Cayman lets lead slip away against favourites

| 26/08/2014

(CNS): Cayman may have stunned their Jamaican opponents and their home crowd on Monday night when Leo Ebanks opened the scoring against the favourites just five minutes into the match followed two minutes later by a second goal from Elijah Seymour but they were unable to hold onto the surprising advantage. In the end the national team lost five three to Jamaica on match day two of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Under 17 Boys Group 1 qualifiers at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex.

The Jamaicans responded to the Cayman attack and in the 15th minute Alex Marshall puled the first goal back and a second just three minutes later to even the score board. However, Cayman’s Captain Zachary Scott gave his side the advantage again when he scored in the 25th minute.

The young squad was however unable to maintain the lead when Jamaica lifted the pace and were rewarded with Marshall getting his second goal in the 62 minute to one again level the score. Ajeanie Talbot got the lead in the 75th before Marshall scored his hat-trick and game clincher in the 92nd minute of play.

In the other match in Group one Guadeloupe defeated the US Virgin Islands 5-0 while Cayman will take on that team Wednesday evening hoping to pick up at least 3 points before they are out of the tournament.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We need to stop wasting time and money with football and invest in other sports. Football in Cayman is a waste. There are many other sports that Cayman is good at, but all the funds go to football.

    • Anonymous says:

      "other sports Cayman is good at" ?  I don't recall seeing any cups, awards or medals being paraded through town.  Oh maybe you meant dominoes ?  Perhaps bad driving should be a sport.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a lot of sympathy for these kids and their parents, who are sacrificing a lot to represent the Cayman Islands in an environment and set of circumstances in which they are being set up to fail by Jeffrey Webb and CIFA, for the sake of saying that football is being played in and by the Cayman Islands.

    It is, and has been for many years now, a disgraceful advantage being taken of the love but also lack of education of the game of football by this CIFA administration and its long-serving president.

    On watching the U-15 qtr-final match between Cayman and Honduras at the CONCACAF girls tournament, it was painful to see the love that Caymanians have for their players while not recognising what it is that makes them not nearly good enough; I left the match before the inevitable result and end because I did not want to experience the disappointment of Cayman's supporters.

    Across the board, the lack of local football standards has destroyed any chance of Cayman being competitive in international tournaments at ANY level, boys, girls, women….and in particular, senior men.

    Cayman's current football teams cannot keep possession of the football for even three or four consecutive passes and yet aspire to success in football ?

    Truly, Webb abd CIFA should hang their heads in shame rather than shamelessly blowing their own trumpet about how much the local game is 'on-the-up-and-up.'

    Anyone who believes that garbage needs an education in the game of footbal, that neither Webb nor CIFA will ever provide them.

    • Anon-E-mousy says:

      Stop blaming Webb, etc. and face the FACTS.

      Football in the CI is where it is for two (2) main reasons:

      1) 'Economies of scale' – we simply do not have a large enough population to draw all of the (different) skilled talent necessary to form a consistently effective team.

      2) Our children grow up unruly, indisciplined and have no respect for authority. It permeates all aspects of our daily lives here. In the home, schools and (yes) football. Succesful teams are comprised of DISCIPLINED individuals who work together for the greater overall good of the team.

      Blaming Webb for our failures in football won't help Caman to improve our game.