Woman woken by armed man

| 11/08/2014

(CNS): A woman was woken up early Monday morning to a masked, armed man who had invaded her home. Police say the aggravated burglary took place at 6am in Spruce Lane, George Town. The woman, who was not hurt in the frightening invasion, told police she was awoken by the intruder, who had a knife, and he then escaped with cash. The victim said the perpetrator was about 6 feet tall with a slim build and dark skin. He was wearing long jeans pants, a long sleeved shirt and a mask that covered his head and face, leaving only his eyes showing. Police are appealing to anyone who was in the area of Spruce Lane and saw anything suspicious around this time to call the George Town Burglary Team on 324-0683 or 949-4222, the RCIPS tip-line on 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers on 800 8477(TIPS). 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I guess with the cops being on "puddle splashing patrol" they won't have time for trivial crimes as this. 

    Cayman, a tragic comedy.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Making splashing pedestrians illegal just made it more fun.  You get double points for tourists.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Same description everytime, "6 feet tall, slim built, dark…"

    Why can't we seem to catch this ONE person. Hmmm…

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait…That's the guy that splashed me! That bastard is everywhere!

  3. ShoG says:

    Just sad what this country is coming to. But I’ve always said these robberies will not cease until these men and women start stealing from the wealthy and influential upper-class! Why rob from the poor men and women of this country makes no sense. All these Ministers and the Premier and so many others who have so much why not rob from them and get something substantial? If I ever encounter these people doing the burglaries will start pointing them to the nearest politician’s house or close relative and I do mean every one of them its time for them to feel what it is to be a victim. Only them I feel something will be done!

    • Anonymous says:

      mmm 09.30…wishing harm on others…Thats Cayman Christianity for you!!

      • ShoG says:

        We’ll see how Christian you are when these robberies affect you personally and the same Politicians you “voted in” who pleaded that all they needed was the opportunity to effect change are home clearly not losing sleep over the fact that another person has fell victim to an robbery. All the “thumbs down” shows how simple minded most of you people are! These men and women we keep reading about are persons who have nothing and their homes are being broken into but guess what that means one of you may be next when it happens to you let’s see how differently you think then.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have arms.  I am a man.  It was not me.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Is taking this serious Incident as a joke. This is a growing problem and it could very well happen to any of us. Having your home invaded is a direct assassination on your privacy and don’t forget your safety.

    What this country needs is a new Police Chief and get the English officers that is sat flat there a** doing nothing to get on the streets and join the locals and pound the pavement. It is ridiculous what is happening in this little country with burglars taking over.

    The COP said they knew who those few are yet they continue to operate untouched. If they know who is who why not conduct covert operations and catch these tugs. It makes me wonder if he wants to get them

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can the police please have photographs of every male in Cayman between 15 and 40 years old in a database, together with details of height and weight. Computers can sort it out from there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats called infringement of civil rights and the kind of stuff they do in not very democratic countries..if you want to go that route..go for it..just dont forget to kiss your a$$ good bye first..

      • Anonymous says:

        No. It is called a database. Does it infringe your rights because the police have a record of who drives what car, and come to you if a car with your license plate runs someone over?

      • Anonymous says:

        The right you refer to seems to be a right to commit crimes without getting caught, ever.

      • Anonymous says:

        10:49, multiple databases already exist with all that information you donkey, ever heard of our Licensing Department? Elections Office? Immigration?

  7. Anonymous says:

    PPM in the house, and the country falling apart.

    I don't even feel safe in my own house any more. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Time to legalize weed.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    that it i am moving to west bay!

  11. Anonyanmous says:

    Where is Spruce Lane? I've lived all my life in GT and know of no such lane.

  12. perfect timing says:

    I always say whenever it rains I get more hungry