Three Cubans end migration efforts in Little Cayman

| 20/11/2014

(CNS): Following the passage of another group of Cuban migrants through the Sister Islands over the last two days, three out of the 18 refugees who first arrived in Cayman Brac waters Wednesday morning (19 November) got off on Little Cayman Thursday. The two men and one woman were transferred to Cayman Brac this afternoon and the remaining 15 refugees opted to press on with their journey towards Central America. One of the two men has been in the Cayman Islands twice before, officials confirmed. The twelve men and six women in this group are travelling across the open ocean in an 18-ft, wood and metal vessel equipped with a small engine.

The three people who elected to stay behind will be taken to the Immigration detention centre in Fairbanks which was only recently cleared of refugees with the exception of one person after a large number were repatriated to Cuba at the beginning of November.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You're right 1:30. It sounds like this guy is just sticking with them until the craft that is going to take them from near Cayman to central America reaches our area. He discontiinues and we send him back to Cuba where he will eventually work another group.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And for all the bleeding hearts who claim it is inhumane to send these people back to Cuba and how they'll be persecuted and prosecuted, rubbish!

  3. Anonymous says:

     I believe this is  human trafficking ,pure and simple.The smuggler collects money from the would be refugees ,then transports them close to the Cayman coastline in a mother ship ,and then they are placed on some sort of make shift craft to continue on their journey.Why are these repeat visitors (smugglers ) not prosecuted?

    • Anonymous says:

      Did we read the same article? that person has been here twice before, both of them failed to reach destination and is trying again, plain and simple.

      a make shift vessel made for the sole purposse of getting them of a better one? really? and one last thing, why will you prosecuted someone who hasnt break no local law?

      considering the history between cuba and cayman and the amount of cubans living here you should be able to be better informed easily.