2 men lost at sea, 2 rescued

| 18/04/2014

(CNS): Two of four men aboard a boat that got into difficulty some 30 miles off the coast of Grand Cayman on Wednesday night are believed lost at sea after the RCIPS called off the 24 hour sea search on Thursday night. The men had left the safety of their vessel a short time before the Marine Unit and the police helicopter arrived in order to look for an emergency pack dropped by a US Coast Guard plane. The two men who stayed aboard were rescued by the local police and taken to the George Town hospital, where they were treated and released to the authorities. Police said the men are from two different Central American countries and the RCIPS is now conducting enquiries into the matter.

The boat came to the attention of the local authorities on Wednesday night when local air traffic control staff received a message from a US Coast Guard plane that had spotted flares sent up by the men. They dropped the lifesaving pack and alerted the Cayman tower, which then contacted the police.

The Marine Unit and police helicopter were immediately dispatched to the area some 30 miles of the southeast coast, where they found two men aboard the boat but were informed two other men were in the ocean and a search began. After a full day of searching the area the RCIPS officially called off the search, which had involved not just Marine Unit vessels and the police helicopter but the USCG aircraft as well.

"We got on scene within a few hours of being notified of the boat being found,” Marine Commander, Inspector Yearwood said. “Once it was learned that two of the crew had gotten into the water, we immediately commenced searching for them. We used all equipment at our disposal to locate the two men. The vessel was said to have been at sea for several days and with the large amount of marine life seen around the vessel it is unlikely we would still find them.”

It was apparent that the two entered the water to recover a package with life-saving equipment dropped by the USCG. They never returned to the boat.

Officials have still not stated what the four men were doing at sea and whether or not the two now in Grand Cayman are under suspicion of drug trafficking.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are they sure there were 4 men?  There were probably only 2 the whole time, but used this tactic to throw off rescue and USCG?

  2. Anonymous says:

    There was a very happy Easter week End in the district of BT.Plenty seaweed.

    What is the BoddenTown Police doing to controll the drugs.

  3. Radio call in says:

    As this event was unfolding I heard "the savior of the seas" calling into a local radi station and as he told it, it was all his efforts that alerted and organized the rescue.  I do think we can give him a better antenna as he requested (repeatedly) but when he went on to say the Govt still for his hobby was not enough to love on and he wants a full govt salary to listen for distress signals I thought it went too far!! I admire his passion, but do not want my tax dollars footing the bill for a listening outpost.

    • Anonymous says:


    • UHUHUH says:

      You see what I Mean! You don't want Government to assist him financially but I bet you are one of those who claim to be a "christian" who had no qualms about the "so called" nation building fund that gave millions to some of these [so called churches]  some of them doing absolutely nothing with the money, but you think it a waste of money to assist someone who has been doing something to help save lives for so many years without compensation. 

      I think this Government should insist on being paid back every cent that was not used by these churches, and, likewise the money that was wasted on what was said to be the paving of parking lots in Cayman Brac!  Mr. Ramond Scott should be given every assistance necessary to assist him in performing this vital service. 

      By the way! You wouldn't be one of those do nothing civil servants who sit around texting or making phone calls on my time and money, while collecting an outrageously high salary for doing it, would you? Yet you don't think that he should be in some way compensated for what "HE" does.  Mr. Raymond is a Caymanian who has said it publicly that he was out of work yet he continued to serve the people of these Islands in this manner. That my friend is called dedication and unselfish service! You should get your head out of your ….. and learn from him.  I'll venture to bet that if you were out there on the ocean like these men were, you would kiss him all over if he would send someone to rescue you.  Get a Life!  You Ungrateful  moron!

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not feel that the Churches should be asked to payback the money they were given, but I do feel that they should be forced to complete the projects they began.

        Take for instance the Churc/Hrricane sheltere in Bodden Town.   Why  is no work being carried out to complete the building. 

        If the Govement is falling beind in their commitment  why dont they come forward.  Also wh dont the church try and do a little bit at a time.

        Finish it or remove it.


      • Anonymous says:

        I think you've rather over-reacted to this persons email, Mr/Ms Uhuhuh.  Calm down.


        • Radio call in says:

          Thank you. Apologies for the typos.  My point was to admire and respect his passion, but his plea for a full time wage beyond a Stipon was going too far. 

      • Radio call in says:

        Boy you went way bar of the mark with that one? Yes, a mark being a bouy and as much as I respect Mr Raymond, his Stipon is paid by the Govt so no, a salary is not required.  As a matter of fact, training police officers to "listen" would offer 24/7 support.  What do the sailors get when Mr Scott is sleeping?  Yes , give him thanks and a salary, but no not a govt wage … And no I do not work for Govt. I'm in the private sector scraping it out as he Govt throws money around like water! I despise the nation building fund for the cronyism corruption vote buying it was!

        i admire the mans hobby, but when I boat to Little Cayman (as I DO and I go to Cuba as well and know the seas Sir!) in respect Mr Raymond, give him his Stipon, but I don't want to bet my life he is listening.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear USCG have equipment in the area.  Embarressing that our helicopter and Maine unit took "a few hours" to deploy just 30 miles off our shores.  Like we're hardly trying – and goes to show we wouldn't have had a clue they were in our waters had USGC not told us.  Our waters need 24/7 surveillance, we should welcome USCG if they offer in that regard.

    • "Expat" says:

      Thirty nautical miles South East of GCM is hardly "our waters" as you say. What is it with the Marine Unit bashinng and fault finding? Have you any idea how tough that job can be going out in all weather conditions to save persons who all too often fail to properly maintain their boats, let alone equip them with proper equipment such as radio, flares, life rafts, or even life jackets? And yet they always go, and get the job done!! Most people I know very much appreciate what thw Marine guys do, so what's your angle? Do you poach marine life, smuggle drugs and guns, or try to smoke pot at Rum Point, and hate the Marine Unit for getting in your way?

      Just take a few minutes to consider what these guys do when the going gets tough, real tough!

      • Anonymous says:

        It is actually within our waters.

        There is no question that it is within Cayman's Exclusive Economic Zone. The precise boundary line with Jamaica has not yet been demarcated, but there is no dispute that the area 30 miles to the south west is ours. There have been two Government delegations that have attempted to settle the border line between Cayman and Jamaica but talks broke down on both occaissions. The line as already been defined on the Honduras side and talks have begun with Cuba for the line on the North.

        Despite the lack of precise boundary lines, a 'presumed' Exclusive Economic Zone exists and the total area of the Caribbean sea where Cayman has exclusive economic control exceeds 40,000 square miles.


  5. Far Canal says:

    Apart from the US Coast Guard element we've heard this many times before.  "Released to the Authorities…I wonder why…same 'ol same 'ol.  How long does it take packages to drift 30 miles ashore, a different kind of Easter egg coming somebody's way for sure!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Not lost. More like saved to continue on shore undetected. I bet this Easter a lot of campers are going to find surprise stuff washing ashore in the form of sealed packages.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am highly doubtful of this story. 4 men were seen and 2 men went into the water and disappeared? 

  8. Anonymous says:

    as usual…… more questions than answers…….

    • Ed says:

      There always are more questions than answers.  Just suppose there were more answers than questions.  To what questions would those additional answers apply?

      Similarly, consider the statement that, "It is easier said than done."  Please tell me anything that isn't.

      • UHUHUH says:

        There are not always more questions than answers! Just ask yourself "THIS' question1

        WHO AM I? Now pray tell how many answers are there! 

        • Ed says:

          There is only one answer to that question because I know exactly who I am.  If you have schizophrenic tendencies I suggest that you seek help immediately.

          Your last sentence lacks punctuation.  Should it read:

          "Now pray! Tell how many answersare there!" or,

          "Now pray, tell how many answers are there!"

          I don't see how praying would help with your schizophrenia.  It's medical help that you need.

        • Anonymous says:

          That wouldn't be an answer(to  Who am I?) it would be an opinion.  An answer is only an answer if it's definitive.  Or something like that.  Excuse me, I feel the need to lie down.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This article sounds dreadful to me. I have all sorts of visions in my head. So, if I understand correctly, the U.S. Coastguard dropped a lifesaving package, but missed their boat? Then, two of them jumped into (shark infested???) water and got eaten up? Is that what I am supposed to get out of this? Dreadful ending no matter what they were doing out there on the boat.

    I usually enjoy stories on CNS, but this one may cause some nightmares.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like you have a pretty shark infested picture of our beautiful ocean

      • Anonymous says:

        Then….please explain it to me. I am still pondering this article even days later.

        • Anonymous says:

          No one can explain to you as thid story doesn't make sense as presented.

        • Diogenes says:

          Got into the water to get the package – probably a raft and supplies – didnt make it to the package – didnt make it back to their boat – drowned.  

          • Anonymous says:

            One can only wonder why they didn't have life preservers on when they went into the water?

            • Anonymous says:

              Having life perservative would only mean the authorities would be doing their job.

    • Anonymous says:

      They didn't miss the boat.  Obviously they aren't going todrop a package from height onto a boat.  That would cause significant damage or harm.   

      It was a fixed winged aircraft so they couldn't hover.  Don't blame Cayman for this.  Sending a helicopter 30 miles into open ocean is do or die.  A simple malfunction means ditching at sea.  

      this is either drugs (that is why usgs is out there) or economic 'refugees'.   

      If it is drugs, have some, but not a lot sympathy.  If it's economic, have lots.

      Again, you can blame Cayman all you want.  But the guys and gals that stuck their necks out don't  deserve these armchair commenters.       

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not from anywhere where a sea rescue is done so I have no knowledge of this type of event. I was not blaming the Coast Guard or Cayman Islands. Thank you (and the other post re. rafts) explaining the hovering of the aircraft and what the safety package would be. I had no idea. I did not understand the dangers etc. and posted for clarification.That does make sense that now that they would not land it directly in the boat, but honestly, I would have never thought that before.  I do realize the dangers associated with the rescues and I am 100% in favor of the Coast Guard, Police, etc. who help in these situations.

        Please realize that everyone who reads CNS is not from GC so not everyone has a complete grasp on all situations. Thank you , once again, for filling in the missing pieces.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fueled EC135 op range is 620km (>300 miles) cruising at 265km/h, >158 miles per hour.  That means 30, 60, 120 miles as the crow flies is actually no big deal.  Certainly not "do or die" even at night with thermal imaging gear.

      • Anonymous says:

        So much complacent sympathy for drugs transshipment is why Cayman continues to encourage gangs, escalating crime rates, and social impacts.  Potheads are net contributors to this simple social equation.