Alden: PPM working hard

| 29/05/2014

(CNS): The premier has said that, contrary to the “detractors”, his government has been working hard and has seen a remarkable increase in government revenues in the Progressives’ first 12 months in office. During his policy statement at the opening of the Budget meeting on Monday, Alden McLaughlin told the Legislative Assembly that he would be presenting the PPM government’s first year report to members today (Thursday 29 May) on the anniversary of its election. He claimed his government had stabilized government finances, paid down debt, improved revenues, mended bridges with the UK and successfully promoted Cayman on the world stage. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

He also pointed to immigration improvements as well as the passage of the National Conservation Law and the Standards in Public Life bill, though many months have passed since their historic passage and neither law has actually been implemented. McLaughlin said that changes to the Animals Law to be addressed by legislators in this meeting would pave the way for the NCL to be properly enacted but he did not say when the much anticipated ethics bill will come on line.

McLaughlin said that phase two of the immigration policy reform was underway and would focus on the work permit system. But again, he did not say when the next wave of changes to the legislation would be before members.

During his policy statement the premier said the PPM had lived up to its campaign promise to restore confidence in Cayman and his government would build on the “foundation of sound and responsible management” of the country’s economic affairs.

“Despite the claims of our detractors to the contrary, what this government has been doing is working,” he said. “We have achieved a remarkable increase in government revenue in our first year in office and our intention now is to keep that momentum.”

He said the PPM had set ambitious but realistic budget targets last year, which were surpassed. Making a dig at the previous administration, he queried why the UDP was not able to improve revenue more quickly given the number of fees that were increased or introduced during its term. McLaughlin pointed to the “better money management” of the PPM that had built on the fees introduced by the UDP. He also claimed a reduction in unemployment as recorded by the ESO, though the local workforce is still facing significant challenges regarding employment.

Reviewing the plans for the coming budget year, he said that the face of government was changing.

“If there is one thing the global recession has taught us … we cannot continue to do things in the same old ways without courting disaster,” he said. “Change to reflect different times is inevitable and it is better for us to manage the change ourselves than to have it administered to us as bitter medicine by others,” he said.

Focusing on the theme of “stabilize, prioritise, energise”, he said that would be government’s road map for the country as he claimed to have dealt with the first two in the first year and would deal with the third this coming year.

He said he did not expect everyone to agree with every decision the government made but he asked people to get on board and help create an environment in Cayman where people are able to find jobs and raise the families in a happy safe environment.

The debate on the government’s Throne Speech, Policy Statement and Budget Address will begin this morning at 10am with the opposition leader’s response followed by members’ contributions. McLaughlin said the House would be working until 7pm each evening until the debate was concluded and the Finance Committee had completed its scrutiny of the government’s spending in the detailed Appropriations Bill.

See premier’s statement, throne speech and appropriations below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Working hard but not working to fulfill their promise of OMOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They lied to us for political advantage.  Never again.

    • And Another Ting says:

      I wish that the PPM would get a whiff of how incompetent and how they are truly perceived by the people who elected them. I wish they would fest up and tell us that they lied to us , that they don't have the capacity to change things around. I wish they would tell us the truth about all this lovey dovey relationship with Britain how it came about and how it was their partnership with the UK and the boys from West Bay and the promises made to them, that made our first (and hopefully the last time) minority government. I wish they would be honest about their need for power . Lastly I wish they would really tell the truth about the schools that they started and all of the shenanigans that came into play. Speak the truth and speak it ever cost it what it will Progressives haha. We do need to make history again by making this Government the first and last 1 year government.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am just going to go out on a limb here and state the obvious. If a government has only been in office for 1 year and are now beginning on their first actual budget with their total revision. How in Christ creation can what they just started to implement be the cause of a successful financial year? I am no big UDP fan but I am an honest person and I give right where right is due, and it takes no rocket scientist to see. The UDP government put these things in affect, you can never see the outcome of a situation at the beginning….it takes time…maybe a year? Come on Cayman I think its time we stop letting governments and people on a whole to stop taking us for idiots. With these type of situations we are just adding fuel to the fire.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ironically, it's people that aren't working hard that tell people they are.  People that are actually working hard rarely feel they have to waste energy convincing others that they are justifiably busy.  Using the previous UDP regime as a productivity yardstick is laughable.  How many more  LA sessions until we get basic environmental regulations on air, water, soil, and noise pollution?  How do we get our expensive port EIA done in the absence of any adopted standards?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seriously… counting… 3 more years to go. Can't wait for 2017 election!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ringing a bell don't constitute working hard.  This group is what my father always told me lights on but nobody home.

  6. Anonyanmous says:

    Hon. Premier can you please assist the creators of the Mudslide cocktail drink that started in NS at Old Juds get the recognization that they deserve.  This is all over the word and not a single mention is made of those persons that created the drink.  We locals and many of our expat friends that use to frequent that spot back in the days know who created it so please as the leader of the country and an attorney get these guys and the country the credit they deserve.

    • Anonymous says:

      How? What can he do about it ? Hire a lawyer and do something yourself, why do the politicians have to do everything ? Help yourselves for once!



    • Anonymous says:

      Actually if this is true, Cayman, "home of the mudslide" could be onto a winner slogan for the DoT to use in their marketing… I think someone should help you guys.

      Seriously, read this:

      You could also register and add to/edit this: or even create your own mudslide page if none exists already, other than the dirt-type that runs down hillsfrom time to time.

      When was it created using what recipe, who/what exists to prove it?  I am no expert but if you can prove it, I imagine you would be well advised to seek legal advice to explore patenting options to protect the rights and credits to this invention.

      More power to you.*thumbs-up*

  7. Anonymous says:

    LOL.  this man head is still in the clouds

  8. Anonymous says:

    It's certainly better than before.

  9. Anonymous says:

    U.S. Economy Shrinks For The First Time In 3 Years -Reuters

  10. Anonymous says:

    Time to reshuffle Cabinet if the Regressives want another term. Ossie and Tara are hopeless

    • Something to think about says:

      Let's all send Tara our white collar CVs and give the NWDA some teeth.  Get rid of their staff that stamps visa waivers!  Disband the Business Staffing (Expat approval) Board

      Alden, Immigration lies with you and too many FOIs show that Qualified respected Caymanians get shafted and set aside for any expat application!! Call it crabs in a bucket or Tara sleeping at the Wheel of NWDA, but the buck stops with you and there are too many tales of good hard working locals be passed over.  When is this going to stop? 

      Tara only likes to hear herself talk. You need to look at your Imm Boards yourself and ask why the cronyism continues?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Working hard to look like you are working hard is not working hard, its misrepresentation. 

  12. Anonyanmous says:

    The Premier the Hon. Alden McLaughlin need to man up and do what he believes and knows in his heart is right for his people and the country.  Forget about the special interest groups, carpet baggers, followers for favours, detractors and all those that at the end of the day only sees this country and its people as a means to an end and when it comes crashing down they will be on the first flight out of here as they did in Bahamas and Jamaica.  Hon Premier you need to study the works of all great men and women of the past, be led by their commitments. You know all that hurts you and all the ills of  your people do that which is right and forsake anything else. I don't have to remind you that at the end of the day a Caymanian will always be a Caymanian and no one else.  I give you my support and pray for these island as you go forward in your most trying times.