LIME iPhone customers can now use LTE

| 28/04/2014

(CNS Business): Local telecommunications firm LIME Cayman Islands say their iPhone customers can finally receive 4GLTE on their handsets now that Apple has authenticated its network. The firm said it is the only mobile operator in the Cayman Islands to be an authorized iPhone dealer and the only network that a 4G LTE iPhone device will work on.  “This means blazing fast speeds wherever you are in the Cayman Islands, with 100% 4G LTE coverage,” a release stated. LIME said it launched 4G LTE in November last year and have continued to expand their portfolio of 4G LTE devices. CEO Bill McCabe said, “We’ve been working with Apple to certify our network to ensure that customers will have a great experience having turned on LTE for iPhones. Read more on CNS Business

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