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| 12/09/2014

(CNS): The men and women who will serve on the National Conservation Council have been appointed by Cabinet as government moves towards the full implementation of the law some nine months after its historic passage in the parliament last year. Wayne Panton, the minister responsible for the environment, said that the commencement of this law was now underway with Cabinet’s approval of the first two parts of the legislation. He described this as the next step towards the law coming fully into force well before the end of this year. The minister said these two parts of the law deal with definitions and the council, which can now begin considering the specifics of how it will discharge its duties.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, Panton said a priority for the new council would be to produce the drafting instructions for the regulations which will govern the Environmental Impact Assessment process. He pointed out that those new rules would need to be implemented alongside the wider regulations for the full law, which have already been drawn up and will be considered by Cabinet when the council completes its work and the law is ready for full implementation.

Panton said he expected the preparatory work of the council to take a few months.

“Once it is complete, government will be in a position to commence the remainder of the Law and bring it fully into effect. I anticipate this to be by the end of this calendar year,” he said. “The Department of the Environment has already developed fairly detailed drafting instructions for the EIA Regulations,” he said but explained that the council would need to have input before they are finalised.

The law's wider regulations focus on the preservation of species and the protection measures that were previously covered by either the Marine Conservation Law or the Animal Law. He reminded his LA colleagues that the Animals law had been amended and the Marine Law would be repealed when the NCL is commenced in its entirety. But all the previous regulations under the Marine Conservation Law would be carried forward.

Panton revealed the district members of the conservation council include Davey Ebanks representing West Bay, Lisa-Ann Hurlston-McKenzie representing George Town, McFarlane Connolly representing East End, Brian Tomlinson representing North Side, and Wallace Platts representing Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Christine Rose-Smyth, representing Bodden Town, has also been appointed as chair of the council. The National Trust of the Cayman Islands nominated Christina Pineda, who was approved by Cabinet and the two additional people appointed are Fred Burton and Patricia Bradley.

The remaining members of the 13 person council are experts from the Department of Environment.

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  1. Knot S Smart says:

    There will be two Conservation Councils…

    This first one is for the environment and the second one will be established to conserve our tax-payer dollars… Of course it will take some time to get the second council up and running, but we should have it set-up just around election time…

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are many fine professionals on this list, men and women who have paid their dues a hundred times in very difficult circumstances. They know what it takes to deliver, and I look forward to benefitting from the results of their decisions along with all the people of these beautiful islands.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes, just what we need another council to blame if what they come up with is unpopular and to take credit for in the next election if it goes right.  Well, I suppose that is one form of transparency.  We don't need a council for this, why cant this government just get on with it instead of erecting bureaucratic walls to protect their self serving egos

  4. 4Cayman says:

    I hope they stop the work that they are currently doing for the bypass extention in savannah.This has not been approved by the UK, yet they digging already at our expense. Why is NRA doing this work? I thought the developers are to complete and bear all costs up front hence the concessions? someone drop the ball once again – FOI required here.

    • Anonymous says:

      I also hope that there will be some improvement to the Governor Gores Bird Sanctuar in Savannah as well. A real sore eye, not worth visiting.

  5. Brian Tomlinson says:
    TO: Anonymous on Fri, 12/09/2014 – 16:56.
    You need to re-read the article that you quoted. I was only stating fact, not my personal or professional opinion. I am extremely happy that Cayman is moving into the 21st century regarding conservation and assessing the environmental impacts of infrastructure projects. That is why I offered to donate my time to the conservation effort in Cayman.
    Brian Tomlinson, P.E.
    • Peter Milburn says:

      Well said Brian and I know you will do a good job and put whats best for the country before your own interests unlike so many other too numerous to name.Lets hope we can now move on for the betterment of these Cayman Islands.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well done Brian Tomlinson, at last someone representing NS who has its interests at heart and not that of his own political career. Take note Ezzard, the end of your self important reign is in sight at last.

    • Anonymous says:

      09:31Why did you have to bash Ezzard,are you one of thse who hates the fact that he is pro-caymanian? Do you know whether Brian was put forward as a possible council member by Ezzard?If you can't find it possible to say something positive about Ezzard ,maybe you could just say nothing.Right now you come across as a hater.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a waste of time now.  Government already deregulated almost everything.  Poor Mr. Platts with nothing left to protect in Cayman Brac. They've already approved the marinas for the foreigner and deregulated the other pond.  They may as well just let Cleveland build his marina too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing left to protect in Cayman Brac? Are you a total idiot? Take a look at the island from the air sometime. There is still plenty that needs protection. Best of luck Wallace. You're a good man for the job.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant! The best news this Island has had in years!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dread On Dread says:

    De first ting de council should do is ensure that no more. government land is sold,  EY study or not. Jah people must have access to land not every hotti toothy suitcase, high faulting developer. If anything we should lease, with strict covenants and much higher fees than have been charged in the last for We land.

    • Anonymous says:

      The first thing that Dread On Dread should do is learn proper English!

      No wonder our education system is gone to hell!!!


      • Anonymous says:

        "No wonder our education system is gone to hell!!!"


        No wonder our education system has gone to hell!


      • Dread On Dread says:

        DreD on Dread did not make " our" system go to hell heathen, it's people like you who are  cowards afraid to speak dem mind and who cower and bow to false doctrines and foreigners. So ya know. My English sah is not dat  bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      But Dart wants to own more of Cayman.. Maybe Government can give the a package deal!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The same Brian Tomlinson who stated that there was no legislation which allowed for an EIA so none would be done, even though it was obvious that it would have been best practice on any international level….just because the law doesn't say it has to be done is no reason not to do it, there was and is no legislation to say you can't…..shame on him then…I hope he has had a change of heart re conservation now….,-Salina-at-risk-from-road/