Driver admits racing ahead of fatal crash

| 26/09/2014

(CNS): A 24-year-old man has admitted causing the death of his friend last year as a result of dangerous driving. Igor Domladis pleaded guilty on Friday morning in connection with a fatal crash in South Sound in May 2013 in which Zac Quappe (21) was killed. The court heard that the smash occurred because the two young drivers were racing each other in the early hours of the morning. The collision happened when one of the two vehicles slid into the other near to Sand Cay condos. Dolmadis and his female passenger sustained only minor injuries, while Quappe was pronounced dead a few hours after the smash.

The Ford Taurus being driven by Quappe and Dolmadis’ Mitsubishi Lancer both ran off the road as they negotiated a tight bend. While the Mitsubishi collided with a rock wall by Sand Cay condominiums and a parked Honda CRV in the parking lot, the Ford Taurus continued on a further 200 yards up the road and collided with a concrete column.

The court heard that the crown and defence accident reconstruction experts are at odds over which car slid into which but Dolmadis’ attorney, Ben Tonner, said that the matter was academic as his client had admitted his culpability in the smash that killed his friend. The lawyer asked for a social enquiry report ahead of his client’s sentencing and Dolmadis was bailed to return for that hearing on 27 November.

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  1. Friend says:

    It's a shame when you think this gentleman has to plead guilty just to get a minmum sentence when he shouldn't be charged in the first place. Both friends were racing by their own choice and tragically one of them was lost in the accident. On top of that, Zak wouldn't want his friend to have to go to jail after everything else everyone's been through.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sad situation all around. A young man has died but it is also good to see that his friend has the courage to own up to what he has done and is not like others and hire fancy lawyers and tell lies to save themselves but yet another young life also impacted by this tragedy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A mistake that he'll regret for the rest of his life, but at least this guy was man enough to take responsibility for his actions.