Cops arrest illegal lottery ticket seller

| 02/05/2014

(CNS): A 43-year-old manhas been released on police bail following his arrest in Bodden Town on Tuesday in connection with illegal gambling as enquiries continue. An RCIPS spokesperson said the man was arrested at about 10-15am on 29 April by officers from the Bodden Town Police Station who carried out an operation at the Coe Wood Beach area in the heart of the district .  The man was arrested for selling lottery tickets and possession of ganja and a quantity of cash was reportedly recovered from him. Although all forms of gambling is illegal in Cayman arrests for the offence are still not particularly common most of the gaming that takes place locally in addition to the illegal numbers game on-line an area impossible to police.

The issue of a referendum on the topic of gaming and the potential for a local lottery to raise much needed taxes has been under discussion for some fifteen years but so far each administration has ducked out of a national ballot on the issue.

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  1. TurtleMeat Lover says:

    I dare say whether it be a Sports Club, School, Church or a Non-Profit organization that are selleing "Raffle Tickets" for the raising of Funds, it still constitutes Gambling, but beacuse of how it is done it is acceptable?? People need to open their minds these days or actually their mouths! A national lottery would bring in the much needed dollar for the Government coffers and maybe create some additional jobs with it.

    Cayman its time to WAKE UP from the Stone Age and move into the new Millenium!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just sign Cayman up to an existing lottery. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is just a brief outline of a lottery that will work here.

    • Sale of tickets are to be sold by and at licensed retailers.
    • All tickets must have a barcode tracking number  that starts with the retailers  code.
    • The amount that can be won  is 25’000kyd and matures to 50’000kyd every month.
    • Drawing will be done twice weekly, by government sanctioned accountants and witnessed by community board members and officials .
    • All ticket sales must be stopped  1 hour before the drawing and shutdown codes  input into the system by retailers at that time or risk being  fined.
    • Winnings will be paid to winner upon receipt and verification of ticket at government lottery office.
    • Drawings will be announced via all media outlets.
    • Government fees apply to all winnings .
    • All winnings to be paid in check, not cash
    • Winning ticket will be void after  60 days.

    This is just a brief outline , there is more that can be added with other input.                              The legal part is associated with fines and or incarceration.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Get our national lottery organized….it reaps millions for government and takes illegal numbers off the streets.

  5. caymadian says:

    A Lottery would save Cayman!!

    If the people of the Cayman Islands would allow a national/international lottery the country would be out of the red and well into the black

    Setting up a lotto is expensive, but if done correctly, would prove to be our countrys most lucrative income stream .The lottery must be open to, locals as well as foreigners. It must be made available online, and payable in Cayman Dollars. Something to consider would be the granting of Residency for pots over a million dollars, wouldnt it be nice to see some of that money stay on the island?

     My thoughts.



  6. I am Wright says:

    My opinion is:

    Gambling in a lottery form, if done correctly would save this country, and solve the national debt.The lottery should be set up so locals, as well as ANYONE from abroad could enter. The lottery (in order for this to work) must be accesable on line and payable in Cayman dollars, the winnings should, be tax free and include residency for pots over a million dollars.Can you imagine how many people would play??? What are the negitive's????

    just a thought.

  7. Anonymous says:

    too bad they don't arrest the other ganja dealers and smokers that be out there! can't even eat no fry fish without smelling ganja smoke!

    • Anonymous says:

      Here, here, perhaps if the RCIPS concentrated on arresting the drug dealers/users, drunks and drop outs that blight the public beach, bathrooms and cabanas in Boddens Town. And put a stop to the blatant touting by local prostitutes and kerb crawling by truck drivers and others, then I would be impressed. But that would require an RCIPS officer actually getting out of his car for something more than a pattie.

      Tourism is suffering because of this failure to properly police our neighbourhoods, the knock on being a loss to local businesses and services.


  8. Anonymous says:

    The Lottery (numbers game) is what should be made legal in Cayman and not the push of legalization of ganja.  In these hard economic time you can gain some money from buying a number to buy you some food or to pay your water or light bill, instead of depending on government for hand outs.

    • Anonymous says:

      And this is why numbers need to be illegal.  Because stupid people like this poster do not realise that it takes advantage of the poor who simply do not understand basic probability theory.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are going to depend on winning the lottery to buy food? ROTFLMAO! What an idiot.

  9. Anonymous says:

    "Although all forms of gambling are illegal in Cayman" Are you kidding me!!! What about the type that goes on right in front of our eyes?? Win a car, a cell phone, a trip to Miami etc. We're so good at turning a blind eye to big business, but the little man must suffer. Wakeup government let's make gambling a profitable business for everyone not just big business and the little man that you have chosen not to arrest yet. It's never going away, however our chance just might.


    • Holy High Roller says:

      I checked with the Final Authority and He says only His agencies (open for Sunday trading of course) should be allowed to conduct raffles and other games of chance.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ 06:06 – so which "chuch" dat is?  there are so many "chuches" on this island, I try to visit a different one each week but every time its time for collection, it seems they turn up their nose to my 50 cents, I guess they don't like the sound of the coins.  Tell the Final Authority, his agencies don't like accepting coins and he need to speak to them about dat otherwise I na goin back to none of um!!!! they bright !!

    • Anonymous says:

      I must add these other types of raffle is not regulated so the public does not know where the prize has come from and that the raffle is not fixed.  Total rip off i say!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Each time you sell a Raffel ticket that is a form of gambling !!  Get real !!