Government reveals details of new ICTA boss

| 18/06/2014

(CNS): Following revelations in Finance Committee last week that Alee Fa'amoe had been given the top job at the Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA), government officials released a statement Wednesday detailing the local telecom expert's appointment. He took the job following the removal of the former MD in the wake of a recruitment scandal concerning top posts at the authority. However, a renewed focus on customer service and efficiencies are the goals of the new MD, along with additional scrutiny of the quality of services offered and not just the traditional focus on prices and availability. He said this would go hand-in-hand with greater efficiencies.

After a decade of operations at the ICTA, Fa'amoe said there is now a need to facilitate healthy competition across all services in the sector, while ensuring that consumers reap the benefits. The new MD added that the ICTA would be measuring itself against key performance indicators, such as the time it takes to process requests, respond to complaints or to resolve industry disputes. He also hopes to enable automation of ICTA tasks, paperless processes and better information management.

“We have already begun to transition from obsolete, outdated systems towards modern, efficient cloud-based solutions. Additionally, I have determined that the authority will be 90% paperless by the end of this summer,” he said.

At the ICTA, Fa'amoe's duties include conducting research and developing new recommendations; dealing with legal proceedings, resolving complaints and disputes relating to ICT; regulation of certain aspects of e-business; and coordinating efforts with the relevant government. The MD said he is looking forward to seeing the field of telecommunications grow.

“While the ICTA should be an advocate, we cannot stand in the way of opportunity; but must instead facilitate the exploration of technologies and services which enhance the growth and success of ICTA. A vibrant ICT industry should provide job opportunities and contribute to the Islands’ GDP," he added.

Welcoming his appointment, which was effective on 28 May, and congratulating Fa'amoe, the minister with responsibility for the technology authority, Kurt Tibbetts, said, “We are delighted to recruit a Caymanian of his caliber, and we are confident that the ICTA will be well-served by his talents, along with those of his staff.”

Fa'amoe brings more than two decades of leadership in the telecommunications and professional service industries to his new job, as well as a unique blend of management and technical acumen.

With wide expertise in the Cayman Islands and across the region, Fa'amoe will manage the daily operations of the ICTA and is charged with ensuring that technology service providers comply with the Information and Communications Technology Law. Fa'amoe’s role encompasses the regulation of all forms of telephone, television and radio broadcasting in the Cayman Islands. The work of his office ranges from managing the “dot-ky” national domain, and legislative issues, to licensing all radio operations, whether in air, on land or at sea.

A non-voting member of the ICTA Board, Fa'amoe has a sound background in technology, operations and management, developed in local and international corporate arenas.

Over the course of two decades in his previous role in the ICT industry, Fa'amoe rose to the position of Regional Vice President-Broadband at Cable and Wireless. In that time, he became recognised as an industry-expert in telephone numbering and network operations.He then spent several years as the Chief Operating Officer of Deloitte, Cayman. There, his responsibilities included human resources, marketing, information technology, operations, and finance. He also shared his knowledge of information communications technology (ICT) and operational matters with Deloitte branches in other Caribbean countries.

In 2010 Fa'amoe moved to Brac Informatics Centre, where he provided services relating to workflow-management systems, web- and cloud-storage; as well as custom-designing IT solutions, with supplemental expert project-management services. For most of the preceding year, he worked as an independent consultant, advising clients in areas such as system and workflow designs,and paperless processes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its always funny to me, people are quick to point out who is a real Caymanian and who is NOTunless its beneficial to them in some way or makes the country look better, they'll claim you dead quick!

    But in any event congrats to Mr. Fa'amoe he is awesome, and I know he will do an amazing job!

  2. anonymous says:

    Congrats Alee! another bracker takes top poistion…

  3. show me the business? says:

    WHY do ALL our emails need to go to Miami and bounce back?  How about some real contiuity Alee and peer-to-peer on GCM?

    We know you are old C&W but now you work for us so shake up the Duopoly!!  Digi & Lime both need a slap.

    In a peer-to-peer network, tasks (such as searching for files or streaming audio/video) are shared amongst multiple interconnected peers who each make a portion of their resources (such as processing power, disk storage or network bandwidth) directly available to other network participants.

    • Archie Buck Dem Up says:

      Hello what is Brac Infomatics and who were and/or are the shareholders. Just asking, cause it was said that the new MD worked there, never heard of it before…

  4. Henry says:

    Great job! Fa'moee for Premier!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, was there no-one who has worked in telecoms regulation?  Would that not help?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation Alee!! I know ICTA is going to be in good hands now, because to have someone that spent many years in the Telecommunication business as an executive with superior performance, I know there's no other way for the ICTA to go, than up!. Congrats again Alee!!


  7. MEM says:

    And he's handsome too… 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      So where are all the "Neanderthal" comments to this post? Sexist much? 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bravo CIG for appointing a very qualified and capable executive and Caymanian. Now fix our school system so we can produce more Alee Fa'amoes!

  9. Paul Young says:

    Couldn't be a better candidate. Superb choice, Al'ee 's a  great leader and not afraid to speak his mind. We are in good hands.

  10. Lin Gwini-P'asta says:

    Is that his real name?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, good to see a Caymanian given that job. Should have been done years ago, but we all know why it did not happen.

    Lets bring back all our operators jobs that went to our easterly neighbours.! Congratulations again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Definitely a first order of business, should be bringing back our own operators. If ICTA was to investigate how much wasted calls and money were made to 411 they would see.

    • Anonymous says:

      21.20 There is a reason that happened…lets see if you are smart enough to figure it out. I would not go betting that the new boss is going to be in a hurry to change a sound business decision, however i could be wrong

    • me the numbers and show me the business? says:

      Excellent.  The ICTA needs a shake up and ger rid of the cronies.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope, 21:10, you are as generous to other "new Caymanians" like Mr Fa'moe and don't refer to them like other posters on CNS as "expats" despite their having been here many, many years and, like Mr Fa'moe, being given Status.

      • P&L says:

        See… This is part of our problem. There is a difference… He has been here through thick and thin and has been here most of his life… He has integrated into and is part of our community. Most do not and will not. 

        Many newcomers seem to come down with their minds already made up about Caymanians and there is hardly any respect or tolerance for us… Many of us who can float in and out of these circles when some do not realize we are Caymanian let loose on our ears the truth of what some expats really think and openly say about Caymanians.

        I know I know… You will say that does not apply to all of you… And I shouldn't stereotype…. Yeah yeah… Maybe when we stop hearing that every single Caymanian is worthless and no good with no culture then we will look at the expats, especially the ones who came here the last 10 years as anything more than money grubbing Johnny come lately… Yeah yeah I know… You are not all treated fairly… But regardless of your fate when you arrived you know part of why you came is because of the images movies and tv shows have painted over the years of the pot of gold at the end of the Cayman rainbow.

        Yeah yeah I know… The rainbow didn't turn out to be all it was chalked up to be… Well at least we can say that applies for Caymanians and Expats alike… Wow… There ya go… Unified in some way at least! Unified in being disappointed about what Cayman has become.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Excellent choice.  Smart, articulate and customer-centric.   

  13. Anonymous says:

    Congrats. Eminently qualified. One question – did he apply and get selected through a competitive process or was this an executive decision and direct Board appointment?

    • Isaac says:

      Well done Alee. I know that you are up to the job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Fa'amoe along with the other applicants participated in a rigorous recruitment process.

      There was project work done, presentations delivered and interviews conducted by the Board before the Board made its recommendation to Cabinet.

      After Cabinet's approval of the Board's decision — Her Excellency the Governor then had final approval.

    • Anonymous says:

      He faced a rigorous recruitment process to secure the job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Board members should not be allowed to apply for jobs for the agencies they are board members on. Just the apperance of anything inappropriate should be discouraged. No doubt he's an excellent candidate – so just in general this should not be allowed.

      • Anonymous says:

        I could not agree with you more, and since he was not a member of the ICTA board, we should be ok.

      • Anonymous says:

        He was NOT on the ICTA Board BEFORE.

        He is NOW a non voting member of the ICTA board BECAUSE of his role as MD.

        Why couldnt you understand that in the article above??