Spammers hide behind CAL e-mail

| 23/06/2014

(CNS): The national flag carrier is issuing a warning to local internet users that spammers are using what appears to be its email to send out electronic messages to unsuspecting customers that contains a link to a Microsoft Word document hosted on a foreign website which could be damaging if opened. The subject line used by the spammers is “Appointment” Cayman Airways stated in its alert, and it appears to have been sent from Arthur Paul on behalf of Cayman Airways Express. “Recipients of this potentially malicious email should delete it immediately upon receipt,” an airline spokesperson stated.

“The email signature and the link contained in the email have been constructed so as to appear to be from Cayman Airways, but have no real association with the airline whatsoever,” CAL added, as it urged everyone to watch out for the fraudulent mail and to delete it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Correction and Kudos to CAL-
    before you post anything, try do your home work. It’s obvious that you have no IT background knowledge or understand how spammers work. For your knowledge, the term is email spoofing. This when spammers send out email that looks like it originate from someone other than the original source. I’m not familiar with the system but this can happen to anyone and it’s very hard to control. As big as Microsoft is, I get spam emails that come from Microsoft emails but I’m knowledgeable enough to know it’s spam. Unless you have proof that email originate from take a back seat and stop talking nuance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It did NOT come from

    Anyone can fake a return address.  Anyone. the posts before this one that think this can be traced to some slacker in are just wrong.

    This was a targeted spear phishing attempt directed at the Cayman Islands and while it may have originated here there is zero proof of that and is more likely to be someone from far far away.

    Disecting the virus in the attachment shows it is designed to steal data.  If you did click on it, or open the attachment that would have auto downloaded then seek assistance to clean your PC because you ARE infected.




  3. Correction and Kudos to CAL says:

    Also, this was a well thought out local attack from to local users???  so who is investigating this and what is the update? 

    Don't let this be yesterday's news.  This had to come from someone with access to email and since it was an outbound threat, should be traceable.  Who was the target base?  How did they get the list to SPAM to?

    Don't let this one go….forensic's IT?

  4. Correction and Kudos to CAL says:

    Dear CNS,

    I too, received one of these emails from: Arthur Paul, but let's be CLEAR on the email address to "clear" Cayman Airways most diligent IT Team…  The email address from the SPAM is NOT Cayman Airways, but rather GOV.KY.    not CAL email address.

    I think the public should note that CAL has a robust IT team that has kept the airlines from being targeted by hackers on numerous occassions!!  They have successfully rejected targeted threat attacks via email and have good systems in place.

    Can the SAME be said for GOV.KY?   Hmmmmm.  (I still want to see an explanation on HOW a "Production IT Server" at Police can fail at the same time as a backup?)  That is actually impossible if you know your 1's and 0's like simple ABC.  Now this week SPAM?  WHO is running the failing IT show at Government?  Geez….

    This SPAM came from GOV.KY not Cayman Airlways.  Let's clear the air for the airlines, thank you.