Drug traffickers sentences add up to decade in jail

| 12/05/2014

(CNS): Three Jamaican nationals and one Caymanian intercepted in Cayman Brac last September with some 170lb of ganja have been handed various jail terms that add up to more than ten years in jail for the traffickers. Three Jamaican nationals were paid by the dealers to bring the drugs here and as a result Derrick Anthony Adlam was sentenced to 45 Months, Noel Alexander Samuels 24 Months and Clenval George Grant 18 Months, while the local man who met the traffickers on the Brac, Jason Phelon McCoy was given 30 months by a local magistrate after the men pleaded guilty to importation.

A fifth man, described as the mastermind, Andres Anderson has pleaded not guilty and is expected to be tried in November.

The men were arrested after immigration and police officers received a tip off which led them to the beach at the Divi Tiara where they saw McCoy’s boat heading out into the channel and meeting another vessel and saw goods passed across. When McCoy’s vessel returned to shore he and another were seen by officials headed to McCoy’s truck with big sacks. An officer called out to the men who then dropped the drugs, two more sacks were found and the men arrested. Meanwhile, police on a marine vessel intercepted the canoe about a mile from the shore.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hardly a deterrent to our starving neighbors who choose to destroy Cayman as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jason, you now have time to think about the damage you have caused your 'friends' while you walked free. You were always involved in drugs but were never prosecuted. Use this time to clean up your life and become a better person. I'll pray for you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too bad there weren't more of them to divide up that 10 year sentence. They may have gotten off with a couple of days each!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Phelon as in Felon? oh my.

  5. Anonymous says:

    lock them up!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Their lives in a Cayman jail are far more comfortable than life in "Independent Jamaica".

      These sentences are a slap on the wrist and certainly no deterrent.