Premier touts for business in New York

| 22/04/2014

(CNS Business): The Cayman Islands premier turned salesman last week as he touted for insurance business at the NASDAQ trading floor when he joined the team from OxbridgeRe to ring the bell. Reinsurance has been identified as a key industry that the Cayman Islands wants to grow and while Alden McLaughlin was there to support the latest Cayman-domiciled firm to go public, he took the opportunity to invite other reinsurance companies to relocate here.  With recent changes to the insurance law, Cayman is expected to be a more attractive domicile for reinsurance companies. “This is another excellent opportunity for the Cayman Islands to tell its positive story of providing sound financial services based on modern laws and regulations in a politically stable and business friendly environment,” he said during his appearance on the podium Tuesday. Read more on CNS Business

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