Crown closes case against Ebanks for Bise murder

| 01/12/2014

(CNS): Visiting UK counsel, Simon Russell Flint QC, closed the murder case against Leonard Antonio Ebanks on behalf of the director of public prosecutions Monday, three weeks after the trial opened. Ebanks is accused of murdering Swiss Banker, Frederic Bise, as part of a joint enterprise with Chad Anglin back in February 2008. The crown’s case agaisnt Ebanks depends heavily on alleged confessions the West Bay man made to two different women some two years apart. With no further live witnesses, the crown concluded by reading to the jury a list of agreed facts about the case, from the details of how Bise's car was burned to the conviction of Anglin in April this year.

Anglin was seen on CCTV with Biseat a local West Bay bar and witnesses saw the two men leave together hours before his body was discovered in the boot of his own burned out vehicle parked in the driveway of the house he was living in at the time of his murder.

Although Anglin’s DNA was also found on cigarettes at Bise's home and in his car, no forensic evidence has been submitted against Ebanks and there are no phone records to show any contact that night between Ebanks and Anglin.

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