Old and new faces come together to manage JA

| 22/08/2014

(CNS): The Junior Achievement board has re-elected Paul Byles as its President, along with several long standing members including Vice President Brendalee Scott-Novak of Rotary Central joined by other Rotarians, Treasurer Martin Ruben, Marilyn Brandt, Mike Donnelly, Dr Naude Dreyer, Ravee Kapoor, Marco Capelli, Desire Charles and Larry Tibbetts. As the NGO gears p for another year, Chamber of Commerce Members will include Wil Pineau, James Tibbetts and Secretary Angelyn Hernandez along with associate directors Dominique Chenier, Padraig Hoare, Kerri Kanuga, Pat Randall, Glenda McTaggart, Juliet Osbourne and Giorgio Subiotto. The new directors are Katie Dilbert, Kristina Buckerage and Paul Pearson.

“We are honoured to have new members such as Ms. Dilbert, Ms. Buckeridge and Mr. Pearson on the Board this year,” Byles said. “All of our board members continue to work hard ensuring Junior Achievement is a success as we all have the same interest in mind. Our board has the passion to guide Cayman’s youth to excel in everything they do.”
The Junior Achievement programme is now in its 24th year and continues to make tremendous strides in forging links between Cayman’s young people and the business community. JA participants are given the opportunity to establish and run their own company, while under the watchful eye of business people from within the community, helping to guide them in their mission.

“Our board members set an example for youth to work as a team, achieve an appreciation of education and keep a positive attitude throughout all aspects of life. We have had strong support from the community and hope this continues as we venture into a new year,” Byles added.

For more information on Junior Achievement and to find out how to volunteer, visit www.jacayman.ky or call 949-4306.

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