Happy Hour on the rocks after stormy night

| 27/10/2014

(CNS): The stormy night caused something of a hangover for a local pleasure cruiser after the vessel broke from its moorings Friday. The ‘Happy Hour’ was washed up on the rocks in downtown George Town during Friday night's localised storm. Although other vessels were also believed to have had a bad time, according to Hazard Management, there were no other reports of any significant damage to property during the nighttime drenching. According to the latest forecast, Cayman can expect more turbulent weather over the next few days as a stationary front to the east spreads in and out of our area during the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the remnants of TD9 has turned into Tropical Storm Hannah off the coast of Nicaragua, though it is not expected to pose any threat to the Cayman Islands.

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  1. Dr. Roy Front Gravel Lawn says:

    I thought the days of boats washing ashore in winter were long gone. But this is like the seventies all over again. I miss the old days.


  2. Anonyanmous says:

    Gee so sad to know that the "Happy Hour" will be spending time on dry dock not happy hours for many.

  3. peter milburn says:

    Sad to see this happen to such a nice boat when all it took was some forward thinking by the owner(s)and just take the boat to safe harbour(south sound or around to the yacht club)Better to waste the gas for nothing than to have this happen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do Not forget the other huge vessel that washed up ashore in Governor’s Harbour and damaged property. The vessel is the 110ft Aqua which is strangely owned by McKeeva Bush and Bernie Bush.

  5. RP says:

    I think we should use some funds from the nation building fund to fix poor ol' Happy Hour.  Rollie would certainly agree.  I bet Mac would too (pun intended).

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see who will step up to help protect private property owners, who pay good money to insure their property….yet, irresponsible boat owners (ie MLA Bernie Bush) have continued to illegally (yes ILLEGALLY)  moor boats with little to no regard for others.  Mr. Bush's party boat has sat unused and moored in Governors Sound for well over a year.  On Saturday night during some windy weather (luckily not a stronger system), Mr. Bush's boat washed up along a private dock in Governor's Harbour….it still sits there today.  Make no mistake, this boat is HUGE….and surely would have done more damage had the weather been worse.  I sure hope the boat's owner compensates the landowner for damage to their property including disruption of privacy  

    As I said, it's about time that Government, Police, DOE, Port Authority step up and stop this nonsense before private property owners take matters into their own hands.  Boat owners should be required to obtain necessary permits to moor their boats on the Queen's bottom, a permitting system that should consider the wishes and interests of nearby property owners and a system that requires inspection of mooring systems, provisions to move vessels during damaging weather systems and a hefty annual fee and/or penalties for non-comopliance,

    • Anonymous says:

      As a Civil Servant I'm normally all for members of the public proposing more bureaucracy 🙂 but this one seems to go a bit far. Can we not just leave it in the hands of the private boat and land owners?