21 Cubans returned as more due at IDC

| 23/07/2014

(CNS): Government officials have confirmed that eleven Cuban migrants now remain in Cayman following the repatriation of 21 people on Tuesday who had arrived in Cayman waters mostly on unseaworthy vessels. Despite dispatching those refugees back home on a chartered flight from Owen Roberts, under the supervision of prison officials, government currently has six more migrants housed at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Fairbanks, George Town. This includes two women and four men who will be joined shortly at the centre by a further five men who arrived in Cayman Brac on Sunday and sought repatriation. They are expected to be moved sometime today.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    People have rights especially if they have Cayman blood in them, a few years ago a local attorney got a child from Jamaica full rights in cayman because his Daddy got his momma pregnant while visiting Jamaica. He did not want the kid but his mother pushed the issue. Now the child lives in Cayman on the Govt dime.

    The local attorney did not want this issue in the press because of the burden of taking care of all the kids from booty calls overseas by cayman men.

    His nationalistic protection was more important than protecting those kids, He felt if it was publicised

    the burden on Govt would be too great.

    That said I hope people in honduras cuba jamaica and everywhere else know that if they have Cayman blood they have Cayman rights.

    So before you go running back to Cuba you make sure you dont have any cayman DNA