Fire officers continue close watch on GT dump

| 24/07/2014

(CNS): Although fire service officials believe they have tackled the latest deep seated blaze on the George Town landfill which started at the weekend the fire chief has said he and his men will be keeping a close eye on the dump to ensure there is no repeat of the incident earlier this year when the dump burned for days. Chief Fire Officer, Roy Grant has said that hundreds of gallons of water have been pumped onto what was a deep seated fire which combusted spontaneously on Saturday. He said the watch would continue in what he described as a "battle" for his men that they appeared to have won on this occasion.

“But we gotta keep a watch on it because it was a spontaneous combustion, deep seated fire, we may have got that one but nothing says later on we that we couldn’t have another one,” the fire boss said, in a TV  interview with Cayman27. “What we need to try to do is to try to make sure it does not become what it was in the early part of the year. Try to manage it, try to keep it under control. It’s like fighting a battle, you win some you lose some but yourtry to win them all."

He also offered thanks on behalf of the public to his fire officers and others who helped to manage this recent blaze.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Chief Fire Officer, Roy Grant etc etc". And his boss is his old boss Kirkland Nixon, both of them retired long time. Doesn't that show us the sad lack of talent in this all Caymanian staffed fire service that we have to wheel out the old timers.?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah they still have them there that can do better but kisses go by favour!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am suprised that there is not a sustained outrage thoughout the Island (regardless of Political Party affiliation) over the lack of priority being placed by Government on the deteriorating situation at the G/Town Landfill ("mount trashmore"). Mr. Roy Grant is to be commended for being drawn out of his well-earned retirement to put a band-aid on an "eyesore" that is fast becomig a "terminal cancer". Minister Osbourne Bodden need to re-open discussions with the DART Corporation and seriously attempt to reach a sensible compromise in addressing the worsening situation at the dump. Government is not in a financial position to undertake this major capital expenditure, and we are tired of hearing excuses about the constraints of the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility ("FFR"). Ossie, you need to understand that in your position as a Minister of Cabinet, you are now responsible for the welfare of ALL of the people of the Cayman Islands (on a national level)–not only to your constituents (at a parochial level) to whom your Government made ill-informed and impractical campaign promises. The remediation of the G/Town Landfill and development of a proper Waste Management Facility should be a top priority for this Government–more so than the expansion of airports throughout the three Islands, and/or development of a new cruiseship berthing facility.       

    • Anonymous says:

      People on this island should unite and contract an independent investigators from overseas to determine the extend of toxic contamination of the land,sea,vegetation and animals. It will never be done by the CIG.

    • Anonymous says:

      Could not have said better. But……."Unless thunder strikes, a man won't cross himself". Sadly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ossie knows exactly what he's doing. If he wants a job after the next elections the only thing he can do to insure BoddenTownians elect him as thier MLA is to do everthing he can to keep the dump from going to Bodden Town on his watch. It doesn't matter what happens once he's no longer in charge of it. My Prediction is that after four years of BS'ing around with commitees and visiting different dumps al over the world, they will come up with a solution that there's no way we can afford anyway. Surely they will say that work wil start on this solution right after the election, or they will start it know there's no way to come up with the money to finish it. A new administration will come in and jump on the Dart Deal while Ossie hypes on saying to BoddenTownians that he did everything he could to stop it.