Psych report sought for man accused of brutal attack

| 29/09/2014

(CNS): A Bodden Town man accused of trying to kill his wife in a violent machete attack last month will see a psychiatrist before he answers the charges a court confirmed Friday. George Vaughan (42) who tried to take his own life after the assault on his wife, who works as a civil servant with the NRA, needed to undergo an evaluation regarding his state of mind in relation to the attack he allegedly perpetrated, his defence attorney told the court. Denis Brady asked for a five week adjournment in the case in order for the mental health assessment. Vaughan is charged with attempted murder in connection with a brutal attack on his wife during a domestic dispute.

The incident happened at the couple’s home in Mijall Roadin Bodden Town, Lois Hall-Vaughan, (53) was , chopped with a machete on her body and legs and was airlifted to the United States for treatment for her numerous injuries.

Following the attack, the victim’s husband was believed to have consumed a poison of some kind and he was also taken to hospital under police guard following his arrest. He was later charged with attempted murder as a result of the attack.

Vaughan was remanded in custody to Northward.

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