Premier welcomes Scottish referendum result

| 22/09/2014

(CNS): While the issue of Cayman’s own road to independence remains a contentious issue the premier welcomed the results of last week’s referendum in Scotland which will see the country remain part of the United Kingdom for a while longer but, if campaign promises are filled, will see Scotland enjoy even more devolved powers. Alden McLaughlin said a strong United Kingdom, including Scotland, is better for the Cayman Islands and other OTs than an alternative that may have created more uncertainty in an already uncertain world.

Congratulating the people of Scotland he said he wished them well “in their goals to attain a greater degree of autonomy while maintaining the historic, economic and familial link,” with the UK.

Pointing to the 84.5 per cent turnout he said the democratic process works and while democracy prevailed he pointed out that Scotland the United Kingdom must continue talking about the devolution of important powers.

“The UK will now be looking to provide the Scottish parliament, and by extension the Scottish people, with more devolved powers and authority over their own affairs while maintaining the benefits of being part of a stronger and bigger United Kingdom,” he said dropping hints about his own position on Cayman’s relationship with the UK and the need for more autonomy while remaining connected to the mother country.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If Cayman went independent, the island would sink like the mangrove covered rock that it is. We don't have a diverse enough economy and we don't have any other resources to exploit – no natural gas, no agriculturally productive land to feed the 60k people that live on our island, no mountains, no rivers, no off-shore fisheries that can support the island either. We have tourism and finance, and neither of those can support us wholly if we seperated from Queenie and the UK. We need to realise where our bread is buttered and not make stupid mistakes in the name of vanity and end up like some of the other Caribbean islands who struggle every day and who have poor quality of life for their population. Just look at Jamaica – going independent was the worst thing they could have done, and they are a far wealthier country than Cayman in terms of resources – minerals and ore, tourism, agriculture – Jamaica has it all, they just ran the country into the ground after becoming independent. And lets be honest here, its not as if our government has the best track record when it comes to running anything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The familial link – you mean the link that Scots hate and have fought numerous times to sever.

    England brought out all the boogeymen (Nato, Euro, Business) and Scotland saw it was better to just stay the course at the moment but lets not kid ourselves about the sentiment.

    Typical colonial attitude from a man that should know better but then again he ran on repairing our relationship with a mother country who constantly prove they mean us little good.


  3. Anonymous says:

    We need to prepare for independence, rather than having it suddenly thrust upon us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The words "Cayman Independence" rattle the confidence of every investor, local or foreign. Don't forget that it was the Bahamas' independence that created Cayman's success in the financial industry. 

    In a matter of hours Cayman will be returned to a village, except it will be ruled by greedy politicians and have some very expensive overheads without the income to pay for them. 

    Don't look further than Jamaica that had a lot more going for it, to see what we will become.

    • Anonymous says:

      At lease Bahamians are the people working in our casinos and hotels, not foreign workers like it was 20 years ago and their financial industry has Bahamians that share the top spots …………. Cayman could learn alot from the Bahamas about keeping its people employed!!!!!!!!!!  

  5. Suucka Free Cayman says:

    Don't waste your breath, When you see a man who has to put up his picture to remind himself he is the premier. Not Good ? We in a a real mess Cayman

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, he would. For those with a little more fortitude, I suggest they look into the host of complaints surrounding voting irregularities…or do we only have to believe what the press says?

    Apparently there were many districts who were pro "Yes" and ended up with a "No" result. The confused Scots have been wondering who these phantoms were.

    Have a little dig around and read both sides of the story, not just the mainstream media. Just because they are "mainstream" it does not imply they tell the truth.


  7. Anonymous says:

    While the Premier might think the what took place with Scotland will be replicated here, he is mistaken. I seriously doubt that England puts the same value on Cayman as it does with Scotland.  Anyone who believes otherwise is living in an alternate reality. 

    So, any attempt to bargain for more autonomy, by way of the independence threat will not work Mr. Premier. So don't waste time. England will see it for what it is and quickly say "bye bye".