Ex-offenders need jobs

| 17/10/2014

(CNS): As Cayman appears to be experiencing another surge in violent robberies and burglaries the premier has called on the local business community to help in the crime fight by giving ex-offenders work. Alden McLaughlin said that all of government’s efforts to boost the economy and create jobs will be worthless if everyone doesn’t focus on the crime fight. He listed a number of actions government was taking to tackle crime head on and rehabilitate offenders but he said everyone needed to be at the table. Unless the business community was willing to hire those who have been successfully rehabilitated, all of the policies and efforts of government would be for naught.

McLaughlin pointed to the arrest and conviction of dangerous gang members, the work of customs to tackle the movement of stolen goods, the introduction of a second hand dealers bill to control fencing, and various initiatives including improvements to prison rehabilitation programmes. But in the end former inmates need work to stop them from repeating their criminal behaviour.

“This point is especially important given the increasing clamour for government to get out of the business of social employment,” McLaughlin said, in his recent state of the nation address at the Chamber of Commerce legislative lunch.

“While I agree that more needs to be done with the rehabilitation of prisoners, we must all join together to make the efforts successful,” he told the business community audience. “A national problem such as crime needs a national fix, again with everyone at the table. The Chamber has demanded that prisoners in Northward be rehabilitated. I'm here to tell you that they have been and are being rehabilitated. But unless the businesses represented by those of you in this room are willing to hire those who have been successfully rehabilitated, all of the policies, work and efforts of Government and Her Majesty's Prison Service are for naught,” he added.

The premier said there had been a fall in serious crime of some 5.6 % but he acknowledged that theft was up 40 per cent. The community is also facing an ever increasing problem with burglaries and another recent surge of robberies.

McLaughlin said government will shortly introduce the Second Hand Dealers Bill to the Legislative Assembly which would help address the spike in property crimes. “The new law will place additional controls on what has been a too obvious point of disposal in the Cayman Islands, cash for gold and pawn shop establishments.,” he said.

He also spoke about the new customs management team which has already confiscated contraband coming through the borders and the new inspection process for shipping containers leaving the Islands that must now be inspected at the port by Customs officers. He said in July enforcement officers seized six shipping containers during a series of raids and stopped the shipment of stolen property from local burglaries. The premier said government was also tracking certain types of vessels taking goods off Cayman's shores by sea to tackle crime and the criminal element.

Taking about the local gang problem, McLaughlin said it had created a social problem that reached its worst in 2011 when gun crime was a weekly occurrence. But he said the action of the RCIPS, supported by government, had seen a focused effortto stem the violence by targeting and arresting those most involved.

“The arrest and conviction of some six major players was made possible by amended legislation that permits better witness protection and anonymity for witnesses who had previously been too frightened to give evidence in open court,” he said. “The conviction of those six key gang members removed the persons who would take a feud and escalate it to an assassination. We still have others to deal with but we are better able with updated laws to target, arrest and successfully prosecute offenders.”

As part of government’s crime reduction strategy an outreach programme has been created in which police, prison officers, councillors and other experts address students in schools under "lockdown" conditions where freedom is temporarily restricted, which it is hoped will deter young people from a life of crime.

He also said that performance targets have been developed to define success in addressing recidivism.

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  1. Borat says:

    That is not a good representation of what our criminals look like. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is really interesting that some idiots are on here calling for castration and cremation for these petty thieves;I guess because they are believed to be Caymanian. However when we had expats prosecuted for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars,there was no such outcry. Can someone say Prejudice.

    • MoN Na says:

      The Caymanian ones will get out and remain here until in ground. Most likely from stats make there way back to prision and be a burden on this nation. The expat ones when their sentence is concluded will be sent back from whence they came. Bigga difference.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow are you an idiot….the Cayman government/people are not worried about giving expat offenders second chances. They are merely sent back to cause grief in their own countries. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Ooh I didn't know your expremier was an expat?

  3. Anonymous says:

    May be the opposition leader will tke a gamble on them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would rather they were branded on the forehead so we can see them coming.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would rather them exiled forever, castrated, 6 feet under or cremated.

      Before anyone jumps on human rights nonsense. Where is the evidence that any of these prisoners have successfully integrated back into society? Provide that information. 

      I would like to see three strikes and then you're shark bait! 

      • Anonymous says:

        "Exiled forever"…"castrated"…really??? Not everyone at Northward is a serial killer. Calm yourself down.

      • Anonymous says:

         04:40. Before you suggest that indivdduals are cremated for your peace of mind ,perhaps you can set an example by cremating yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

         04:40.When you suggest that they be ;1)castrated 2)6 feet under,and 3)cremated, that 's 3 strikes against you .So ,where do you want to be fed to the sharks?


    • Anonymous says:

       13:19.Are you wearing your brand on your forehead;you should start by signing your name and publishing your picture.If you would rather not wear a brand then do not recommend it for someone else.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Focus on finding the educated and employable jobs first so that we don't have to turn to a life of crime to survive.

    I have 4 degrees including a masters and cannot find a job. If Alden and PPM/Govt. cannot help me how do they intend to assist a ex-convict? Makes no sense.


    • Anonymous says:

      This makes a lot of sense to premier because he know that theres enough prisoniers in north ward prison , if released they all could re alect him next election .

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn't matter how many degrees you have, the important thing is the specialisation. There's no point hiring someone as an accountant when they have a degree in Beckhamology or something!

    • Anonymous says:

      Four degrees and you cant get a job?  Perhaps you should take a look at yourself and skill set…just saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Three undergrad degrees and one Masters. Wouldn't that take you out of the workforce for at least 12 -15 years? 

  6. Monna says:

    A majority of these ex offenders should be forcibly sterlized. Also all the deadbeat dads should be looked at too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now you're talking! I like the way you think! Castrating them to make them Eunuchs!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

         20:52.You are so cruel! Why don't you become a eunuch yourself,before you produce anymore of your kind.

    • Anonymous says:

       10:24.Perhaps you should have yourself sterilized to show how it is done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Deadbeats Dads should be sterlized.  They can start with my ex.  I don't think it's fair to other ex offenders though as the punishmnet doesn't fit the crime.

  7. Frank says:

    How about locking them up for 10 years instead of 12 months. A one year prison sentence for these lazy robbing bastards is hardly a deterrent. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Handing out jobs to released inmates under the current government program is risky business at best. We tried our best to make this work and would strongly recommend the Goverment provide a full on HR support network if they expect this to be more than a politicians pipe dream.

    it is so important to any society to see rehabilitation happen but to throw it out there that all the private sector needs to do is hire someone like this is irresponsible at best.

    Mr. Premier……why don't you speak to the people who have really tried to do this and work from there as your years behind the curve. 


    • Anonymous says:

      09:03 hrs. Your comment is dead on. The government spends a lot of money on rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the government does not lead by example by hiring these ex-0ffenders. It is wrong to expect the private sector to employ those same individuals who are rejected by the government.

      Moreover, the DG has stated that he is going to reduce the Civil Service by 360 persons. Mr. Premier, that is 360 that will be added to your list of unemployed. You will have to increase your Social Services budget to assist them.

      May I suggest that your government and the DG come together and work toward one common goal. As it currently stands you guys are working against each other. You may wish to decide on some goals and objectives and work on them collectivelly.

      As it stands you guys are working counterproductive to each other. I am sorry to tell you Mr. Premier that your efforts will be fruitless if your government and the DG continues on different roads.

      We cannot have our cake and eat it as well. The private sector is pushing to reduce the size of the Civil Service but are they willing to employ those persons? If not, have they considered the potential implication those unemployed may have on crime and or the impact on the budget to assist them. What about those who may loose their homes? Remember that they would not be able to service their mortgages without a job. What impact will that have on our economy? Perhaps some people should think outside the box before they make some of the irresponsible statements that we read in the media.

  9. Anonymous says:

    For the local criminals stop the problem before it starts in this order:

    – better access to birth control and options. Including offering the insert under the skin which is not available on island

    -legalize abortion

    – for the ones that manage to get past that have all low income women and high risk women identified, screened and followed closely. Teach these women about proper care during pregnancy and nutrition. Have a social worker visit their home frequently. 

    -once these women have given birth. Continue to follow them for mental illness of the child. Put the parents through parenting classes or do this during the pregnancy. Incentivize it by providing subsidized diapers/milk. The course would be over 3 -6 months. Subsidy is provided during the class and a test and certificate is given. 

    -enforce maintenance paid by the father and immediate jail time if not paid. automate garnishing wages for all legally employed fathers. 

    – follow and assess the at risk child for hearing, eyes, mental illness milestones by social worker until age X. Assess parenting style and family support until child is seen to meet an acceptable standard. Decrease oversight to once a year if meeting standard. 

    – create a free support group for these women who need help eg for car pooling, after school care, baby sitting. 

    – create more activities and life skills classes after school for the children to participate in and learn how to be self sufficient in life. Effectively lengthening the school day to 5/6. Life skills classes should be age appropriate but an available from te primary school level. Eg teach them to sew, cook, balance a check book, send mail to the post office, drivers education, basic carpentry, typing for speed, nutrition,  basic house care eg laundry, how to clean, how to set a table etc. And most important is etiquette how to eat in a restaurant, proper posture, proper manner of dress. While  these things are generally taught by parents. More often than not they aren't and  these basic life skills will give them better options to find a job at a basic level for life. 

    Through the above we would have dealt with most of the underlying issues of the prisoners. The numbers would go down. Now that they are in prison. Teach them how to get work. Waiter, waitress, bar tender. Teach them to juggle, mix a drink, they have plenty of time in there to learn and have a gym in there so they could carry lots of plates. Or have them clear bush when they are out and beautify the island. Make them busy and tired so they stop breaking into my house. 

    • Anonymous says:

      For the local criminals stop , i sure do agree with the points in your comment. Mr premier this sounds like you have bigger fish to fry than trying to find jobs for released criminals . What about all the good and qualified Caymanians that cant get jobs because of all the lupeholes in the Laws,  Why not talk about fixing the big Goverment credit card scandals .     Stop talking about independance / your picture on the walls .     Be a real leader for the Islands and the people and everyone would have a job .

    • Anonymous says:

      You are correct.

      The road to criminality often starts before birth.

      Non-stigmatized easy access to birth control education and products (including abortion) will lower the crime problem in approximately 18 to 25 years.

      Too often babies are born to mothers who look at pregnancy as a hangover after a party. They continue to consume drugs, legal and illegal, during the pregnancy and then wonder why the baby is mentally chanllenged. The challenged male babies become criminals and the challenged female babies become irresponsible mothers; thus the cycle continues.

      Stop the cycle.



    • Anonymous says:

       06:38.And for the foreign criminals,let's double the security checks to try to keep them out in the first place.However for those who make it through by lying or otherwise,once they are convicted especially of financial crimes ,flog them and deport them, immmediately.

  10. Mark Hennings says:

    Why doesn't the goverment hire them.

    • Anonymous says:

      They already have more than their fair share of criminals-they just have not been caught yet

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier

    The poblem is not the need to expand the economy for more JOBS.

    We already have an overheated economy that employs more than twice the Caymanian workforce!  In most sensible countries that would be seen as success.

    However the greedy Cayman business community belives that "BIGGER is Better", sorry not always so.

    Mr. Premier the JOBS are here already, the problem that you and other politicians fail to see is the Caymanian damaging Immigration Law that displaces Caymanian workers by imported workers, many at slave labour rates unable to sustain themselves and in one way or another are subsidised by Caymanians. 

    Stop the expansion of the Caymanian economy until Caymanians regain control as owners and workers.

    The so called "Incentives" to foreigners are subsidies at Caymanian tax payer expense.

    • WannabeBracca says:

      Must you be reminded that the expats filling the legal and financial posts and skilled technicians  are the ones who fuel the economy.  They are also not the ones committing burglaries etc. these are the ones being rolled over, and that's why our finance centre standing worldwide has dropped from number 5 to number 38 or something's ng like that.

  12. Just Commentin' says:

    Clearly the system is horribly broken. In 2013 it was reported that the Cayman Islands had a recidivism rate of 63 per cent, among the highest in the region.  Meaning that over 1/3 of those released commit a crime and returned to prison at some point. Mind you, this is counting only those caught and convcted.  So the actual rate of an ex con returning to criminal behavour is likely way higher.

    If I choose to employ an ex con the odds are currently over 2 to 1 that I will be hiring someone who will return to crime.  Yet I am being asked to train them and risk that my investment in their training is for naught and risk my person or buisness being a victim of their repeat offending. Sorry, Bobo, but I need some sound business incentive to hire an ex convict; something other than a pat on the back and a nice warm fuzzy feeling.  Give me a business-related fee break or a trainng allowance. Perhaps providing for government to pay their pension and insurance for a reasonable time period and I might consider taking the risk. Absent some tangible incentive I say, "No thanks!"  As it stands my conscience is clear because I have always tried to hire young people and give them a chance to learn working skills, get some experience, and stay out of trouble. Over the years it has been dismaying how many youth end up throwing away opportunities to learn and earn and turn to crime or drugs even if they have a job. One of the few ex cons that Iwas begged to hire by someone in the rehab system stole from me, so I am "once-burned". I will continue to be "twice-shy" unless offered reasonable and tangible incentives.  This is a golden opportunity to try the concept of the often-touted public-private partnership.

    Alden's imploring the business community to embrace and employ ex convicts runs counter to other established government policy and is hypocrisy. Case in point: In order to obtain a work permit for a prospective empolyee, I must provide a clean police record along with my application. Alden's government does not want convicted criminals on our soil. So how can Alden smile and ask me to allow a convict in my business?  Fool! Sorry Alden, you know I am right. So save your breath to warm your stomach there dude, Government policy says they do not trust ex convicts. Give me some reasons why I should.


  13. Anonymous says:

    they have jobs now… robbing people left and right.. why would they want a 9-5 if they only have to work a few minutes per day robbing?

  14. Anonymous says:

    It is soon time that the government allows the police to use their weapons if these incidents continue. In tourism areas or normal residential areas. 

    most people in Cayman, expats and Caymanians work far to hard to have their possessions stolen. 

    maybe one or two of these guys getting shot will at least slow down this nonsense. 

    Come on PM. Take the handcuffs off the RCIPs and let them fix this 

  15. Fellow Bracker says:

    I am all about giving a person a job.  Need guidelines, education and plan of action.  But what about the thousands of Caymanians who have never been to prison that are needing a job?  What about these folks?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Companies are in the business of making money. Not to help people to a job.

    The only way is by law and enforce it.

    Same goes for hiring caymanians.


    • Anonymous says:

       16:14.You say "Companies are in the business of making money. Not to help people to a job".I hope that you remind Caymanians of that when you are trying to start a business and you try to tell us how many new jobs you will be creating.

      • Anonymous says:

        You really believe companies open for charity purposes? I am a caymanian and I want to open a small business and you best believe that I am opening the business for profit to support my family. I am not opening a charity. I am opening the business to make extra money. If I wanted to help charity I would join  one and volunteer. However I already do that. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    stop giving permits to the philipinos  …then  all will be better

    everybody will make more money ..the stores , land lords etc and everybody will have

    more money to spend and that my friend will result in more people getting hired

    more moeny = more jobs= more money = more spend power =more jobs

    upward trend

    right now we go the opposite way

    • Anonymous says:

      A mind untouched by modern economics.  And by "modern" I mean the last 300 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      What difference does the nationality make? If it wasn't Filipinos it would be Indians, Chinese, Eastern Europeans etc. I think what you don't like is that expats are coming in with a lot of skills and  experience and are willing to work for lower pay than a Caymanian that doesn't have much experience and one basic generalized degree. 

      This is the way the world works. A country that is based on the free hand of the economy will see that only the strong survive and the weak perish. It just means you have to work harder for less or get booted out for cheaper labour. It doesn't always mean an expat will replace you. It could also mean a younger person can do the job better. Due to having better computer skills and you are forced into retirement. Also due to the fact that your seniority means a larger salary and the young person who is also capable of doing the job will do it at a lower salary. That could be caymanian to caymanian.

      That is today's reality. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea.  For other businesses.  When my bottom line is at risk, no thanks.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Put uniforms on them and hire them as security/escorts in th CIG Admin building. That would be less of an embarasment than the current all foreigner "Security/Escort" service.

    • Anonymous says:

      17/10/2014 14:27 I agree with you 100%, they can't even speak english the majority of them…oops that will never change there look who it is and look who put them there

      • Anonymous says:

        Take a look at who owns those security companies. Check it out. Tell me after you find that information if this is not a native war we are in.

        Our enemy = our own people!


  20. Anonymous says:

    I don't think it's fair that these people – and I said these people- should be allowed extra special treatment. People who have good education, experience and references are atruggling to find a job due to companies closing down or downsizing.  Yet the true unemployable are to be provided an extra special break to get a job? 

    No no no – that just encourages the situation. Here's how: "yo bobo I can't get a job cause it's tough. Imma steal some money yo and when I get outta jail someone will give me a job. "

    What utter nonsense. We are rewarding the ones who should not and penalizing the ones that should. 

    Legalize abortion….

  21. Anonymous says:

    We live in an unforgiving society and expect the cycle of crime to stop.  Those ex-offenders that are blessed enough to find employment are encountering other obstables that the government need to be aware of. 

    One such obstacle is that some of the motor vehicle insurance companies are refusing to insure a vehicle in their name because they have a police record even though it is not traffic related. Some of them depend on a having a vehicle to make their livelyhood.

     They are stereo-typed and not being given a chance to start over with a clean slate.  There are ex-offenders who have a genuine desire to turn their life around.  I am not condoning or making any excuses for their choices to commit crimes but our society makes it easier for them to just continue in their life of crime.

    God bless the employers who are willing to take a chance and do their part to help with this issue.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The taxi drivers are already a bunch of crooks.

  23. MEM says:

    These men are coming out of prison no more equipped than they went in! The same reasons they went in, will be the reasons they go back in if their situations aren't improved BEFORE THEY GET BACK OUT. The inmate population is made up of many illiterate individuals (and I am not being mean, 'illiterate' means unable to read or write, and they are!) – someone without the basic comprehension of reading and writing is UNEMPLOYABLE, so unless there are some phonics courses, reading and writing classes, job preparation and resume writing lessons implemented at Northward, the "ex-offenders" will be no more employable upon release as they were when they were first sentenced. I am truly tired of these constant Government speeches being made with all nonesense and no tactical thought. You can sit down and come up with a great business idea until you start planning the operational perspective and realize you almost screwed yourself! Boycott the polls people, there is not one politician in Cayman who makes sense. Alden's "speech" completely contradicts itself, who wants to hire a "successfully rehabilitated ex-offender who may perhaps be one currently committing crime because they have not found a job upon release"; heavenly Father, really??? If you want to sort this, HELP THEM FIND EMPLOYMENT BEFORE they are released and make them actively participate in the employment hunt WHILE STILL BEHIND BARS and then on release day they go straight from the gate to the employer, pete's sake you people are faaarrrr from society. Instead of boarding blasted planes, jump in your car and sit down with normal people each day, oh yeah, that doesn't happen until 6 months before the polls, my bad!

  24. MEM says:

    Oooookkkk Alden, you spitting poo again??? "successfully rehabilitated" – if they were "successfully rehabilitated" then exactly why are you feeling that the reason the country is failing at fighting crime is because ex-offenders are looking for work? Are you, Mr. McLaughlin, implying that these are SUCCESSFULLY REHABILITATED EX-offenders committing some of these crimes??? Mother-love, Cayman politics has more laughs than the Appollo!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Proper education and access to continued education is key. Handing out jobs will not fix the problem. 

    • Anonymous says:

      There are entry level jobs that require no education. We are talking abount ex convicts that probably have lived most of there lives cheating the system and others. You can't just throw them into school and expect them to come out qualified. The point of them getting jobs to begin with is to aid in the process of rehabilitation. How do you expected to be rehabilitated if they are forced right back into the life they tried leave because of no source of income but many mouths to feed? Not everyone is as fortunate and school is not for everyone.

    • Anonymous says:

      11:55. At some point that education has to be put to use,or are you suggesting that we have individuals in school forever?

    • Anonymous says:

      WTF, why as I an employer obligated to hire an ex offender.  So what is the Premier actually saying, they are out of jail, employers are not hiring so it gives them the right to rob at night???? Government should give them jobs instead of hiring work permit holders to collect and clean the streets!!! I am sure government has plenty of jobs these ex offenders can do…I for one am not hiring an ex offender!!! I don't see how I am obligated to do this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Da wa una get! Una want Alden, una want PPM! Take it. ACCEPT their stupid, selfish, ignorant initiatives!

        Anyone ready to discuss the big elephant in the room yet? Anyone???


  26. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Possibly the most sensible thing i've seen coming from Alden. He is 100% correct on this there are prisoners coming out of jail everymonth with no sources of income to maintain their selves. They need jobs! Maybe Alden should consider the road side clean up that was done a couple years back. I think that was an awesome move by the government as it gave Caymanians no matter where you from an opportunity to make a little money during Christmas.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Thanks for reminding me that while the cleanup crew  were cleaning up on the road by my house – two bunches of bananas in my yard mysteriously disappeared…

    • Anonyanmous says:

      I saw more non Caymanians on the clean up at Christmas than I saw Natives, this project helped a few that were in need and far too many greedy individuals.  Maybe the next time around they should choose to send those who receive government assistance and prisioners so that they can earn their keep instead of those who take the money and send it oversease to support their families while government is forced to support its natives that need assistance.

      • Anonymous says:

        To sign up for this you had to prove you were caymanian by birth or by status papers. So i dont see how it is possible more Expats were there than Caymanians.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Why not try and incentivise businesses to do this. By hiring an ex-offender, businesses are taking a huge risk. What's the point in taking that kind of risk when the government insists on increasing the cost of running a business?

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you suggest any possible incentives Government could offer? (Leavign aside 'social responsibility' of the employers of course. Just let us know what's the best way to bribe them in to doing the right thing.)

  28. Anonymous says:

    Yes, this should backfire magically.  Is the message now being sent out – commit crimes, do your time at Northward and on release be put into gainful employment (for which you are not qualified).

    Now we can expect not to be robbed at the ATM but by the bank tellers as we go in to to cash our welfare cheques (the salary cheques will be being paid to excons).

    Simply splendidly stunning!

    • Anonymous says:

      10:52.First of all the idea that rehabilitated persons "on release be put into gainful employment (for which you are not qualified)" is yours,not Alden's. Secondly;Is this the best that you have to offer ? Really?.

  29. Anonymous says:

    While in the prison teach the prisoners how to behave in tourist or service jobs.  Waiters, waitresses, divers, taxi drivers, sales clerk, painters, bellman, front desk clerk, mail clerk, couriers, mechanics, plumber, electrician etc.  However the problem may be more than meets the eye.  There could be mental illness as the root problem. They could be illiterate. There could be bullying and coercion.  Eg when they go home, they will go right back into the same environment they left with the same 'friends' and go back to exactly what they were doing beforehand. 

    My real thoughts are they are flat out lazy mommas boys.  They don't want to work and want to get rich quick.  Their mothers spoilt them.  They never had responsbilities as a child.  Or they were abandoned by their family and did 'whatever it took to survive.'

    At the end of the day, you are asking people to give handouts.  Either enact and force judges to give harsher punishments, death penalty or send the mentally ill to a hospital and get them treated, the drug addicted to rehab, educate the illiterate and provide real options for them once they get out of jail. 



    • Anonymous says:

       10:51.You suggest that we "send the mentally ill to a hospital and get them treated, the drug addicted to rehab, educate the illiterate and provide real options for them once they get out of jail." That is exactly what the Premier was saying;glad you agree.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Why is it Caymans government  panders to the unemployed,  the unemployable, those with little to no integrety, and goes against the wishes of the hard working,  honest, and all around good citizens?  This is a retoricle question as anyone who is not in the intitled ranks knows the answer to that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Becuase them and thier kin are the vast majority of the voting pool outside of the CIG itself.

    • Diogenes says:

      Because they have a vote?

    • anonymous says:

      Because this is the small world where everything is reversed and works opposite.

      Where wrong is actually right and right is wrong. Or if it is really serious, just unethical.

      Where mediocrity and miscellaneous are rewarded with promotion.

      Where the unqualified are the qualified.

      Where vehicles give way whilst on a roundabout to traffic waiting to join.

      An Island of outstanding beauty both under the sea and on land, yet no impetus towards conservation or recycling.

      Where a job is expected regardless of school results or attendance.

      A land where votes are a currency, the politicians serve themselves and pensions are drawn before retiring, not after.

      Where verbs are used to complete a sentence rather than commence one.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Make work mandatory in Northward for all prsioners.

    Get he NRA and other Government bodies involved.These guys can assist with filling potholes, clearig bush etc whilst in prison , just put them on chain gangs.

    Then when they come out, Governmnt can employ them doing the same thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Compared to all other comments here. I have to say thanks for not rantingoutof your A@@ this is a serious issue. Everytime i read comments on and crime or robbery the first thing out of everyones mouth is that Government has to do something about it. Now that a suggestion has been made you see people typing things like " they are lazy bums." or " they are unemployable" or " Government trying to give handouts and sending the wrong message". People need to open their eyes and realize that the unemployed work force here in Cayman is no one elses problem but Cayman's. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes.. And then when they murder someone while on job release we demand that they never have such "freedom"…!!


      • Anonymous says:

        16:34, if you read my commets you will note "chain gang" was used, not prisoners being let out on their own accord to do what they want.

        If Prison Guards cannot supervise men with their legs chained together and stop them from doing wrong, then they should not be Guards in the first place. Secondly, arming one Guard with a gun and giving them license to shoot would help to aleviate the problem of prisoners getting any ideas whilst out working on these chain gangs.

        This method works throughout the US and has done for a very long time. Seeing as nothing seems to be wroking in Cayman, perhaps we should loook to others for guidance?

        The prisoers treat Northward like a hotel, we need to implement measures that stop that and making work mandatory on chain gangs will help to change that mode of thinking as well as assist the prisoners themselves in having work ethisc and possible employment when they are let out.

        It's an idea,  have not seen anything from the powers that be…..

  32. Anonymous says:

    I agree with second chances but the difficulty is the liability for employing a known offender.  A company can find itself exposed if a problem arrises in the area the person has been working.  This is not only white collar positions of trust but many blue collar jobs as well.  An example is a case where a by-hand delivery person was involved in an accident while working and it was confirmed that he was at the time under the influence of drugs…a crime for which he was previously convicted and incarcerated.   LUCKILY for the company no one was hurt in the event and the monetary settlement was relatively minor.  Whilecrime and incarceration have limited social stigma in Cayman, it is not considered by the business community to be a right of passage and the people committing these offenses must realze there are long term consequences of their actions. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Im Positive that 60% – 75% of by hand delivery persons smoke weed or stop at some point of the day for a drink. just take a drive behind CUC or safehaven during your lunch hour. Your point is? The risk is exactly the same with any employed by hand deliver person employed at the moment that drives a company vehicle. Thats why they say "what you dont know, wont hurt". I have seen many different company vehicles parked outside of clubs and liquor stores after hours. The company can take steps like putting the individual on a longer probation and have them agree to random drug tests. ITS A SECOND CHANCE! 

    • Anonymous says:

      10:25.Hope you are not suggesting that as a solution all criminals be put to death.Are you saying that persons who commit crimes should never be hired by anyone? Hope you do realize that  in that case you will still be paying them ,either by paying additional funds to Government who will have to provide for them,or by having crimes committed against you or your business.Afterall these people have to live.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow what a drama queen…I did not see the death sentence in original poster's message.  It was a mere indication of one of the many valid complexities with employing offenders. Drug tests in the example used can possibly limit the companies exposure. However offenders and potential offenders need to be aware of the long term consequences of ttheir actions or considered actions.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Guess that is part of the pool of qualified Caymanians?



  34. Anonymous says:

    There are no industries in Cayman capable of absorbing not only the current glut of law abiding unskilled out of work Caymanians, how can you expect unskilled criminals be hired as well.

    And for the folks on the sidelines with your degrees and your experience, just dont give up. Keep looking, networking, and expanding your knowledge. You will find something soon. But you have to look yourself. Dont expect the job to come looking for you. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The dump is an excellent place to work sorting garbage, there is nothing wrong with that job but the CIG is too stupid to realise what an opprotunity exists

      that said it costs 60k to lock up someone but only 25k to give them a job

  35. Anonymous says:

    They should have thought about that before they did the crime.  Other people can take chances on hiring these people, but leopards very very rarely change their spots.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have hired at least 10 xprisoners over the last 5 years. Most just want a job because it is part of their release. Some of these men are quite nice and polite.

    that said the ones that have been in over 2 years have no abilitys learned while locked up except how to be smarter criminals.

    I also find that these men cannot be left alone, there muscles are weak, they must have someone to talk to and cannot do anything except what they are told to do at the moment.

    I have encouraged a few to go back inside.

    That said while in prison these men must be taught how to think and work otherwise dont let them out.

    anotherthing these men must constantly run down to see some official because of some requirement for release this is a pain in the ass for us employers