Lifestyle diseases focus of 2014 health conference

| 09/06/2014

(CNS): The prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer and heart disease is on the rise in Cayman as it is in most western democracies. As a result the fifth annual national health conference takingplace in November will be focusing on these chronic non-communicable diseases which are plaguing the population. Given the significane of these health problems that can be addressed by a change in lifestyle the Health minister Osbourne Bodden, said organisers hope the conference subject matter will be broad in its reach and appeal to a wide audience as he urged everyone to attend.

“Chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs), i.e. diseases that cannot be transferred from person to person, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, mental health, respiratory disease and obesity, are diseases that are often preventable and the Government is encouraging people to take charge of their lives and live a healthy lifestyle to combat them.  This conference will be of interest to the medical community, the business community and the general public as well.” he said.

This year’s event to be held at The Ritz-Carlton from Thursday 20 November to Saturday 22 November is expected to host international and local healthcare experts and over 600 attendees.

Guests include Dr James Hospedales, Executive Director of CARPHA, the Caribbean Public Health Agency, who will be opening the conference on Thursday evening.  Dr Hospedales will provide a global and Caribbean situational analysis of CNCDs and associated risk factors as well as highlighting some of the global and Caribbean strategies, goals and objectives to combat them.

Lizzette Yearwood, Cayman Islands Health Services Authority CEO and Chairperson of the Healthcare Conference Planning Committee, said as with previous conferences, interactive workshop sessions will be taking place on Friday.

“This year we will be introducing even more workshop sessions,” she said. “We believe these are an important enhancement to the main body of the conference because they allow delegates to become fully involved in the sessions. It is important that delegates don’t just sit and listen to a speaker, but actively ask questions, contribute and interact with others, gaining knowledge that will help improve their own health, that of their family and the wider community. The workshop sessions will offer a more detailed approach to the subject matter, bringing together perspectives from a range of individuals, including healthcare providers, general practitioners, patients, and other stakeholders.”

The conference is free to all delegates as aresult of continued support from many sponsors.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And the toxins in the dump in the island. As those toxins get into the air and water supply through rain and seeping into the water table. We breathe this. We drink the water. We eat the food from the ground. We eat the animals. Purified poison a continuous and steady exposure vast enough not to discriminate who is exposed.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    People often talk about what could be the cause of cancer? People usually believe it is one thing – faulty genes, the mosquito plane, the cholornated water. But if we get honest with ourselves and take a look at we will see a different picture.


    There is no single cause of cancer.


    Many things work together to cause cancer and many of them are within our control. I have 2 family members who have this disease. One died. This is what I have learned:


    85% of cancer is sporadic, not genetic. It is caused by LIFESTYLE factors. 


    Tell your loved ones. If you don't believe in God, then at least listen to science because they are both saying the same thing:

    Stop smoking. Stop drinking. Eat real whole and natural food, not junk food. Exercise regularly. Keep your weight down. AVOID REFINED sugar and ARTIFICIAL sweetners, and refined grains (i.e. white bread found in pizza, sub sandwiches, and hamburgers). Stay away from known cancer causing food ingredients like sodium nitrates found in everyday food like corned beef and hotdogs.

    Your life and wellness are in YOUR hands much more than you have been perhaps been led to believe. It's time to get serious and take control of your health, BEFORE you have something to worry about.