Progress report published on UK-CIG shared goals

| 21/11/2014

(CNS): Just two weeks ahead of the Joint Ministerial Council in London between the UK government and its overseas territories set to take place during the first week of December a progress report on the agreed goals between Cayman and the UK governments has been made public. Security, employment, education, the environment and international financial services were the main areas prioritised by the UK and its territories and an account of what’s been done in an effort to  achieve them are outlined in what was described by officials as a progress report.

Urging the Cayman Islands public to read the 17-page document, which is posted below, Premier Alden McLaughlin, said it reflected the depth of the government’s commitment to consolidate ties with the UK.

“Our work so far has laid a great foundation on which we will continue to build. The UK will also contribute in a number of areas, including increased access to various commercial, educational, training and other opportunities. I hope Caymanians and residents will take the time to learn more about these programmes and the advantages that they offer,” McLaughlin said.

The report focuses heavily on Cayman’s efforts to address unemployment and education as well as work undertaken regarding the offshore sector and the areas that the UK has identified as being of a potential risk to it in the territories.

The details of the government’s trip to London and the usual pre-JMC meetings have not yet been revealed by government officials.
See report in full below

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  1. KB says:

    We aint got diddly squat "OPPORTUNITIES" don't make me laugh Alden u  still dreaming mann??? More unemployment and Crime headed our way! The nerve of this joker. More PoPo's from da UK!

  2. Raffaelle says:

    Yes while Georgetown collapses our "ZERO"s Fiddled away our childrens very future Wayne & Al writing off our Financial industry to get Brownie aka Terd points by signing the very toilet paper handed to them in the UK Wow! talk about colonial Stooges.

  3. Fine Print says:
    "Also a Public Authorities Law is near to being passed that provides consistent
    governance, financial and human resource arrangements to improve the
    accountability of public authorities to Parliament and citizens."
    No draft Bill is available for public consultation 
    " The Standards in Public life Law has been passed to promote and preserve the
    integrity of public officials. "
    But not actually implemented.
  4. Pit Bull says:

    How wonderful to have the assistance of the UK on such matters. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you look at paragraph 7, it looks like the E&Y report was just a facade to fill in the box to make it look like Alden was doing something, but once he reported it he said he was ignoring the report.  The political equivalent of round tripping some money before and after an accounting period  . . .

  6. Anonymous says:

    Come to Mama bad boys…..explain your lack of accounting, transparency and why fuel price reductions have not been passed on to the public?

  7. Anonymous says:

    don't see anything here about feeding ppl who are going hungry on a daily basis or helping ppl with employment.



    • Anonymous says:

      Those who are doing hungry (some of them), need to get their act together.  Some of us are not innovative, economical or ambitious.  Give a person $10 and instead of buying groceries, which could provide a meal for the family, they would buy cooked food, which could only feed one.  Learn to economise and strech those dollars.

  8. A Listless says:

    UK: You supply the beach house and we'll hold the cocktail parties.

    Cayman: OK, but only if we get to pick up the tab.