FAQs released on dump solution process

| 26/06/2014

(CNS): The ministry responsible for the controversial George Town landfill and the long road to a new waste-management system has released a fact sheet to the public about the process towards a solution. The document is in the form of questions and answers about the various steps that government is forced to take in order to address the issue, starting with an explanation of the Strategic Outline Case published last month and the remaining stagesgovernment will follow, from the planning to the development and finally the execution of a project that will result in a modern comprehensive waste-management system and deal with Mount Trashmore.

From the business case through to the procurement process, the contract management and the delivery of a solution and then its ongoing evaluation, officials said the FAQ was easy to digest and will help the public find answers to questions about the project.

“The document contains basic information about the direction of solid waste management in the Cayman Islands, such as government’s goals and objectives, the purpose of the strategic outline case, as well as benefits of the solid waste management project along with other useful details,” officials stated.

Having produced an outline business case, government is now preparing a request for proposals for a consultant to develop a solid waste management strategy, as well as an outline business case (OBC) for the future system and an overarching policy on what government wants to achieve and why.

However, despite the pressing concern, government is still a long way from finding experts to tackle the capital’s dump as well as those on the Sister Islands. Because of the size, scope and cost of the project, it is subject to the stringent guidelines set out in the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility, which was signed by the CIG in November 2011 with the UK and then adopted into the local Public Management and Finance Law.

Government has also stated that it will undertake comprehensive public consultations once it is in a position to develop the national solid waste management strategy after the outline business case is developed.

Until then, Osbourne Bodden, the minister responsible for the Department of Environmental Health, said he would continue to issue regular updates throughout the process.

“These FAQs aim to provide readily accessible, detailed information to readers and to keep the public engaged in this vital process,” Bodden stated.

See the FAQs below and a copy of the SOC.

For more information visit www.ministryofhealth.gov.ky.

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  1. tellmenah says:

    The household pay forgarbage removal was tested. People didnt pay!. Duty was increased to cover the residential  waste removal. Tipping fees at the landfill for non Govt. waste carriers needs to be implemented. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another fundamentally flawed part of the garbage equation is that commercial DEH waste fee income only covera about 20% of the annual budget.  Private household consumers should start paying for their trash collection and processing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Almost two years ago, My business presented the government with a way to handle their trash crisis. The first step was to take on the daily addition of trash so that the trash does not grow any more. Our alternative turned this trash into an electicity source that could be sold to the utility on the Island and thus could financially sustain itself without asking for any funding friom the governement. We were using gasification technology.

    At that time, I was advised by the Minister of Enverinment that the trash site was full with no room to collect further trash from anywhere on the island. He was literally looking for ways to move things around so that they could hold more trash. I provided a way to eliminate the trash as it came in every day and offered to do it within one year. We would be collecting trash and converting into electicity by now for a year with no cost to the government had they continued to work with me. But the government changed and the climate changed and it all became political as oppsed to feasable.

    Now I am sad to see how those in "green technology" will court this government and offer solutions that will not be long term (or short term) solutions. May end up burning the toxic things you have onto the beautiful Island we all love. People try to make things more complicated because it generates more money. The more the money that is generated, the more that can end up where it does not belong. The failure of this government to even reach out and respond to us to validate what we were providing shows that politics has gotten in the way and that the solutions everyone gets will be political and the citizens of the Island are not at the core of what is being solved.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Having read the document, and the admissions of neglected oversight, and the futility of doing the same, what stands out the most is the disconnect between the 50 year waste management plan and the finite reality of remaining capacity.  By the report's own reckoning, GT Landfill will be at absolute maximum capacity within 7 years.  Cayman Brac landfill within a year.  Obviously a preschooler could extrapolate that we should be looking for new sites as a matter of national interest.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Incorrect information in SOC report. If you know what goes on in the landfill you would know the report is full of flaws and the information is dated by many years. That said Trash is not rocket science unless you are attempting to spend more money than you should spend. The whole landfill project should not take more than 3 years to have a quality operation in place.

    That said it is nice to know for those folks running the show that they have job security for many years


  6. Anonymous says:

    We will not have a solution for this anytime soon. I bet we see the next election before ANYTHING is done. One year in and we are still studying and consulting. What a shame.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Q. Why did you reject the move to the Bodden Town site?

    A. Because it would costs us votes and now we are in power we really like it.

    Q. But what if it was the best option for the nation?

    A.  We really really like the power much much more than we expected.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Recycling & Reusing people on dump road are happy to recieve your uwanted materials

    look for the banners that say Recycle Here  They gladly accept A/C's battery windows furniture lumber plastic buckets cell phones etc.

  9. People For a Dump Free G.T. says:

    What a pile of garbage! 

    No more trucks full of Bodden Towners trash must be allowed to enter our Nations Capital! 

    Free George Town of the trash of others now!

  10. Anonymous says:

    What a waste of reading, thanks BT MLA.