Cuban migrant hospitalized after self-harming

| 02/07/2014

(CNS): Immigration and prison authorities say they are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding a self-harm incident at the immigration detention centre in George Town. A Cuban migrant awaiting deportation, who is one of dozens of Cubans who have been detained by the local authorities recently, is understood to have injured himself today and has undergone surgery at the Cayman Islands Hospital. Officials have given no details regarding the severity of the injuries that the person has suffered, what weapon or other implement was used or whether the victim is a man or a woman.

Security at the Fairbanks Detention Centre has been a matter of growing concern for officials as the number of migrants shows no sign of slowing down but the Cuban authorities are said to be dragging their feet over repatriation. Government is due to meet with officials from the neighbouring island in September to discuss the current agreement regarding the treatment migrants who are forced to land in Cayman during the journey from Cuba to other destinations, usually with the goal of reaching the USA.

With a number of recent break-outs from and major disturbances at the detention centre involving detained Cubans, the prison service has now taken over the security, which had been managed by a private sector firm.

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  1. The Mechanic says:

    Self harming is a tactic used by selfish people who want to impose their will on others. If you are so determined to harm yourself, go home and become a politician.