Haines reaches $800k ahead of final leg

| 12/11/2014

(CNS): When Cayman’s veteran marathon runner hits the local pavement on 7 December for the sixth and last race in his incredible challenge Derek Haines will be hoping that he will running for $1million. This will not only be enough to build the much needed in patient facility for the local hospice charity but will also a victory for the 66 year old runner whose goal to run six marathons in one year and raise $1m seemed unimaginable at the start. The arrival of the encouraging $800,000 mark, a month ahead of the final run, was down to a $50k donation from AALL Foundation, which was presented to Haines at the Rotary Club’s weekly meeting on 6 November.

"This is a very generous donation by the AALL foundation and brings the total of donations and pledges to CI$800,000,” Haines had revealed when the cheque was handed over by Mike Austin.

“My thanks go to AALL and to Mike who has been the driving force behind obtaining this donation and has also donated personally. Our goal is to raise CI$1 million, so we still have a way to go, and I am hoping for a further surge of support to take us to the goal by the time I reach the tape in the final race,” he added.

Besides the monetary donations and pledges, support for the challenge has been offered by local companies to supply materials and services. But Haines has his fingers crossed that the remaining $200,000 will be pledged before he ties up his laces for what will be an incredible marathon next month, on home turf after Haines has pounded pavements across Europe and in the US.

“A few folks have said they were watching how things progressed before committing, and I have to admit the challenge did seem a tad ambitious at the start, but I urge them all to join in now. We are so close to success and I know that the new Hospice facility will become a reality. The support of the Cayman community has been inspirational and certainly helps me to dig deep when the going gets tough in the races," he said.

Mike Austin said the AALL foundation is committed to supporting worthwhile charities and the trustees were impressed by Haines efforts to raise funds for the Hospice facility.

“Most people have had experience with CaymanHospiceCare and know that it provides tremendous support to the terminally ill and their relatives and friends. We are pleased to be able to help and I also urge everyone to assist as best they can.

For more information on the $1 million challenge, and to donate, go to:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mr. Haines for all your hard work and hope you had a great birthday too!  Will always remember what you did for us and our Island! God bless you and your family.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr Haines is a true example and everybody must be inspired in their everyday actions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. Hanies. For a counrty that so many are affected by this deadly disease Thank you for giving back to a place you made your home.

    • JS says:

      Still a few idiots to disapprove what Derek is doing for the community, that is a shame! Thanks Derek!!

  4. Anonyanmous says:

    Thank you Mr. Haines, job well done you are an inspiration to all, again thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Go Derek go.  A good example of a Caymanian giving back to his community!