MLAs seek to ensure OMOV

| 05/09/2014

(CNS): Cautiously welcoming the premier’s announcement on the implementation of 'one man, one vote' in single member constituencies, the two independent members are calling for some changes to the proposed motion to make certain that the long-awaited electoral reform happens in time for the 2017 general election. Arden McLean, the member for East End, said he would withdraw his private member’s motion on the issue if the government changed its motion to include a deadline and confirm the number of constituencies at 18, removing the potential for either an increase to 19 or a reduction to 17 constituencies with the Sister Islands as a multi-member district.

Although the premier committed during a press briefing on Wednesday to having the entire process completed before June of next year and that Cayman Brac and Little Cayman will have two seats in the LA, McLean told the press Thursday that when it comes to politics he doesn’t trust his former party colleague, Alden McLaughlin, and wanted to see these commitments in black and white in the government motion.

His sentiments were echoed by Ezzard Miller, the representative for North Side, who had backed McLean’s OMOV motion and who has also advocated heavily for the voting change.

“We’ve heard these promises before,” Miller pointed out.

McLean said that he and the government were now very close and it was clear that they could work together on the issue, but given the past history, it was important that it was clear and that there was no room for doubt on what the plan was and that it would happen in time for the next general election. Confident that both his and Miller’s constituencies would be protected, even though they and the Sister Islands two constituencies would be smaller than the other fourteen, McLean pointed to the constitution that directs the Boundary Commission to consider the historical district boundaries of constituencies.

Congratulating McLaughlin on his decision, he added, “We are ready to work with the government now. I am not hear to embarrass the government but the motion is not definitive enough and we are concerned about the timeline being fixed and the potential for an increase in seats.”

McLean said that by leaving the number of constituencies open to interpretation there was a danger that the seats could increase. That would not only increase costs in government at a time when it can ill afford it but also, if government intended that to be an extra minister, it would further undermine the power-balance in parliament between the Cabinet and the legislative members.

Pleased that the premier had acknowledged their agitation and the public desire for the change, whatever the reason for the premier’s change of heart, the independent members said they could get fully behind the government on the issue now, provided the “wiggle room” was removed and the “belt and braces” added. The men said that these small amendments to the motion would guarantee that Cayman would finally move to an equitable and modern voting system.

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  1. bearbaiter says:

    These two clowns would fuss over a pot of gold it it was offered to them on a golden platter. Gosh but i'm tired of listening to their drivel!!

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    The premier was dilly-dalling with this issue but as it seems to be moving forward I think it is only fair to have another referendum to ensure that the majority wants this change. Also if it is implemented North Side, EE and the sister islands should be treated fairly. Every district has its own issues and as I see it nothing would get done with members having dual constituencies. This is isnt just a walk in the park, their on about changing our voting system !!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We must ensure that the OMOV is applied equally to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. They must not be allowed to be different form all the other Constituencies in the Cayman Islands.

    And if they don't want to, then let them secede like they have threatened to do in the past.

  4. Anonymous says:

           I hope that consideration will be given to using some of the existing location names already in existence instead of George Town East,Bodden Town West,West Bay North etc.Here are some  that come to mind;Crewe Road (many use this as a place name and not just a street name) Savannah,Pedro,Lower Valley,Mount Pleasant,South Sound,Prospect etc.

  5. BORN FREE says:

    We do not need them to ensure anything, the government has told us that OMOV will happen, as they have promised all along. All Miller & McLean want to do is try & get glory, that is all they are interested in because of power.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummmm…actually we do. The Premier has flip-flopped on this. He gave no real support to the Referendum and only piggy-backed on the issue in order to get elected having put it in the party's manifesto and told the public to vote PPM if they wanted OMOV SMCs. He then did a complete about face and said that the party had no consensus on the issue and it might not happen at all during this term. He has only acted now because he realises the poiticial fallout that will occur if the PPM reneges on its promise, and because of the pressure brought by these two MLAs.      

  6. Anonymous says:

    It will be done. Opposition MLA’s are within their rights to bring window dressing amendments, but the course is already set now.

    When you’re hot, you’re hot and you’re not, you’re not. So the saying goes. But whether you like it or not, it will take the Honourable Alden McLaughlin and the Progressive led Government to implement one person – one vote!

  7. Anonymous says:

    shouldn't there be another refrerendum? We need to make sure the majority of the people want this and it is not simply political pressure.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope they consider making East End and North Side one electoral district. I can not tell the difference between McClean and Miller. McClean does what ever Miller tells him to do or say. He would deny it but everyone can see it.

    If McClean and Miler does not want to see an increase in seats they will lhave to consider the above. North Sde and E/End have a population grow about 3 % every 4 years. Bodden Town about 20 %, GT15%,W/B 10% and the Sister Islands 7%. This must be consideed.

    As a voter I would be disappointed if the number of voters being represented is not equal. if they want true equality the number of voters must  be equal.

    PPM/C4C government please consider true equality and do not be pressured by McClean and Miller.

    McClean and Miller by constantly bringing a motion have succeed in distracted the Government from the number 1 & 2  priorities; helping the private sector create Jobs and reducing the cost of living. 

    McClean and Miller how does OMOV help the unemployed?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Arden and Ezzard are obviously worried because they realize that simply by the number of voters within each of their districts, the East End and North Side are grossly over represented in the LA.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Your analysis of these two is spot on. One is a hopeless ditherer, the other given to impetuous rashness. Either way they are most assuredly  a couple of poor candidates  for "eharmonydotcom"  let alone running a blinking country. But there is hope. We have some very considered and capable up and coming young men and women emerging, thank goodness.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sure they are on board, as long as THEIR districts are not combined. Now East End, North Side, Cayman Brac AND Little Cayman have a representative with only a few hundred constituents each (less in some cases), while George Town and West Bay will have voting districts with 1,000 or more constituents, perhaps a few thousand or more. They can add more MLA's to try and even the numbers out, but noooo, that would cost too much money. As usual, the larger districts get the shaft. All we are doing is jumping from the frying pan to the fire. West Bayers, George Towners and Bodden Towners by warned, we are getting screwed with this deal. 

  12. Just Sayin' says:

    The opinions of these two are equally as relevant as those of Harris and Piercy.

  13. We Need Able Leaders says:

    The thing with Alden McLaughlin, heis a very analytical thinker. He ponders on a lot of issues. He is calculative and deliberate, and if it doesn’t add up, he goes back to the original sum and starts all over again. In a crowd with impatient people who want things done right away, this man can be a pain in the arse. He is not fast and spontaneous like his opponent, McKeeva Bush. Bush is a man who makes quick decisions and sticks with them. He is loud, outspoken, and says things will get done before they happen. A crowd looking for hope, rallies easily around Bush. In a leadership role you need to be able to make quick and sound decisions. Cayman has too leaders it seems that are not balanced:  Alden who is not quick enough, too slow and indecisive; and McKeeva who is too quick, spontaneous with no thought or weighing the consequences. With leadership you need to have balance – someone who will make sound decisions on time and stick with these decisions. Not someone who weighs the pros and cons too much that he flip-ide-flops on the issues; or, a man who will spontaneously make reckless decisions with no sense of repercussions on the country.

    • Anonymous says:

       09:36.Give me a leader who thinks things through and follows the rules ( substance before progress) instead of one who rushes in without enough thought (progress before substance).

    • Anonymous says:

      And let me guess you know just the person. Right

    • Peanuts says:

      I must say that Arden (the man from the East) is a thinking man. He would make a good Premier.

    • Peanuts says:

      I must say that Arden (the man from the East) is a thinking man. He would make a good Premier.

    • We need able Voters says:

      We get it.  They are both loosers with different talents.  What is it about Caymanians that they only want loosers to represent them??  There are real good, competent Caymanians with experiance and integrity that want to help.  What is it going to take to get them tired of getting ripped off by the same groups of wanna be kings and Queens?

      • Anonymous says:

        Please learn to spell properly before you post! It will do wonders for your credibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      In other words both, that is our former Premiere, and out present Premiere are not the best leaders for this country.

      Many more than expected might agree with you at this time. A balance bewteen both types of leadership may prove best for our country.

    • Anonymoush says:

      Both the PPM and the UDP need new leadership. Its time for Kurt, Alden and Moses to step back and allow Marco, Alva and Wayne to take the reigns, these "Old School" Politicians are not helping things any and it is obvious from their approach they are not up to the job.

      Mac….well not sure who on the other side can take over from Mac, maybe if Bernie brushed up on his vocabulary a bit and Eugene retired allowing someone new to come in there might be some hope there. 



      • Anonymous says:

        "Marco, Alva & Wayne…" Ummm

        No thanks. Can we have some more options please????

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s time for all arm chair bystanders to get one thing into your heads. The Progressives elect their Leader, Period!

    • Anonymous says: