Cayman’s football boss presses integrity agenda

| 20/05/2014

(CNS): Jeff Webbis keeping up the pressure when it comes to integrity in the game of football. The CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice President, Jeffrey Webb recently opened a joint FIFA-INTERPOL Workshop, entitled ‘Train the Trainer for Football Players and Referees’. The course delivered by INTERPOL’s Integrity in Sport Programme Manager, Julie Norris had over 25 participants from a cross section of areas within CONCACAF, and a Major League Soccer Representative. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to facilitate the recognition of match fixing propositions and specifically address issues of corruption.

“Having recently signed an MoU with INTERPOL, we remain committed to educate, identify, prevent and provide appropriate disciplinary sanctions to all professionals involved in any unethical and unlawful behaviour that would undermine the game,” said Webb. “This is the fourth workshop on sports integrity in our region since 2012, and we embrace the opportunity to share this knowledge with key stakeholders, to keep the sanctity of our game intact.”

Dr Noris added that she was pleased to help in the training to target match-fixers and help those in the game to recognize, resist and report approaches, to ultimately preventing match- fixing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Webb I have heard positive though much more negative comments regarding the running of football over the years in our country. However I know there are always two sides to a story of which I don't have the full scoop on so I will not judge.

    What I do know based on your recent appointment is that you continue to bring great exposure to football and to our country, which greatly boost our lagging economy. For this I thank and applaude you.

    "Cayman football presses for integrity agenda" is the title of the post. Sure we all agree Integrity should be upheld in all areas, not just in the sport match fixing etc… That being said I ask that your association consider ensuring when a coach from one of your club teams is accused of molesting/assualting a child that the football club they play for ban them immediately and that CIFA does the same. Infact CIFA should take the lead on this.

    The saying is innocent until proven guilty and I agree wth this but surely due to the sensitivty of the circumstances all taken into consideration, the accuse would understand that they should step aside and that hey will be asked to step aside, by CIFA and by their club.  

    If they are not found guilty by the courts of this country then by all means they should be let back in. If they are they should be put on a registry and not allowed being found guilty of molesting a student you are coaching, is a serious breach of trust and must be taken seriously.  I ask that your association please consider this sir. If you do have rules on this then my aologies but they must not just sit there they should be implemented.

    Look forward to the upcoming tournaments CIFA will bring to our country over the next few months, and I am very happy to hear that the BRAC is being included. I am from GC but have visited the BRAC and know that they  have talent and will appreciate the opportunity to view a match or two there, also the boost it will brings to GC and BRAC economy.