbean and something Cayman could be proud of.

  7. Anonymous says:


    So let me try to educate you before you put your foot in your mouth again. Planning laws do not prohibit any individual from making an application on any property whether owned by the applicant or not. In many respects because of us Who sell our land to investors and want to later object to development on the said land many have learnt to submit applications and make offers subject to approval then purchase the said property.

    For the records this project is excellent for Cayman as it will cause lots of folders from around the globe to visit Cayman for tournaments of which will bring loads of wealth to this country. As for the individual who says that building a golf course in the middle of the Island it is clear that you have a limited if not no knowledge of golf courses around the world. Since Florida is so close to Cayman the next time you go to Miami find the world renown and famous Doral golf course and if you find any sea breeze there then it is more than I know. Go to Tampa and attend Westchase golf course and the same will be found. This is just to name a few. We always make these suggestions and do no research. I hope I have now given you a crash course on the importance of this project.

    A Caymanian born golfer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well done re your point about the law – agreed.

      Re the pull of a golf course basically in the middle of nowhere attracting loads of vistiors – sorry but I think you are so far off the mark that it is not funny. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ah, now we have the solution for the dump! Don't apply to have a dump in BT, just put in an application for a small facility to store a few bags of trash… then another application for a small facility to store a few bags of trash next to it… & another application for a small facility to store a few bags of trash next to those. Etc.

    It's not a not development at all, just lots & lots of tiny ones of the same nature by the same developers, that make you think it's all one big development.

    Or just start the work & see that Cayman let's you go ahead & do whatever you like anyway (like removing mangroves, dredging, reclaiming land: no one stops you & there's no penatlies for doing it).

  9. Anonymous says:

    I keep hearing a particular name popping up on this project.   Is this not the same person out of Florida who had the failed contract that left hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the truck drivers from the Scrap Metal project?  And that the government ended up footing the bill for?  If you couldnt trust him to complete a small project such as that why trust him to complete a $360 million dollar project!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No, this is not the person who left people unpaid.  This company was under contract with the Government to clean up the mass of debris left over by Ivan and their contract was cut short because of politics, not because they did a bad job.  The auditor general confirmed that the Government got good value for their money and the company hired all local contractors and workers to carry out the clean up process.  

      I think it prudent that you do a little homework before posting questions like this that are crafted to be defamatory as this is unfair to everyone – to the developer and to those who would be denied a good project because of erroneous marl-road talk.  


  10. Anonymous says:

    Retirement  community ; dont need a golf course in this heat and high humidity … You need a hospital. Have a look at the cruse ships; the geriatric  croud come here to die by drowning. " now you going to kill them with heat stroke on the golf course".

    • Jah Dread says:

      Boy oh boy another who pop himheD when he was small.

      • Anonymous says:

        I know… damned if you do – and damned if you dont. Some people are never happy

    • Anonymous says:

      Then Build a Hospital, you act like this is something Cayman is doing with thier own money. This is a project done by private investors.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent proposal.  See  Health City and the Ritz Carlton just how good they are doing for the economy, many Caymanians that would not have a job found jobs in those establishments.  Cayman better realise that the world is changing and we had better change or be left behind.

    • Laughter Lounge says:

      11:06. You should really think seriously about doing the comedy scene!  This is the best joke I've heard all week!

    • Anonymous says:

      Fair enough 11;06

      Who are going to make sure that the local builders get involved with the construction of this great project?

      As it is now, they are all out of work or working for all the new contractors sprouted up overnight, and the worst part , they are being paid a lower rate than we were working for in the 80s back then we paid no pension or insurance for our workers.

      There are lots of million dollar homes being built, but Caymanians are not on board.

      The tide has changed, before this atrocity and ethnic clensing came in with the Ritz. days. 

      All developers, homebuilders and investors came looking for people like; David Arch , Jim Arch, Arcfh & Godfrey Jeford walton, Jimmy Powel, James Ebanks, Ranburn Christian, Sonny Clarke, Denby Groves, Dalkeith Ebanksand i could go on. Most of these have children that carried on the trade and name.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If the developer had confidence in this project he would apply for a PAD  his failure to do so to me show a lack of confidence.

    • anonymous says:

      there is no requirement to apply for a PAD…what about that dont you guys understand??


  13. Anonymous says:

    We have two failed golf courses in the heart of our most affluent area along the Seven Mile Beach corridor, wher there are 5 star hotels, multi million dollar condos galore and many palaces on the canals, all set between the beach and the North Sound making it cool and picture perfect.

    But these guys are going to build one in the middle of the bush, where its hot and there is no one living that will be interested in playing golf anyway. why are we so gullible?


    • Garfield says:

      On What basis are they failed? Please substantiate your statement..

      • Carl Spackler says:

        Not enough pools and too many ponds. And you can’t smoke the grass…..

      • Judge Smails says:

        Have you played them?

        Two are 9 holes and cannot therefore be considered golf courses.

        And the third is open to the public. It’s no Bushwood sir!

        • Garfield says:

          Yes Judge Smails I have played the courses but believe it is absurd to compare the courses to elite courses such as Bushwood in Florida. Where in the Caribbean are there courses comparable to Bushwood? Let's deal with reality, we are in the Caymans not Florida.

          • Ty Webb says:

            "Let's deal with reality, we are in the Caymans."

            That is the point isn't it? Cayman has no land that is conducive to excellent golf courses. The best we can do is chip down some rock or fill in some swamp. So to hope that we can become a real gofing destination is just more pie in the sky.

            The locals and visitors who play golf in Cayman are examples of golf addicts. The kind of golfers who will golf anywhere on anything that is described as a golf course. The fact that they go out to Britannia or the former Links every weekend or even every day is not an indication that those course are any good but rather that these people are simply hooked on golf.

            Bushwood by the way was the fictional country club in the movie Caddyshack.




            • Garfield says:

              Bushwood is the fictional name for what in reality is the Grande Oaks Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    • Garfield says:

      I would be interested to know how you define failure. I know of at least 20 golfers from North America who have come here during the past 6 months to golf who would not have come here if there hadbeen no golf courses. They stayed at the Ritz, Westin, Sunshine & Holiday Inn spending lots of money here . That money would have been lost to the Cayman economy without the golf course. Is that really failure?

      Please define failure.

      • Jah Dread says:

        They ate failures because it was projected that the present two would have been consistently inundated with golfers, this obviously s not the case. Twenty plaing, paying Golfers cannot even pay for one month of the Managers salary. You must be new on here or styling up .

        • Anonymous says:

          It may also have something to do with the fact the the current two courses suck. Arnold Palmer courses are some of the best and people travel the world just to play on them..

          • Diogenes says:

            "Arnold Palmer courses are some of the best and people travel the world just to play on them" – unlike Jack Nicklaus (Brittania) or Greg Norman courses (Blue Tip) of course!  The problem is not the designer, but the raw material in terms of geography.  There is only so much you can do with the local topography, flora and water supply. 

            • Anonymous says:

              I would not travel from George Town to play Britannia.  Blue Tip is quite dull and too many of the holes play straight into the wind or down-wind.

            • Anonymous says:

              So many professionals of Geography on this site, do you people really think a group of private investors are going to sink 360 million dollars into this without doing their homework and having qualified designers, agriculturalist as well as geographers study the site. Humans have built damns to hold back huge rivers, piped water into the desert, put men in space, built submarines that can stay underwater for months at a time as well as built planes so that they can fly. What makes you think they couldn’t grow green grass in Cayman, there are tons of species of grass that are winter and summer tolerant and thrive with little water. Some people just find fault in everything and think they know more than the pros. And then there’s are those that are just haters. People like this come and go always having nothing to show for their lives which is why they have so much hate.


              When this place is done I will be one of the first to drive on the newroad to the east and shoot some putts I certainly hope they put in a putting green for those that just want to hit a few.



              • Sea Ray says:

                Suggesting that the people who sank millions in to the other two golf coourses did as well. Or didn't they? You can't have it both ways.

    • Truth says:

      I could tell you why you are so gullible but you would not like the answer.  We all get it.  If Caymanians do it(Turtle farm, Cayman airways, Mount trashmore etc.) its good.  If a expat does it (Camana bay, the Ritz, and all the successful and money making projects,) its bad.  Got it, understand it, and plan on seeing a lot of it here.

  14. Anonymous says:

    it ain't going to happpen……………

    • Anonymous says:

      09 ;32

      I hope you were not one of the pessimis that claimed the Shetty Hospital wasnt going to happen.

      Why is it, that instead of Caymanians try to incourage these developments to profit their own people.

      Why dont they focus more on insuring that the poor Caymanians get  involve with these projects? instead they spew negative remarks  to discourage their own people. At the same time telling the Developers that caymanians dont want a part of it.

      Have any one else observed this?

  15. Anonymous says:

    HOW? How is it possible that these people can get away without submitting a PAD?  I am getting really sick of how it is one way for one set of people and one way for another set of people. 

    Who is the big person in the sky in Cayman that controls everything? It is beginning to seem like there is one. I think we all need to start looking for one because this is madness.

    How people could sit through a meeting in North Side last week and nod and applaud is reprehensible but more than that, really hard to believe.  North Siders have banded together in the past to retain the charm and peace of their district and now all of the sudden this is going to be ok?  Bye bye beautiful Mastic, National Trust, wetlands, water lens, and botanic park and hello to concrete jungle, waste of finite island space golf course, and traffic road noise.  I have an idea: how about work on the developments that sit bare in the district (and neighbouring districts) already. Get those moving and then think about something new.

    The 80's mentality of "if we build it, they will come" does not work.  Obviously.  You can put the picture of any senior golf pro on your media, it does not make a venture a money maker. You can put survey monkey on your website but unless you are willing to actually listen to the responses and not spin them, it is useless. By the way, I filled out your survey, I own land out there, and think the idea sucks.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is NO requirement to submit a PAD for any project. If your project is over 40 acres AND has more than 3 different uses in the development then you MAY submit a PAD application.  All the PAD does is allow you to slightly modify the underlying planning zoning requirements. A PAD IS NOT A REQUIREMENT for anything!!! Totally a decision of the developer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because PADs are optional not required. The requirement is planning permission. Whether you get that 'normally' (piecemeal in this case) or through a PAD is up to the applciant. – However, I am not in panning so I only assume that CPA, as the decider, isn't supposed to influence what the applicant puts in.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I hope Mr. Miller is able to find jobs for the welsome committee that meets and greets all the tourist to North Side with the cat calls and spliffs burning…oh wait they will not work for 8 dollars per hour…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me why our government would consider a $360 million development proposal from someone when, to the best of my knowledge and belief, they do not own the property they are proposing to develop?

    A quick check on the individual making the proposal turns up a foreclosure sale by Bank of Floridaon property that he did own on March 21, 2013. It is slow to load, but the details are on page 20 of the Sumter County Times edition of Thursday, February 28, 2013 Volume 127 Number 9.

    You can also find a list of his Florida Corporations, both active and inactive here:

    Let me know if you see anything that might lead you to believe this is a man that can call upon $360 million for a development in Cayman.

    • Just a commoner says:

      Thank you for submitting this info. I was going to do the same until I read your comments and links. CNS, here’s your chance tobe the OnshoreAlert version of OffshoreAlert, we sure can use it. This “developer” is another Mike Ryan. I’m sorry to see it turning out this way.
      – A former supporter of the project, but with common sense and moral and environmental values.

    • Diogenes says:

      That is hilarious!  The registered office address is 4416 US Highway 301 Bushnell.  That is the address of the Department of Corrections Probation Service!!!!

  18. B. Hurlstone says:

    Do you want Grand Cayman to be like Miami?  Keep on "developing" and that is what you will have! 

    • Anonymous says:

      If we are going to take a serious approach to development, i.e. controlled development and enviromental protection we will HAVE to also look at population control as well. A growing population requires a growing economy. Simple.


      • anonymous says:

        good idea…free condoms fro everyone and sterilse the women….that will work for sure!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman would be lucky to be like miami..

  19. Anonymous says:

    It is time for property tx.

    Foreign owned properties, 1% tax over the value per year.

    Then we can get better infrastructure, schools, police, healthcare and social services.

    • Anonymous says:

      If there's going to ha tax everyone should pay it BoBo

      • Anonymous says:

        Correct 12.24, it is something to do with human rights, not necessarily something that Cayman pays much heed to, unless the court cases begin to roll, or mother slaps the naughty child across the knuckles.

        • Anonymous says:

          It is no suprise that a Caymanian would recommend tax on only foreign owned property. They are breed to want something for nothing. They want a lot but don't want to work or pay for it themselves, which is why the majority of the island is owned by foreignors.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Nothing about this scheme says “responsible”.

    Time will show that it is just another quarry in disguise.

    Another black mark for the PPM. Remind us. How are they different than the last lot where cronyism is concerned?

    • Anonymous says:

      – 08:29.Can you prove your charge of cronyism? If not be careful what you say or write ,or one day you may do it in the wrong forum and be asked to prove it in a court of law.