Anglin confessed, says witness

| 12/05/2014

(CNS): A crown witness in the case against Chad Anglin for the murder of Fredrick Bise in February 2008 told the court Monday that he had admitted being involved in the killing to her just a few months after the murder. The woman, who was just 15 years old at the time, had run away from home and spent around four days with Anglin after he had picked her up to take her to what she thought was a party. During the time she stayed with Anglin (left) word got to him that the police were looking for her in the district, passing out her photograph. Anglin had warned the teen runaway that if she told the police she had been with him, he would “burn her up in a car just as he had done to the gay guy”.

The teenager revealed the confession made by Anglin to police officers in April 2008 after she had slipped away from Anglin and stayed the night on a beach and then gone to a house in West Bay for help. The police and her family had been called and the teen runaway gave a statement to the police about where she had been and what had happened to her since she hadleft her own home four days before.

Speaking in the court Monday, she said that at the time Anglin had told her not to “call his name” to the police if they came looking for her because if she did he would “burn her up like the gay guy”. She said Anglin had told her that he and another friend were involved in the killing and then they had put him in a car and set in alight. He told the teenager that he was a suspect in the case and the police had arrested him.

She said she didn’t know anything about the murder at the time but she had been very scared when Anglin had threatened her and believed he would kill her. She said that as he told her about being involved in the killing he was bragging and laughing.

Chad Anglin (30) from West Bay is accused of murdering Fredrick Bise, a Swiss banker whose body was found in the back of his own burned out SUV in front of the house where he was living in West Bay in February 2008, in a joint enterprise with another man, who will be tried later this year. Anglin was seen leaving Kelly’s bar with Bise in the Swiss national’s car in the early morning hours before his body was found. The crown also says DNA on cigarette butts found at various locations outside Bise’s home and by the SUV place him at the scene of the killing.

The case, which is being heard by a jury and presided over by Grand Court Judge Justice Alex Henderson, continues Tuesday in Court Two.

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