WB teen not able to plead

| 30/07/2014

(CNS): Robbery charges against a teenager from West Bay have been postponed after he was deemed not fit to plead to the allegations as a result of mental health issues. Tarrick Crawford (19), who was alleged to have been one of the getaway drivers in a courier van robbery that took place in the car park of a George Town insurance firm, will be placed under a treatment programme for twelve months. The court found at a recent sentencing hearing of four men involved in the hold-up of a Sprint courier van that Crawford was not able to answer the robbery charges and he will now be supervised by the courts and treated for his problems.

Crawford's bail was extended under new conditions for some twelve months while the courts as well as the probation service monitor his progress. He will be treated by the government psychiatrist, Dr Mark Lockhart, after he and another crown expert agreed with Crawford's defense attorney that he did not have the capacity to understand what he had done or the charges in the case.

The West Bay teenager will now remain under strict bail conditions as he goes through treatment. The judge also ordered that his legal aid support continues throughout the progress of his case over the next year so he can continue to have free representation during his court appearances.

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