Local show-jumpers lose lead in Jamaica round

| 17/11/2014

(CNS): Cayman’s riders lost the top spot in a regional show-jumping contest last weekend when borrowed horses proved challenging in the final leg in Jamaica. Nevertheless the team held on to second place alongside Barbados in the Caribbean Equestrian Association’s Junior Show Jumping Competition which was won by Jamaica. Cayman’s riders were in joint first with the hosts when they arrived in Kingston but refusals and falls eroded the Cayman rider’s chances of taking the title.  Phoebe Serpell represented Cayman in the Under 16 category and Chloe Fowler was the under 14 team representative who joined six other riders on the jumps.

Jamaica provided eight horses for the riders who had to ride each of the four horses in their category over a show jumping course. The four rides required of each rider were split over two days of competition.

The CEIF said that borrowedhorse competitions are always challenging for riders and the host team has the advantage as the riders know the horses. But with each leg of the contest set in each of the competing countries country each team gets the opportunity to have the advantage .

On the first day of competition, in Kingston Serpell picked up eight faults in the first round and went clear in the second round. Her teammate, Fowler, fell from a challenging horse in her first round. Although unhurt, the fall resulted in an elimination attracting 25 faults. In her second round, Fowler hada clear round, the CEIF said in a release.

On day two, Fowler got two time faults in her first round, resulting in a total of six faults. Her second round was clear.  Serpell had a challenging horse in her first round who refused the fences twice, resulting in an elimination for Serpell attracting 25 faults. In her second round, she also went clear.

Jamaica led throughout the competition and when the points were totaled for round 4 of the competition, Jamaica was first, Barbados came in second with Trinidad third and Cayman in fourth place. Serpell placed 4th in the under 16 category and Fowler placed 3rd in the under 14 category.

However once added to the tallies for the entire competition Cayman iied for second with Barbados while Trinidad came in last.

Over the course of the year the Cayman Team has included five young riders. In the under 16s Isabelle Smith and Phoebe Serpell and in the under 14s Madeleine Aquart, Hannah and Chloe Fowler were jumping for their country. Thea Millward was a team reserve.
Mary Alberga, the National Coach, who accompanied the girls to Jamaica, said Serpel and Folwer are at the younger end of the age bracket in the categories they are competing.

“They both did well and I think they learned a lot. This kind of competition is great experience and we look forward to seeing these two talents grow in the competition in 2015. I am pleased that a number of different riders were able to represent Cayman this year and all five girls in the team during the year contributed to this win. It’s a good result and yet gives us something to work on for next year when we hope to retake the title,” she added.

The CIEF’s next show is on Sunday 23 November at 8am at the Equestrian Centre on Linford Pierson Highway. Riders will be competing in the first of four legs of the National Jumping Championship and jumping courses ranging from 0.6m to 1.2m high. Entry is free and refreshments are available for purchase.

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