Miller rebuts political plot

| 24/04/2014

(CNS): The independent member for North Side has dismissed allegations that he is involved in any political conspiracies to destabilize the current PPM administration. Ezzard Miller said his motivation during this administration, like the last one, is to represent his constituents and do what he believes is in the best interest of Caymanians. He said that he has absolutely nothing to gain, especially three years away from an election, from undermining the present government as this is his country too, which he wants to see succeed, not fail because of political instability. Miller said all he wants is for government to take greater notice of the issues he is attempted to put before them.

“I have nothing to gain from undermining government. I live here, I don’t even have a UK passport,” Miller stated. “My position is the same as it has always been. If the government brings something good to the Legislative Assembly I will support it, if I think it is bad then I will tell the government what it needs to change to get my support.”

The independent MLA explained that as a member of the opposition benches, his options for presenting the matters that he believes are important to his constituents and the country in general are limited. The only way is to use adjournment debates, private members motions or other appropriate motions that Standing Orders permit.

Rather than creating conspiracy theories, Miller urged the current administration to pay closer attention to the content and goals of the motions that he has and will continue to bring before legislators.

“What I am trying to achieve is good governance and to promote the interests of Caymanians,” he said. “Instead of falling back on the same old clichés that I am a rebel, seeking the lime-light, or that I am seeking to destabilize the political landscape, the government should be looking closely at the content of the motions and the reasons why I bring these things to their attention.”

Miller also denied colluding or conspiring with the leader of the opposition and any new party he may be forming.

“It is a totally preposterous idea that I am joining any new CDP, CLP or any other collection of letters representing any political party that involves the remnants of the UDP,” he said in response to recent speculation. “I have no blind ambition to be premier and have no need to gather support to lead any party.”

The independent member said that prior to the last election he had met with a group of what he believed were the brightest and the best potential young politicians and urged them to enter the political arena, as he said the country needed them. But, he said, he had made it perfectly clear from the onset that he had no ambitions to lead them or be at the helm of a political party. “Some of those people are now sitting on the government benches and in Cabinet,” he noted.

The allegations of destabilization or collusion coming from the government, Miller said, were merely a deflection, as he accused government of dodging the national issues that he was putting before them.

The latest conflict in the LA over his call to reject the MACI annual report until the losses were explained and to act on the complaints commissioner’s whistle-blowing report was, Miller said, about the need to address the reports not about embarrassing government.

“The goal was to have the issues relating to the reports debated,” he said. “However, the government response just demonstrated a lack of preparation and the unwillingness of the government benches to put the time in to deal with the matters thatare before parliament and of major public interest. Everything I did was in full compliance with the existing Standing Orders, regardless of how archaic they might be.”

Miller said that since he was returned to office in the 2009 election, everything he has brought to the country’s parliament has been because he believed it was important and needed to be raised, debated and addressed. He said he was desperately concerned that a catalogue of critical issues, especially those relating to the country’s aging population, were being ignored but he would press ahead with his goal to get government to address them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please work together & get the country moving forward,
    After all we’re one=caymanian, forget the team rubbish & put the country #1! Gt voter

  2. Knot S Smart says:

    I dont really think that there is any political plot at all…

    And I voted for the PPM because Mac and de Crew were always into conspiracy theories…

    • Ex Wife says:

      You vote for who I tell you to vote for!!!


      • Knot S Smart says:

        Have you stopped taking your medications for kleptomania and schizpphrenia Dear?

    • Anonymous says:

      Knot so smart…your title says it all. You voted out of dislike for Mac. Most voters did the same….not smart at all.

      Dont get me wrong, Mac did win, but his party lost, but is this party any better??

      Let's not make this same mistake again. People, no not vote for friends, short termed gifts and  food, it is all a trick to get one's vote.

      Let's challenge the candidates  on a one to one basis. With his personal wiews and concern with the community and country. If he fails to comply from his own accord and read from a list written by a committee. Then dump him he is useless.

      Please do not vote the party sysyem, you will never get true representitive, let me tell you why.

      Remember a certain back bencher that was aligned with the UDP party, he was the only one that had the balls to bring three motions to the assembly.

      These were to profit the people on a whole. Like i said, he was the only one with the balls. His own party members tried to slam him down, of course along with the two from the east.

      Now what did the others bring forward..nothing, they sat there with their gaps closed. Guess why they never open their lips  to help the people??party of the party of the party.

      Lets get back to where a man is worth his pay  by his work and action. Party system drags along dead weight.


      • Knot S Smart says:

        Knot So Smart is really not my name, but instead a title that I use to award people who interpret my usual vacuous ramblings in a humorless fashion – as you have done…

        You did not seem to perceive that, so you just went ahead boldly and accepted my award…

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone who would vote for McKeeva Bush is either greedy or stupid.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Miller really wanted to move the country forward he would down size his ego and work with the other members of the LA. to make progress.


    • Anonymous says:

      – 11:00. Perhaps you should be asking for more MLAs to support Ezzard ,instead of simply saying no in an effort to make Ezzard look unsuccessful.Apparently their approach seems to work for you ,but others can see through their actions and will hold them accountable.The recent motion moved by Ezzard to have a report and it's recommendations accepted was an ideal time for Alden to show leadership but he failed.He could have simply stated that his Administration would be voting no ,as they did not have sufficient time to study the report and therefore needed more time to do so before deciding on a course of action.I believe the majority of us could understand that stance ,since it is indeed a bad idea to say yes to something ,without knowing exactly what that something is.That would be similar to asking someone to sign a blank sheet of paper;bad idea.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you say how mister Miller can accomplish that with the mentality of these in power?

      Come on, you know better! stop trying to dicredit Mr.  Miller.

      • Anonymous says:

        In the recent OMOV vote some of the party members voted with Miller.   What he should have done and be doing is to work with them and get more support for OMOV and if Alden needs to have his name at the top of the motion then so be it but Miller will not do this and it is a flaw in his character.

        He doesn't work well with others.   He would rather make the grand motion over Radio Cayman, because of personalties he will no longer speak on Rooser, than work in the backgound.

        There are other members in the LA who will support OMOV but his ego is the problem. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is Alden so silent on this ? Show some leadership and back up your backbench. Suckoo stepped up like a man and took some licks and I hear more to come because now Mac wants piece of him, and Alden is quiet? I dont call that leadership, I call that letting your enemies destroy your competition. Unneh betta watch out PPM young guys!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hold on, didn't Ezzard help start the UDP? I hear he wrote the party constitution or plagiarized it from an existing one. And isn't Arden awfully quiet on this one ? Maybe he knows he has been found out. 

    I say well done to the young guys in the house, do not let them bully you.



    • Anonymous says:

      Thats exactly why we have to revert back to voting for a man or woman  on his or her own merrits.

      The party system has failed, we were all brain washed to get us to vote straight. some of these candidates cant hold water for past politicians. These  were men back then, they were not perfect, but they never sold us out down stream.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard isn;t doing anything differently than he usually does, the PPM just can't take having a dose of thier own medicine..

  7. Anonymous says:

    If they want to see what a campaign of destabilization against the sitting government looks like all the need to do is take a look at how Alden ran the opposition for the four years previous to the PPM taking office based on a campaign of lies and empty promises. 

  8. 4Cayman says:

    Mr. Miller I take my hats off to you. If it wasn't for you the public would have not known anything about the airport authority scandal and the Joey Ebanks matter at the telecom authority. Press on my boy and make this country transparent!!!!

  9. Jah Dread says:

    You know these people who we elect, especially those who form the majority government sounds like a bunch of spoilt kidsEzzard brings a. Worthwhile motion, Alden tells his minions, we have not had a chance to discuss it so I order you to vote against it. Then one of the minions gets up and says oh the back bench street boys theynot playing fair, then the wee little minion says, yeah ya right all they want to do is take us out of our weeee power. Another of the Poliboro says nothing wrong with the motion the backbench opposition is doing its job, them another yeah because we kinda new and don't really have time for standing orders they taking advantage of us. Then zone run away from the vote when they agree with the motion. What the Hell is going on, I never heard as much in a school play ground full of 3 year old children. Ona grow up na cause ona making people throw up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Gotta hand it to our elected public servants. If there is a way to make everything about themselves they will find it.

    Bunch of self-inflated bags of hot air. Good for little else than collecting salaries and pensions off the back of the taxpayer.

    Get on with your jobs and looking after the national interest. If that is possible.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Regressives need to stop deflecting from their failings and keep its promises. Where is OMOV, fuel duty rebate, jobs for Caymanians, people tired of hearing excuses from all of them. What have they done to help us besides behave like the last UDP, PNA?

  12. Anonymous says:

    We owe Ezzard and Arden gratitude for telling it like it is and demanding political accountability from UDP and now PPM. Too many yes men in government doing nothing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    PPM are paranoid and whining because they are out of touch so it's easy to blame anybody else

  14. Anonymous says:

    If there is no truth to this accusation why have Miller and Mackeeva gone to such lengths to deny it, you know the old saying "throw a rock into a pig pen and who get his squeals".


    Mac and Ezzard and practicing the old rule number 1. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" so they will work together for the next 3 years and them return to fighting each other. 

    I guess they didn't bank on the "rookies" being so smart. They may be Inexperienced but that will soon change. Better get them while the getting is good Mac.



    • And Another Ting says:

      Ole boy what substance is there to this so called destabilization talk, tell I please. If whoever brings a motion that is for the benefit of the people , to ensure accountability and dat other big word that sound like transam, how then can you say dat gonna make the government unstable. We De biggest idiots there is for electing some a dem who don't know their posterior from their elbows. But oh da kick coming yes sire bob it coming right up the moya. Well and Nother Ting.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yea yea Ezzard, we believe you, cough cough

  16. Anonymous says:

    I believe Ezzard, if it is one thing you can say about him it is that he is up front!!

    This is nothing more than Alden trying save face because his "know it all" attitude is starting to rub his people the wrong way.

  17. Anonymous says:

    You go Mr. Miller, ********************

    the registered Party(S) system is bad for Cayman, out of 18 members VERY few members speak and when they do it's mostly critical of each other.

    In the old days we knew what our representatives were thinking as they all spoke on their reasoning before their vote. Now it's all about the Party FIRST and the COUNTRY SECOND.

    • B. N. Onneste says:

      When you say, "Party FIRST and the COUNTRY SECOND" you are almost right.  Actually, it is SELF FIRST, followed by PARTY SECOND, with citizens and country somewhere on down the line.  Unfortuntely, that's the way a democracy works.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Plots require thinking and planning. This is not a plot.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard just wants to destabilise everyone and anyone until he gets to be Premier.  We must never forget his grubby power grab attempt after the last election.