Political storm on OCC report

| 12/04/2014

(CNS): A government backbencher issued a statement Friday, accusing the chair of the oversight committee for the Complaints Commissioner of "political posturing" on a vote in the Legislative Assembly when government failed to back a motion to adopt recommendations in a report on whistleblowing. Al Suckoo said he wasn’t at the most recent meeting and knew nothing of Ezzard Miller’s plans to call on government to adopt the report at the time it was presented and felt compelled to abstain. But the Bodden Town MLA has gone much further, implying that the PPM government is under a deliberate attack and because of his relationship with the North Side and East End members, efforts were being made to “pick me off”, he said.

“I encourage the members from East End and North Side to reject the current campaign of destabilisation perpetrated by those selfish individuals who do not want to take the same approach that I have, and who are putting selfish political agendas before what is best for the country, and ask them to join me in my efforts to give the Eastern Districts the leadership we promised,” Suckoo stated, adding that he was extending his hand to them and asking them not to muddy the waters and make the government appear ineffective. “It is all politically motivated and part of a much larger campaign designed to win back the government,” Suckoo added, implying some collusion with the two independent members, Miller and Arden McLean, and the three former UDP opposition party members.

Suckoo said the motion, which was presented on Wednesday, was not discussed with him and he was completely taken by surprise when it was put forward, despite being a member of the committee, though he said he was fully supportive of the efforts of the commissioner.

“I am aware that the government is now working at an advanced stage on whistleblower legislation and I intend to contribute to and support this effort and to encourage the government to complete this process in the shortest timeframe possible.”

Suckoo criticized Miller for bringing the motion at the time the report was laid as he said it would have been “more productive” for the report to be taken to caucus first to ask for government support rather than bringing it with no warning and expect the government to accept the report’s recommendations with no discussions.

At the time the report on whistleblowing by Complaints Commissioner Nicola Williams was presented to the LA on Wednesday morning, Miller moved a motion, which he said was supported by the oversight committee and had been suggested by committee member Roy McTaggart, who in the end voted against it.

He had pointed out that the recommendations in it had been made over and over in various past reports and government had still done nothing. The point of the motion, he explained, was to commit the authorities to a timetable of implementation.

Responding to Suckoo’s allegations, he said, “My only regret about following the Oversight Committee’s instruction in laying the report, "Let the Whistle Blow", on Wednesday April 9 was the alarming absence of whistles blowing,” pointing to the limited debate on the motion when he presented it.

“Words fail to adequately express by most profound disappointment that members of the Legislative Assembly did not take advantage of the opportunity presented to them by the committee to debate the report and clearly inform their constituents, Caymanians and residents at large what their positions are on each of the ten recommendations. This was also the only opportunity they will have to clearly articulate for the public, in public and on record in the Hansard of the LA, which of the ten recommendations they are not accepting and their rational for doing so.

“Unfortunately the public we all represent doesn’t know how many of the ten recommendations made by the complaints commissioner have been rejected by the government. Is it only the recommendation calling for whistle blowing legislation that has been accepted by the government,” Miller told CNS, adding that he supported the implementation of all ten recommendations.

“I have every confidence that when the minutes of the meetings are made public as part of the committee’s annual report at the next sitting of the Legislative Assembly, I will be absolved from any wrongdoing or breaching any of the standing orders,” he said.

CNS spoke to Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, who said government had rejected Miller's motion because there had been limited discussion beforehand between the elected and official arms of government. However, he said there was just one specific recommendation that may cause an issue, which referred to a "minister for the civil service", and the constitutional issues that such a proposal posed for the Cayman Islands Government.

See Suckoo's statement in full below and related CNS story: Whistleblower-motion-fails

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  1. Kadafe says:

    So they don't want to know about the wrongs going on behind doors and under tables? Hmmmm 

    could it be they are all gaining from sketchy deals?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Al Suckoo is a political weakling that does not know when to vote no, yes, or abstain. He is trying to retain his seat against some serious odds !!! The PPM as a whole is in deep trouble. McKeeva has a trial coming up in September. Arden and Ezzard are floundering in the south east corner. Bernie and Capt. Eugene are like Alice in Wonderland and the C4C Puppets are now indistinguishable from the PPM and are for all intents and purposes, PPM ! So Cayman we better find a 3rd option really quickly !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me guess the new UDP rebranded party or CDP ? Hell no mi fren I will take my chances with Mr Suckoo

  3. Anonymous says:

    My family has to sit in florida to be safe because Govt wont protect us

    I opened up my mouth and told the truth about some powerful people and how they were

    ripping the Govt off 

    That was very stupid because now I am stuck in florida

    and i dont have much hope about the situation either

    Those same people are still at there jobs


    • Anonymous says:

      Why should we believe you? Give us some proof.

      Anybody could say that and get twelve moronic thumbs-ups.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Al, what are you really standing for? Here is your record to date. First you support an immigration law that ran counter to what you and your team campaigned on. This law does nothing but continue to exploit expats and leave Caymanians unemployed. Then you vote against minimum wage. Again, something you and your team campaigned on. This law was to make some industries more attractive to Caymanians and thus making some of them unemployed and less of a burden on the government. It would also have allowed you and your team to show that you have a conscience against some of the foreign workers that are being exploited.

    So, the 2 laws that related to the benefit of the people you were no where to be found.

    Then we go to OMOV. A vote for how you and your team would be elected or re-elected and you grew a pair and voted against your government. This was a law that would affect you and other politicians. You voted for what was in your best interest to get re-elected.

    Now let's move on to the whistle blowing. A law to protect people from being victimized by your government and other governments to come. You abstain.

    So, in conclusion. 4 major issues thus far. 3 times you did not  vote in the people's best interest and one time you voted in your interest. Nobody is undermind you and your government. You guys dont need no help. You are doing a good job on your own. Also, you give the opposition benches too much credit. They not that smart or effective to undermine anyone if they tried.

    Here is a suggestion. Go and work and stop complaining. Find solutions. Grow a pair. Tell your government  to take blame and stop trying to tell us expats are to blame. You are complaining aboutpoliticians having a political agenda. Here is a newsflash. All politicians have a political agenda. Even you!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually here is what he has supported so far.


      Ammending the Conservation Bill to allow Spearfishing

      The National Conservation Bill

      The Insurance Validation Bill

      The Notaries Public Bill

      The Police Bill

      The Criminal Procedure Code Bill

      The Standards in Public Life Bill

      Single Member Constituencies

      The Immigration Bill

      Seems like a pretty solid record to me, the only one I disagree with was the Immigration Bill and it turns out that is actually working despite what I initially thought.


  5. Old Hand says:

    Good point. Usually you hear the electorate called “cows”. Always willing to be herded around and led to the well.

  6. Peanuts says:

    This is a very odd story. A committee meets and a member is absent, the members move a motion to accept a report and present it to Parliament, for Parliament to debate the contents and vote to accept, amend, or reject the contents. 

    The Chairman (Mr. Ezzard Miller) follows Standing Order 74(5) and moves the Motion that now is the subject of much confusion, innuendo, speculation and postulation. 

    My question is where is the one up-man ship, and how is a debate on the Motion an attack on the Government. This whole thing is as clear as Mud. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Peanuts, wait till we get a copy of the Minutes from Franz, judging by previous copies from other meetings, all we will know is who was present and that they prayed.

      • Anonymous says:

        12:16.yOu seem to be confused. FYI the committee mentioned above is made up of elected MLAs and was chaired by Ezzard.The Minutes  of meetings to which you refer were of civil service meetings between the Deputy Governor (Franz Manderson) and Chief Officers in the various Ministries and Portfolios.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand this story, but I did want to comment. 

  8. Jah Dread says:

    Deflection army tactics again to hide the discord that exists.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What would it matter ? this place is so messed up

    Your leaders love CHAOS it keeps them in power

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully the report was not adopted. It is devoid of facts and having a Minister for the Civil Service is not only unconstitutional but will cause all sorts of whistles to blow!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Let me use Mr Suckoo's words. "Words fail to adequately express by most profound disappointment that members of the"  PPM turned against what the ran on and did not pass OMOV.

    I do thank Mr Suckoo for voting for it now he needs to explain to his fellow party members that they do not have a chance in the next election unless the soon deliver, as promised, OMOV SMC!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont know why I bother but here goes;  Those were the words of Ezzard Miller and it was on the topic of Whistle Blowing….at least you can cut and paste.

  12. Anonymous says:

    AL welcome to the big game! These two donkeys have been in the government seats to long and honestly I feel they really are only looking out for themselves not their constituency. Unfortunately the Donkey norhtsiders and eastenders believe these two are working for them, when truly they are working for the pay cheque..

    Not to worry al we voted for you and good on you for standing up to them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well 14:30 you are displaying the kind of ignorance that will prevent these islands from progressing. Referring to your countrymen as donkeys is beyond ignorant, I believe idiotic is probably a better term. No one with good sense would judge everyone living in a district by the actions fo their political representatives in the Cayman Islands and then label them in that way. Shame on you.  

      • Bling Man says:

        That na nice sayin we idiotic.

      • Anonymous says:

        20:48.Don"t believe it was written by one of your countrymen;check the spelling of "northsiders" and "eastenders".Not the Caymanian way of spelling .

  13. Anonymous says:

    Even a blind man knows Ezzard wants to control the government.  Any opportunity to destabilize the party system will be used by the North Side member mainly in the form of OMOV.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Funny how once elected they become so jealous of their own positions and so thin skinned at the thought of anyone stepping on their turf. This applies to most of them.

    Politics and paranoia go hand in hand.

    Why can’t they just do the jobs they are so well paid to do instead of playing games on the taxpayers’ dime?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Al certainly is displaying the ego and self-importance expected of Cayman politicians . . .

    • Anonymous says:

      By standing up for himself ? I think he deserves praise for being the only politician we have that seems to have any leadership abilities. Taking time to explain what happened earns him my respect at least.

    • Anonymous says:

      Al stop drinking Aldens cool aid, he wrote it for you? make your own we can taste the different flavors. You were not there, we understand, but drink water not coolaid especially if you did not mix it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think he is capable of writing his own release, he has a Masters Degree. Maybe he is mixing his own cool aid, ever thought if that ?