Prosecution sets background to banker’s murder

| 18/11/2014

(CNS): Following a week of closed door hearings and legal arguments the crown began calling witnesses this week in its case against Leonard Antonio Ebanks for the murder of Frédéric Bise in February 2008. Ebanks is the second person to be charged with the brutal killing of the Swiss banker after Chad Anglin from West Bay was convicted in April of this year. The director of public prosecutions says that Ebanks was part of a joint enterprise with Anglin in the murder. During the first two days jurors heard evidence from Bise’s friend and landlady as well as a causal lover who had planned to meet him on the night he was killed but their liaison never happened.

Both witnesses testified during the Anglin trial and had described their friend and his lifestyle to the jury. Once again they had both said that Bise was a fun loving and kind person who would not harm anyone. However, both witnesses raised their concerns about the high risk behavior that Bise, who was gay, was engaging in during the weeks leading up to his death.

Bise’s former casual lover described how he had waited for Bise to come and collect him but when he did not turn up he fell asleep. Despite receiving a call and several texts from Biseduring the night he did not look at the texts or listen to the messages until the next morning. Bise’s last call to his friend was at around 2-30am and the witness said the voice mail had recorded just the sound of the wind. Bise’s landlady also told the jury that certain personnel items of his including jewellery, his lap top and phone were missing from the house after he had been killed. According to the crown these items were later seen by other witnesses in the possession of Ebanks.

The jury also heard a number of statements on Tuesday that painted a backdrop of what Bise did on the night before he was killed. A number of different witnesses described how they had met and drank with Bise during the course of the evening at different bars. The banker was said to have met other French speaking friends at Guy Harveys, before going on to Deckers and then Calico Jacks, before he was last seen on CCTV at Kellys Bar in West Bay.

Bise’s body was found in the back of his own burned out vehicle outside the house where he was living at the time in West Bay in February 2008. He had been beaten to death with what the crown prosecutors believe may have been a concrete cider block. The prosecution’s case is that Bise met Chad Anglin at Kelly’s bar and was seen leaving with him on the night before his body was found.

Anglin’s DNA was found on cigarette butts at Bise’s House and in his car. The crown claims that at some point in the early hours of the morning of his murder, Anglin called Ebanks and asked him to meet at the dykes in Barkers where it is believed that the two men then killed the banker by dropping a block repeatedly on Bise’s head and upper body, as well as strangling him.

The case finally came to court this year after both Anglin and Ebanks were charged by the RCIPS’ cold case unit following a review of the case which was resubmitted to the DPP to confirm the charges.

There will be no evidence before the jury Wednesday but the case is expected to continue on Thursday morning in court two.

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