Hundreds live with no power

| 02/12/2014

(CNS) Updated with editor's note: A freedom of information request to the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) has revealed that more than 640 CUC customers have been cut off by the power supplier, mostly as a result of non-payment of bills. Many of those cut off are families who have been living without electricity for 90 days or more. The request, which was submitted by a CNS reader, asked for the details of residential customers who had been cut off because their bills were not paid. The statistics show hundreds of people, which will include children, across GrandCayman have been without a power supply for more than three months, confirming fears that the number of people living in real poverty is increasingly significant.

The ERA said it was not able to break down all the statistics because CUC tracks connections and disconnections but not all of the details as a result some non-voluntary disconnections may also be due to safety reasons and not always because customers failed to pay their bills. The ERA also explained that CUC did not indicate whether these more long term cut offs were commercial or domestic.

Although some businesses may indeed be involuntarily disconnected, the situation would not be for extended periods, as any commercial enterprise withoutpower would not last for very long. It is fair to assume that the disconnections are predominantly residential. According to numerous other sources and significant anecdotal reports to CNS it is clear that the number of people not able to afford to pay power bills is reaching unprecedented numbers.

CUC statistics show that as at November 24, there were 1,418 consumers both commercial and residential disconnected and had been for a period greater than 90 days. Of those 777 were voluntary disconnections and 641 non-voluntary disconnections ie customer cut off by  CUC for non-payment, safety or other reasons.

The largest number of non voluntary disconnections are in the capital, where 306 premises have been cut off for more than three months, as at 24 November. Another 119 customers in Bodden Town were disconnected by CUC and some 117 in West Bay. Meanwhile, another 29 people were cut off in North Side and a further 23 in East End. A spokesperson for the ERA explained that the missing 47 are accounts that have been written off as CUC believes they are abandoned premises.

In addition, the ERA was able to state that 273 residential consumers had been disconnected for a period of less than 90 days, but these figures are constantly changing and any number could have been reconnected to the supply while additional households could have been cut off.

However, on 24 November there were 51 households in Bodden Town, six in East End, 50 in George Town, Seven in North Side and 59 in West Bay without power that had been disconnected within the last 90 days.

CUC recently confirmed to CNS that the firm is now cutting off power suppy without warning to customers who fail to pay their bills within 30 days.

CNS Note: The ERA has asked CNS to clarify that these figures are not necessarily representative of the numbers of people living without power. The ERA states that the article fails to convey the fact that most of the disconnections may actually be caused by the transient nature of Grand Cayman i.e. people who choose not to pay their bill when they leave the island or simply due to vacant apartments/homes/commercial properties.

However given the information from other sources including the department of children and family services, the police, MLAs based on representations from constituents, as well as anecdotal evidence, the figure probably does represent genuine disconnections of households that cannot afford to pay their bills. Transient non-bill payments would represent only one or two months bills and those properties would be reconnected when a new tenant moves through and less likely to be represented in the three months plus category.

As a result CNS stands by the article based on the ERA figures.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the ERA the body to complain about & report to, with CUC charges? Recently this summer, as another commentor here states, we had family visitors in our home that have no regard to power consumption .Fans, lights constantly left on, the AC at 77 degrees & the fridge door left open for extended periods of time whilst a decision is made, the water heater running full steam to keep up with the showers, clothes dryer running on high.

    Then we depart for a 2-1/2 week vacation & left only the fridge in the house on , every other item was disconnected & we dont run our AC in absences

    The CUC bill difference was $27.00 over the 2 periods.

    Any way that is put, it amounts to theft for which prosecution is due….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Air con is not a basic right.  If you cannot afford to pay for air con, do not use air con.  Simple.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Believe it or not I am a civil servant and I have light nor water (almost like Ivan just hit us again). Priorities always came first mortgage light water food and gas until it got to the point I’m having to chooselight over food and gas then it got to the point my mortage and cuc were almost same I fell behind and couldn’t catcgvui

  4. mccarron mclaughlin says:

    CUC’s smart meters don’t make sense to me, eg I am washing and drying and it reads 6KWH – five hours after I finished washing and drying the smart meter still reads 6KWH.

    I mention this to my friends and they say I’m nuts – think i will make a video and ask CUC to explain why the reading on the smart meter does change. Just cant figure it out.

    Nice article on smart meters that CUC doesn’t want the public to see.

  5. Anonymous says:

    One of the real things that will help is a real minimum wage $15 per hour CI

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad CUC doesn't send anyone out to read my meter and just guesses how much my bill should be. My house is over 4000 sq feet and this month my bill was $350. Amazingly, the numbers on the bill correspond with what I see on the meter. Am I lucky, or am I one of the very few who understand energy conservation?

  7. Anonymous says:

    My family and I went on vacation last year and again this year and although we were gone for 14 days each time, our CUC bill came in only $2.00 below what it was the month before we travelled. Everything was turned off/unplugged except our fridge before we left. On a daily basis to conserve energy, we have also tried unplugging the water heater and TV's, turning off fans/lights when leaving each room as well as only turning on the AC at night just before going to bed. All of our efforts to reduce cost have been pointless. Our house is also insulated and our CUC bill is still over CI$800.00 every month. This is why CUC can estimate and release a report on what their projected profits will be because they ensure that our electric bills never decrease. I am therefore of the firm belief that CUC does not read meters on a monthly basis.

    CUC is a rip-off and whoever is negotiating fuel costs totally suck at their job! How much longer must we continue to pay these high fuel costs verses the fuel consumption. First it was the fees associated with Ivan. We had no control over the devastation. We were all affected! Awful! High-way robbery isn't just done by a burglar with a mask on, it’s also disguised as a service provided to the people of Grand Cayman namely CUC.

    I hope and pray their conscience start to trouble them so badly that they have dreams of all the children and adults who are suffering and going to bed hungry and not able to pay bills because of their greed.

    Our MLA's are as guilty by allowing CUC to charge these ridiculous prices and agreeing to sign contracts locking in fuel costs that secure a huge profit in returns. The MLA’s don't care. They can afford to pay the bills with the salaries they are making and who knows, some of them are probably shareholders as well. So the more our light bills are the more profit they all make.

    It will be interesting to see what our CUC bills will be with this cool weather we've been having and the A/C not having to work as hard to cool down homes/offices etc., let's see what our December/January bills look like!


    • Anonymous says:

      I totally believe what this blogger said.  The two individuals that lived in a three bedroom house went off Island for two weeks, and expected that  their CUC Bill would have been lower than the other months.    Every thing possible was done like the blogger said, which turned out ot be  a useless cause – the light bill went from  600.00 plus to 700.00 plus with no onre living  there. 

      Had an Electrician check the wiring thoroughly and no faults were revealed. Tell me this is not a shame in scamming the people of this country, they have find better tips in encouraging customers on saving electricity!!!To their suprise they could not  buy groceries and ended up owing Water Authority, paying a partial Loan payment and faced a stressful month iin yheir household.  

      Tthe first in the History of the Cayman Islands that our people are affected  with Heart problems, high blood pressure, and starvation, where they have reached a point of not paying their bills, and unable to keep up with the high cost of electricity, water, gasoline, and all others that make their livelihood.

      Tell me that our Government cannot do something to help the people who are suffering.  We find time to offer new businesses on the Island, and it is a know fact that they are only here to grabbed the "golden eggs" and not contribute to the Islands less fortunate.  The Caymanians have moulded the cayman Islands into what lit is today.   In a sense we should be better off than some other countries. Government talk about having money in the coffers now but I would ask them to imagine the deplorable state that some of our people are living in presently.   It would be appreciated if they would visit with the people and hear their disasters,  NOT GOOD!!!   I wonder why all of those money making companies do not come forward and donate to our Government, they do not pay taxes, and if so, it is a drop in the bucket.  PLEASE!! PLEASE!! REACH OUR PEOPLE -CAYMAN SHOULD BE A PLACE WHERE POVERTY  IS OF THE PAST.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree – we left our AC off recently when the cool breeze whether was around for a couple of days. I bet our CUC bill will not even drop by one dollar!

    • Anonymous says:

      Same damn thing I’ve been telling people and S.tibbetts is full of shit he has an excuse for everything!

  8. caymanianmom says:

    I am seriously shocked at the people who are talking crap on this. For all you judgemental people who say we sould live in out means and say we have SUV and other things, how about you step back and get to know the people before you judge. I am a proud mother of FIVE.  They ALL live with me. I have the support of a spouse. NO SUV. NO ipad or iphone. NO internet, NO sports car and NO cable and i STILL struggle. I make a decent salary and by the time i get paid it is all going on a 500 CUC bill. Water heater is plugged out. I use lamps and my central is turned on at 6pm to cool down the house for bedtime at 8. MANY families are already making huge sacrifices to make ends meet, and your saying if we get a small chancethat dont come around often to treat ourselves to a nice electronic we shouldn't??? Oh Please! This S–t is REAL! So before you talk foolishness about what you "hear" or what you dont know, get the facts straight. If not, turn off YOUR expensive divice, put it down and shut the heck up. SIMPLE!

    • Palinesque says:

      Who told you to have FIVE kids??? Kids are expensive dontchaknow.

      • caymanianmom says:

        Excuse me, nowhere in my post did i complain about having 5 kids. The topic was about CUC and narrowminded people like yourself who think this problem isnt real. And last I check, i dont remember you (whoever you are) at the birth of any of them OR me at YOUR front door begging for help. Read to understand not to judge.

    • Anonymous says:

      Five kids is pretty expensive…

      • caymanianmom says:

        Yes they are, but i am happy they are all here, alive and well. I chose to have five children and my choice with my spouse should not have to be a punishment because of other people's greed in this country. We all live together and I do what i have to do to see they are taken care of. My point for my post was that people should not judge unless they KNOW. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thai Karen Village Solution

    The government in thailand has unique solution to off the grid villagers who need power they supply at a yearly cost of $250 a solar panel that will power 3 lights, water pump, rice cooker and a TV. If it breaks they maintain it and it provides the basic needs of a family. So rather than have impoverished people knocking on govermnents door on a monthly basis they qualify the families and help them not be a burden on government coffers.  I think is viable solution could be funded program through private and public enitities.

    see attached link for the article

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yawn.  More hysterics. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is just a microcosm of this sad world ruined by the greedy.  There are the very, very rich living well and so many hungry living in poverty……….

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am not surprised by this. CUC and Government should be ashamed of themselves. We live in the Caribbean where it is sunny 90% of the time. Why can't they get solar panels in here and get rid of the those fuel guzzling generators.  Oh yeah, that's right, they're looking out for themsleves and lining their pockets.

    Electricity bills here are an outright rip off. We pay in electricity per one month, what  people in other parts of the world pay per year of theirs.



  13. Richard says:

    Dear CNS readers,


    You are not alone, this is happening all over the world. The solution is quite simple. People (you and me) need to come together and protest these things in public. Until that day these depressing articles and comments will continue, expat or caymanian, doesn't matter.

    • Sensi says:

      This is TRUE! Make a date, I will be there. C'mon people pull together.

  14. Anonymous says:

    There's got to be a more efficient way to power the island.  I am a professional and can barely afford my CUC bill some months. With the cost of oil plummeting surely CUC can start charging less?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Not sure where I sit on this one, CUC is a company that needs to make money for the shareholders, however, it's also got a monopoly to generate power.  My thoughts are that if you want a monopoly then you have to take on some of the responsibility, you can't just have the cream.  If you don't want to help out then you can't have a monpoly.  Prefaced by making sure that everyone isn't just defaulting on their bills as they know someone else will pay for it.


  16. Anonymous says:

    In a lot of rental places the insulation is just so poor that electricity bills for a 1 bedroom apartement can be higher than someone else pays for their 2000 square foot house! There will be a time in Cayman when the average John Doe can no longer afford to pay any utility bills. The amount it cost here to run a household is mind boggling. Yes, there are many who adapted the American way of life and life outside their means, but there are also many who just don't stand a chance.

    What I want to know – with fuel at the lowest price in 5 years, when will those cost reductions be felt in Cayman. Come on  Government – let's stop the raping of the people by those companies. It is interesting how companies can increase prices immediately even if the fuel tanks are stocked with fuel they had bought at a lower price but when the pendum swings the other way, it takes a year for the reductions to come through…………

    • Anonymous says:

      Look stop moaning and get out there and protest.  Have a coordinated  day a week where no one puts on their ac's, get your plackards out and walk on government building, put a picket outside CUC office, create a good old fashioned people storm.  Stop moaning and DO SOMETHING.

  17. Anonymous says:

     which is the rason that the price of oil dropped worldwide and we are stillpaying high prices and  the government does nothing about it,I'm tired of all the corruption, impunityi cayman

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is a VERY sad situation and there's nothen being done  to help the people.  Government/ Chamber of Commers should be ashame of thier selfs fuel prices has gone down in the states and we here in Cayman is still paying a arm & leg for fuel this is real BS. Thanks Government /Chambers for looking out for the people of the country .

  19. Whodatis says:

    Re the observations of the sharp drop in global oil and fuel prices;

    It appears that the basic principles of mathematics and economics cease to exist within these shores.

    Seriously, the fantastical explanations from the powers that be as to whywe cannot benefit from these changes like anyone else in the world beggars belief.

    Cayman truly is a very special place.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ok the electricity is ridiculously high, but what about house insurance?! it's completely unjustified!! where are the regulators on that one??

  21. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians- You don't get it? We have to pay the exorbitant gov't taxes indirectly and support the rich who own all of CUC shares?


    We can't afford to live here anymore?


    We need to live as our ancestors in very small wooden houses- as I have done.

    I have no problems with CUC! Last month's bill was $ 62.00 even with AC?

    I am a CPA since 1999 and happily divorced- But decided to not get into the trap and system of Cayman……….Instead I now confortable in my "Love Hut" and enjoying life travelling etc…


    No sweat man- If I can do it, so can the rest of you………..

  22. Anonymous says:

    Bush could have paid the bill for two month for these 640 customers, but instead dumped the 260k in a casino.

    It is that simple . . . .  .

  23. Keepin' Them Real says:

    Current fuel prices for wholesale delivery from U.S. Gulf Coast refineries: 

    $1.65USD/gal  Gasoline

    $1.88USD/gal Heating oil (fuel for CUC)

    $2.10USD/gal Low sulphur Diesel

    Are we all really that ignorant to keep believing the B.S. that we are being fed by Government; CUC; RUBIS; ESSO??

  24. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of their cellphones and other gizmos, live at or below their means,  and maybe they will be able to afford their monthly power bills.  Priorities, folks…..

    • A.T says:

      Wow! You must be one of the ritch to judge people you dont even know. Look around you. This S–T is real! Many people are living just right and with in thier means and are still stuggling. Who are you to say they are not and what little they have should be taken away. As far as many of us on this island is concerned, we work to pay bills. I have No cable, No internet. No smartphone and expensive car and i STILL struggle. So next time you want to type such crap, know the facts of the majority. It's THAT simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, just and idea.

      Maybe if we didn't hire all these self important, false diploma, lying, cheating and crooked foreigners these highly exorbitant and expensive salaries and bonuses for taking credit of the hard work of Caymanians and having them in positions of authority then it will never be any better.

      Yes Cayman has some bad apples. But if you go by statistics then we need to take notice cause most of these other countries have a much larger population which means more persons are criminals. Where are they, 

      We need to start standing up for ourselves as a nation. We need to take back our country. We need to do something otherwise we will be lost.

      These people have only come here for one thing. To rape and pillage as much asthey can and then leave quickly.

      Wake up Cayman. Let's get up and do something. Let's go, let's go.

      MLA's it's time to earn your keep. Jim Bodden would've done it. Get up and do something. Your nation is crying and bleeding. Do something before it's too late. If you don't, then you can not say anything when it overtakes you. Get up, get up.

      Caymanian as need to get up. Wake up. We were taught not to be disrespectful. Who taught us this. Most of them were foreigners. Now we know why. Know we know the repercussions of our inactions. We need to stand up for ourselves. We need to fight for ours. Get up and let's take back our country. It's ours. Get up.

      Caymanians ready to fight.

      • Anonymous says:

        "Jim Bodden woud've done it". I think it's better you don't mention him nowadays. We have come a long way and now have anti-corruption legislation and FOI plus an active auditor general which would have made his regime (Jimocracy) very very different.

      • Anonymous says:

        We came here to work and live in peace. You might want to look and see who is doing the rape and pillage thing in the Cayman islands before you declare war.

      • Fred the Piemaker says:

        Maybe if we didn't hire all these self important, false diploma, lying, cheating and crooked politicians and cvil servants these highly exorbitant and expensive salaries and bonuses for and having them in positions of authority then it will never be any better……

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh and maybe sell that $45,000 truck with the fuel guzzing engine thats parked out front, and lets not even begin to talk about that boat with the twin 200 engines parked beside the house.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Everytime i think about CUC I Remember the PPM and everytime PPM is mentioned i remember CUC, three more years of torture is unbearable, PPM must do something immediately to help Caymanians which would also remove the stigma over this CUC /PPM shady relationship.

  26. Knot S Smart says:

    I've thought about this problem all night hoping that I can come up with a solution to help these unfortunate people, and I think I have figured it out:

    They just need to reduce electricity consumption to how much they can afford to pay, and then pay their bill when it is due…

    • Anonymous says:

      How about CUC not disconnecting if we pay their portion and the fuel charge and fuel duty be left to the CIG to collect,that way the CIG could allow a longer period before power is disconnected, at least 3-6 months to pay duty and taxes.

      As long as we can pay CUC for the consumption of actual energy used then they should not have more power than any other CIG tax collector unit.

      And some seem to forget that the cost of living is increasing at alarmingly higher rates than wages/salaries and many of us are maitaining same level of consumption but cost of living has passed any annual increases in ability to earn more. It's not always about spending beyond your means.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we should implement the little cayman “pay as you go” system for both water and light. My bill is outreagous and I mainly blame all these damn gadgets sucking up energy.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Considering how many expats left in the last year I would expect that many left an unpaid bill or two. Dollars to doughnuts these 90 day overdue bills are a bunch of empty apartments and houses. Does CNS have any actual evidence that "hundreds" are without electricity. That house in West Bay had about 20 in it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    …and how many of these sad cases are at least in part attributable to the massive and ongoing importation of poverty we have undertaken and continue?

  30. Anonymous says:

    I donthave a problem with CUC,  as they are always willing to work with their customers in a most mannerly fashion. What I do have a problem with is the phone company. Ever since the operators was taken out of Cayman there are embarassing problems. Then now a day we have to pay for a call to the operator, this is most redicilous. The operators knows nothing about Caymanians nor Cayman. Can you just imagine when a tourist calls in for information? Then there seems to be no one to take the bull by the horn. This should be reversed but perhaps the savings not to have our operators be Caymanians is alot for the margin and that is the top line of the deal.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do know that 411 "information" is to get a phone number, not to call for general island information as you imply a tourist would…


  31. Anonymous says:

    Not to sure if I feel sorry for these people. I have two jobs and work 70 plus hours a week to make sure I pay my bills, educate my kids and put a roof over our heads, I know several people who don't work and don't want to, in fact the collect couple hundred dollars a month from the gov and get food stamps and some of them don't have power. All these people don't want to work because they have been offered jobs will salaries of $8 per hr, and this was less than they were making before, so they won't work until they get a job with their old salary.


    i know of a caymanian gas pump attendant on smb who had a good gov job, got laid off, he was making $25 per hr in the past, but he has bills and not he works for $6 per hr because he has bills as well. Now this is a Caymanian as far as I am concerned….


  32. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Marco Archer still believes things are looking up and cayman is entering a "sweet spot" or whatever other rubbish he tries to tell us about the economy being steady and people prospering?

  33. WHAT !!!!!! says:

    I was informed by a CUC employer once why our bills don't really change much is because CUC do a guest-a-mation reading…Is this true CUC??? Also if the meter is so called being read digitaly which I think is a lie  how come I dont have a digital meter??? When are we going to get pay as you go boxes here like how Cayman Brac have???? Why can't CUC make a commercial explaining how the meter is read..

    • Anonymous says:

      If you took the time you used to post crap here and actually looked at your bill you would see all of the answers there.

    • Anonymous says:

      The meters are read and they are very accurate. The digital meters are being rolled out now.

      Is this story suggesting that CUC is the reason that person in Cayman are living in poverty?How unfair!

      CUC is the only company that you can owe and still have the service. Try owing on your phone, cable or water.

      Some persons just see the company as a whipping boy and cannot help but be critical.




  34. Anonymous says:

    Being oil is dropping like a rock i hope the savings is passed on quickly

    I am sure this wont happen because some idiot from CUC hedged the fuel and is locked into long contrcts

    Furthermore high profits must be maintained because your leaders have tons of stock and thats part of how they get paid

    I personally am about to rent a condo in orlando  for my family to live in. The savings alone from my utilities in orlando would pay half of the rent and the food and daily gas will be a fraction of the costs now. I will miss my family but why should we live like poor people?

    I make 8000 per month and feel broke all the time So i cant imagine how it is to live off of 3000a month

  35. Anonymous says:

    Here is something expats and locals can come together on.

    We often have disagreements on local issues but if we work collectively on the fuel price gouging we can all benefit. Let's put some pressure on the EPA and petroleum companies to lower the fuel cost and then celebrate together on an international day when we succeed.

    Lets work on the common problems and fight over the differences later.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Alden marco kurt moses – is this the sweet spot and rosy outlook for Cayman, Why not come out and tell the truth that Al suckoo is not afraid tosay – that is the situationin majority of cayman homes is desperate. Alden and his political lacket Roy Tatum are having a ball in London while cayman burns. Shameful!! let's find out how many people are without food and water.

  37. Soldier crab says:

    Ironically the other headlines today, dart's concessions total in excess of $11 million. I ask again how does these projects helps the common caymanian?

    Still no work, can't afford the basic costs for utilities and most of us depends on social services?

  38. Nuts says:

    this is so sad. Caymanians cant afford to live in our own country.  Get rid of the pension, find proper affordable health  insurance, and remove the duty off fuel. Until these three things are implemented  we will continue to suffer.   

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you know they were all Caymanians.  Do CUC collect information on the nationalities of its customers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nonsense.  If you don't run AC the bills are moderate and there is plent of employment available.  Getting rid of the pension is just imposing a future burden on the cost of living on today's children.

      • Anonymous says:

        Future burden??? Skipper you are missing the point. If We cant live in the present conditions how do you expect us to save for the future, especially with the rising costs of living? . The pension is a failure! This country was flourishing with local inward  investment till the pension was implemented. We are the only country (other than USA) that exports money, and please take a look at their national debt.   This money needs to stay here on our island circulting in our local economy and benefit our people, not help other countries and their infrustructure.       

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe where you live but not the same for everyone, i lived in a well insulated 2 bed, ran the AC whenever I wanted, topped out around 300 a month, moved to an uninsulated house, don't run much AC (2 hours a night) and the bill doesn't drop below 800. Agreed on the pension part, it's not been in Cayman long enough to prove it's worth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whilst your comments about Caymanians not being able to afford to live in their own country are true, the article isn't limited to Caymanians. Also if you get rid of pensions then how do you expect to live when you are retired, think it's hard paying bills now wilth an income, think how hard is it when you've got no income.  Duty on fuel helps pay for Government, removing it might make the light bill go down by $100 a month but it will also make the Ritz light bill go down by $10,000 a month, we would all like lower taxes but to get there Government also has to spend less, can't do one without the other.   Health insurance by private companies are designed to make money, so as long as we have high costs and claims you will have high fees.

      To have lower bills Cayman needs to get tough on buildng codes, the days when a developer can put up a cheap uninsulated apartment block, pocketing thousands in profit only to condem the occupants into paying higher electricity fees forever should be shut down.  Toreduce costs overall, housing needs to be of a much better standard, that means higher building costs, which no-one likes.

    • Too funny says:

      How about getting rid of that expensive, gas-guzzling SUV in your driveway, your iPhone and iPad and all of those other things you think you can't live without and try living within your means. Then maybe you can afford electricity, even if you can't run the A/C 24/7.

  39. Anonymous says:

    You can't rely on these numbers to judge how many people are living without electricity, it's not uncommon for bills to go unpaid when a tenent moves to a new apartment. So just becuase CUC says the lights were turned out does not mean that people are living in those homes without power, in order to acsertain that you would have to do a visual inspection not get a list from CUC.

  40. Anonymous says:

    If there are supposedly hundreds without power, imagine how many are STRUGGLING to pay for CUC…that figure would be more interesting.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      And how many of that figure own a sports car and have Dish Network, even more interesting still!

    • Anonymous says:

      The only people not having issues with their CUC bills are the top 10% on the island. That's because they make so much money, bills don't affect their monthly budget.ort he rest of us, its our biggest concern.

      • Anonymous says:

        absolutely correct The top 10% dont even see their CUC bill, as it is a small fraction to them.  

  41. Anonymous says:

    Very sad.  Perhaps the churches could help with this??  That's what Jesus would do.  T'is the season.

    • The Thinker says:

      Yeah.  Maybe the churches will give some of the less fortunate some of that Nation Building money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus never had to pay a power bill and how do you know it is what he would have done.  The number comes from raw data.  I would like to have more information before i start ranting.

    • Hear, Hear! says:

      Um, the nation building fund to the "churches" and giving CUC the "power" to fleece the common man are the main parts of the problem. 

      The churches can't help but we should ask these horrid politicans on Sundays when they show their smiling faces at church.  They pray next to us and then sin against us the next day?

      I'm not sure how long it will take the voting public (ie: civil service) to realize that this 2-party political game has played out over a dozen times in the Caribbean. Here is the game:  First comes party power and he-said/she-said Party politics, then comes poverty but always "blamed on mother England" not us benevolent loving politicians, then finally comes Independence with the promise that these same politicians will provide better lives for you. In the end, we just join the other islands in povery while corruption reigns.  I thought we were better than that? Yet, our politicians are THRIVING down this path.  The citizenship growith FUELS CUC and their pockets.  They do NOT want to control growth- no sir, they want to GROW $$$.

      How about doing the smart thing and going BACK 50 years?  Yes, let's go back to a small budget, administrators that are accountable and get rid of all the political rhetoric with these 2 parties that only give promises and provide misery.

      WHEN will the voitng public realize that our own politicians have given CUC the rights to make a killing profit for the next 20 years (when, in fact we could have nationalized electicity and allowed free solar to flourish – thus providing the most economical place to live in the white collar financial Caribbean instead of the most expensive!?)

      I hope the new crop of expat voters will buck the system and demad the CUC contracts be clawed back.

      Come on…our competition is Bermuda and the BVI.  Why do we follow our poltiicians like sheep and pay $500 per month in electricity for a 2 bedroom apartment and $1000 a month average for a home? 

      This is once again the fault of party politics and our corrupt politicians pandering to the ruling class while the voters suffer like sheep to a slaughter.

  42. Anonymous says:

    “confirming fears that the number of people living in real poverty is increasingly significant”

    It has been since the 90's….astronomically 

    • Anonymous says:

      And many of the people livimg in real poverty could be those from other jusistictions.

  43. Anonymous says:

    honestly…what do you expect? my light bill is on average $600 and during hot summer days it can run in excess of $800+ a month. Unfortunatley in the real world people are hit with some unforseen circumstances and with that, comes financial constraints. They boast record high profits and continue to run a manopoly on the residents of Cayman. I give them the up most respect for how professional and reliable they are but, in all honesty i'm also a little sour as to what we are charged compared to other countries in the region and the rest of the world. As of right now we have people in the dark who can't heat a plate of food for their kids while they do their homework by candle light…im not asking for a handout for, but for god sakes something has to be done to help lower the cost of living and lights are something you simply can't do without. WHY CAN'T SOME LIVE SIMPLE, SO OTHERS CAN SIMPLY LIVE

    • Anonymous says:

      It was your givernments who gave CUC the monopoly.  Thats what happens without competition.  Get used to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Why can't some live simple…"  With CUC bills of $6-800 a month, the a/c must be on most if not all of the time.  Turn it off.  It's only been available for all for the last 30 or 40 years, so it's not impossible to live here without it.  How did people survive before?  Hang the washing out to dry too.  I thought people were supposed to be reducing their carbon footprint – but in reality people are only interested if it doesn't affect their way of life.

      • Anonymous says:

        FPL supplies current to a vast majority in south forida, to millions of residents. Their surplus was 86 million for 2013, CUC was 30 milion surplus for an island of 50k residents…do you see where im going here?

    • Sensi says:

      This comment is SPOT ON! I agree 100% with you 16:00

      WELL SAID.

    • Anonymous says:

      How big is your house?  My bill is approx 270 in winter and 400 in summer.  We economise by turning off the ac when its bearable, even in summer turning it off until 4 in the day.  My two bedroom apartment is large and, being an old building, is not well insulated.  Look at your own carbon foot print and you may be surprised how you could cut drastically your CUC bill.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The fumes from my neigbours generator which has been running daily for about 18 months now will soon kill them all. I'm sure it must cost just as much if not more to run. 



  45. Anonymous says:

    I spent the first 15years of my life without electricity, as did most of the other people in Cayman at that time.

    • Grandfather Troll says:

      A number of people can make that statement.  But would you live that way today?

    • Anonymous says:

      you also ran barefoot on the ironshore, used to take cat boat to go from one side of the island to the next and used to ride a horse into town as your main transport. Oh and as mosquito repellant you probably gathered all that horse shit and lit it up wth some lamp oil.. gtfoh times has changed my friend times has changed indeed

    • Anonymous says:

      Back then people didn't have much of a choice, did they? You're missing this point. In this day in age, no one should have to go without it.  

  46. Anonymous says:

    Questionable reporting of stats here.

    Exactly how many of these properties are actually habited for a start?? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Also how many are loke me, a wealthy expat who had the power cut because of non payment of an unreceived bill.  It was quickly restored but i guess my household would be part of that statistic.

  47. Anonymous says:

    CUC made 21 Million Dollars last year. You see we've been sold out by career politicians, and cheif officer cronies. living high in their ivory towers on their fat paycheques, all the while Cayman is becoming a sad disgrace.

    But nevermind, there's another soca fete, booze cruise, or masquarade ball happening where we can all bury our heads in the sand and pretend that nothing is wrong in Absurdistan.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Simple really, pay your bills, live within your means and you won't get cut off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. My bill was getting too high. So I cut back. Now its down real low, and it is worth every night of fans running!! I feel very good now when I open my bill and see that CUC aint getting too much out of me!

      A/C isnt oxygen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with your post, that is what all of us should be practicing. But the reality is some won't, and even when you, I and many others practice living within our means, some of us will still run out of money. Unexpected bills pops up, things go wrong with some other necessity like your vehicle family illness etc…

      No where else in the world people get electricity bills as high as ours in Cayman. It's like paying a damn mortgage, which is rediculous!  

      I don't believe it will get much better because too many people that can actually do something about it, may have too much to loose, or simply do not wish to rock the boat; spineless is what many of us are.

      Nothing will change until people in the positions that can effect change are willing to stand up and do what is right and fair for the people of our country. That may not happen until we as people stand together UNITED by the thousands and march for change.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok. You get the march organised then. I'll join you – name the time and place and we can UNITE… Cayman is full of armchair, would be revolutionaries. It's such rubbish. You lot have never had it so good…. And it's that fact that will stop you organising anything whatsoever.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep nothing will change unless you mobalise your people and communities and start protesting.  Peaceful civil unrest can be a powerful way to get a message across.

    • Anonymous says:

      15:21 I agre.  Check how many in each household has cellphones.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree. You cannot just cut peoples power off. The concequences for not paying a bill should be phased. Firstly, there should be some letters and warnings. Then a final warning. Then CUC should put in place a 'strobe'. This involves rapidly turning the power on and off at peak times – between 6pm and 9pm – finally its tunred off completely. Then at 4am its back on. That way, the tv, cooker, lights etc. will prob still be blaring/cooking/on – waking the offending residents at an unsuitable time. That'll get them down the CUC office quick smart, pocket book in hand.

  49. Concerned 1 says:

    Claps allaround for CUC and Goverment.


    As predicted the start of the decline of the Cayman Islands due to greed. I dont put all the blame on CUC for this one as Goverment is who regulates the price of fuel which determines the cost of everything else on the Island. If the fuel cost goes down then more than likely the cost of living will go down thereby incresing spending in the economy.

    Thanks again Alden (Sarcastic) 

    • Anonymous says:

      FYI :Government does NOT regulate fuel prices. They simply get their cut of imports. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Government doesn't regulte the price of fuel. Government tacks on a tax. Look at how much of the price of fuel is the tax, percentage wise, and then calculate how much 'rebate' you would get if Government collected $0 tax on CUC fuel. Those disconnects would still be in the dark.


      Poverty, especially the errosion of the middle class in to poverty, is a problem for Government (Governments around the world). But the local fuel tax isn't the problem/solution.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Back to the good old days!  However, once used to electricity, it is hard to do without it, so I do feel really bad for those who are unable to afford it now.  But you know what, not only should government regulate CUC's prices, they aught to regulate the fuel suppliers and retailers, because everyone depends on energy and they are killing us.  When fuel was last selling for $2.83 in Miami, it was selling for around $4 CI, but this time it is still over $5.50 a gallon.  That needs to be addressed and addressed fast.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask KT why he aint doing anything, he will tell you "there isnt any law for the Government to use". Imagine that, law makers cant find a law, MAKE ONE THEN!!!

      Or perhaps this is as soon-come 2017 election promise?!

    • Anonymous says:

      True dat!

      It's difficult to see what the value is of either the Elictricity Regulatory Authority or the Petroleum Inspectorate! What value does the taxpayer recieve for funding these entities?

      The only time one hears from The Petroleum Inspectorate is to hear excuses for the high cost of fuel….and as for the ERA – we mostly hear only controversy about the MD's and hiring practices.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ohhhh………now the real enemy is exposed but not in the Compass headlines you see…XXXXX  The Compass is about as independent as a Cayman is to the UK.

      So, you don't say that CUC is a monoply and that this is a point of stress but they are a private company and according EY and all the people that clamour (Private is good Public is Bad).  Private is only good when you pay and only better when you pay more!

      Now, fuel suppliers the other private sector partners in our current PPP (Public Private Partner) is ripping off our noses and charging us a fortune of GAS and Fuel.  

      This is the private sector that with the power of the private sector press are going to push the poor to the brink.  Now, Mr. Cayman Compass your recent articles are very telling and you are bias and a DARTS pupit.  All part of the conspirarcy to take over the island.

      The article which is not going to run in the COMPASS I can promise you is advocating for anti trust legislation to break apart these beast and regulate the beast.

      However, for 7-10 years it is popular to divest government and turn it over to the monolpist beast to break the peoples back and the next 7-10 years we are going to be paying and hiring government regulators to tear apart the beast that we are creating today.

      Instead of all of this foolishness all that was needed was a system that allowed civil servants to be hired, fired more easily and to get rid of pension and cinico benefits and replace with what the private sector has.  Instead of that we are going the 14-20 year route of going in circles plus getting robbed by the freinds of Cayman Compass


      I love you CNS because people can't even read the bias compass anymore..please don't sell out to Dart!