AIDS foundation needs volunteers for board

| 25/08/2014

(CNS): The Cayman AIDS Foundation is looking for seven new board members with the skills to help the organisaiton continue its work supporting people in Cayman living with HIV and its education campaigns to prevent the spread of the disease. “As the preeminent AIDS Service Organization in the Cayman Islands and a leader in the Caribbean region in providing services, resources, education and policy, CAF intends to continue a history of excellence in the field. This is an exciting opportunity for seasoned professionals based in the Cayman Islands” said Interim Director Noel Smith.

Board members are expected to attend twelve board meetings per year, and participate in the life of the organization between board meetings, advising the staff team and acting in an ambassadorial role for CAF at all times.

Officials from the NGO said that special attention will be given to volunteers with previous experience in the areas of Medicine (with an emphasis on pharmacology, infectious diseases, public health, research), Law, Finance and audit.

Candidates are asked to apply with hard copies (cover letter, CV, references and police clearance less than a year old) by mail or by hand to CAF’s offices, available on the Foundation’s website at

The unpaid board posts are for a period of one year although terms may be renewed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To Mr. Cautious, I take my hat off to you, you are a sensible man. No clean proof, no sex. Its your sweet life you are protecting. God bless you in all your choices.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have 5 years experience volunteering with an HIV/AIDS Awareness organization in a large city and I would be interested but alas I am being rolled over. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Now that you getting rolled over your interested..  Did you volunteer to work with them the rest of the time you were here???

      • Anonymous says:

        I volunteered for other things involving the training of caymanians in the work place actually. Thanks for asking.


  3. C. Ebanks says:

    You didnt think The Cayman Islands had people with HIV and AIDS.  As I look at the thumbs up to my post am gratefull to those that have taken just a few minutes out of their busy schedules to read, thanky you kindly. Now let me shame my ex employer an name them XXXX. Its strange that one person me had to be treated so unfair with all that I went through during my first days, weeks an months of me being diagonized with HIV. I never once thought I would lose my job because of it. I am putting this out here in the open with the hope that it dosent have to ever happen to anyone else again. I basically had to fight to get my severance pay which by law was mine . After a few months of back an forth I was finally paid thanks to the hard work of the labour office, thank you. My ex employer XXXXX said I basically didnt deserve my severance thats right, so sad. Am asking if there is anyone in the legal field in Cayman that can advise me of my rights by law to please contact me at the email listed below. My email address is:

    Thank you kindly,

    C. Ebanks.




  4. C. Ebanks says:

    You didnt think The Cayman Islands had an AIDS PROBLEM. Whoever you are get real Cayman isnt immune to any disease, last time I checked we are a part of this vast big world we live in. And yes the are people an residents living among us who are HIV POSITIVE  an live normal lives. Get educated about HIV an AIDS. You cant tell that someone has the disease. People in  Cayman need to stop discriminating against people with HIV and AIDS in this country and be a little more human. We have a great an dedicated mefical team here at The Cayman Islands Hospital that go above an beyond to insure that people living with HIV an AIDS get the medical treatment an medication in order to live longer an as normal a life as they can. I am living proof of that. The Cayman Islands Health Services provides HIV medication free of charge to those of us Caymanians and am sure residents who for whatever reason have been diagonised with this disease. 

    Up until almost 2 years ago I was a healthy human being until that one person lied about his HIV status, yes it only takes one time. I got sick an YES even lost my JOB.

    I lost my job all because my now ex employer was afraid that my clients would find out or even worse because I was DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BECAUSE IF MY HIV STATUS. MY HIV STATUS dosent prevent me or anyone living with it from being normal functioning members of this CAYMANIAN SOCIETY. Its those that DISCRIMINATE AGAINST US THATS where the issues are. So YES The Cayman Islands does have people here in the midst of you living with HIV and AIDS. Instead of people in this country using hate an disvriminating against us rise up an accept us as normal members of this society as we are not going anywhere. Ask yourself this simple question. What would you do if you where given the horrible news oneday by your doctor that you are HIV POSITIVE. I CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT AN LIVE MY LIFE FOR NO ONE IS IMMUNE. Let me leave you with this phrase. LIVE AN LET LIFE, FORGET THOSE WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN YOU,FOR LIFE TRULY AND REALLY DOES GO ON. Be gratefull for those family members and true friends that have stuck by you through the good and the bad times for they are the ones that truly do LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU. 





    • Mr. Cautious says:

      In today's world, you have to get a health screening before you get intimate.

      Personally, I don't even kiss women for fear of cold sores (herpes simplex 1).

      I guess it's too late to tell you now, but for those reading – don't go off of 'yes, I'm clean.' Have that person, both of you actually, get tested and show the results to each other for confirmation before the clothes come off.


    • Anonymous says:

      If a person lied to you about his HIV status and therefore deliberately infected you then he has committed a serious criminal offence and ought to be prosecuted.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We have many people here who are HIC positive so yes we do need the CAF! 

  6. Anonymous says:

    I didn't think the Cayman Islands had an AIDS problem. Do we really need CAF?