Tourists appeal for help over lost jewellery

| 19/11/2014

(CNS): A couple who are visiting the Cayman Islands this week are appealing to the broader community to help them find some missing jewellery and other personal items. The police have issued a public service announcement on their behalf saying the visitors from the USA lost these their wedding rings and sentimental items while at Smith Cove, in George Town on Sunday 16 November. Although it is not clear how the couple lost the jewellery and other pieces of property there was no indication that they were robbed or that the items were stolen. Anyone who found jewellery on the beach at Smith Cove, however, is asked to contact the George Town Police Station on 949 4222.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above posts….but why in the world would someone leave valuables laying on the beach?????   Why tempte anyone?????  People don't be stupid!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was gonna say check cash for gold.

  3. Cayman hotels help find lost jewelry says:

    Recently, my family and I enjoyed a staycation at the Westin Hotel on 7 mile Beach.  I inadvertently left my very valuable wedding jewelry in the bathroom glass and this included Cartier rings and diamond earrings.  A few days later I was panicked and distraught!! However, upon calling housekeeping at the hotel I was reunited with my cherished valuables immediately.

    I must commend the staff at the hotel for their diligent and ethical actions!!! Well done Westin. I tell everyone of my happy reunion and about the honesty of their staff. (I only wish I had registered a local tel no so they could have phoned me right away.)

    A prayer to St Anthony Patron Saint of lost items for our visitors and yes, keep an eye out and hope they too are reunited with their cherished valuables

  4. Jean Solomon says:

    It is approximately 12:30am and I just awoke to read the news and saw this article. On Tuesday night while on Ecaytrade I saw an ad posted about someone finding lost jewellery. Even at this ungodly hour I felt the need to call the police and inform them of the advert about the jewellery on ecaytrade. I gave the Officer the information and hope that our visitors to our Islands will be reunited with their lost jewellery. I have also sent an email to the person who postedthe ad and asked that they contact the police. As Citizens it is imperative for us to come together and sometimes go over and beyond to put a smile on each other's faces and also to give our visitor's our Caymanian message of hope even when they experience the loss of valuable sentimental items.

    Lastly, I take this opportunity to publicly thank the person who posted the ad on Ecaytrade. Your act is one of honesty, integrity and indeed very noble.May you continue to enrich the lives of others through such acts that can only be described as gallant.


    Jean Solomon




  5. Anon says:

    There are a lot of parasitic people on this Island who go out to Smith’s Cove, Stingray City, Sandbar and SMB with metal detectors. They make no effort to return treasured items to their owners. It makes me sick. I, for the life of me, do not understand how they think it is alright to take things that do not belong to them, without, at minimum, trying to return them to their owners. The lack of any semblance of a moral compass is sadly rampant and deeply discouraging.

    • Anonymous says:

      There's nothing illegal or immoral about searching for Lost Gold people have been doing it for 1000's of years..If you find something and you know who lost it that's different..

    • Anonymous says:

      Diver's World rents a waterproof metal detector so that people can attempt to find their lost sentimental items.  It's hard work and rarely rewarded.  I spent a whole day with one to try to find an item lost by a child in the surf.  At the end of the day, we had sunburns and cup full of roofing nails from Ivan.