Woman and kids robbed in supermarket car park

| 05/12/2014

(CNS): A 39-year-old man from Bodden Town was in police custody on Friday after his arrest on Thursday evening for mugging a woman with two children in the parking lot of Countryside Shopping Village in Savannah. An RCIPS spokesperson said that the robbery took place around 5pm yesterday and reported by the victim to 911. The woman, who was with her two young daughters, aged ten and two and half, in the car park, was approached by a man who had a knife in his hand and demanded cash. She gave him a small amount of cash and the robber fled from the location. Police officers who responded to the call arrested the suspect a short time later. He remains in custody.

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  1. One Arm Bandit says:

    Unbelievable that Cayman has sunk to such lows.

    I blame the politicians, senior civil servants, RCIP top brass and governors of the past 15 to 20 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Surely the real people to blame are the society that sits back, blames others and fails to see the evil within it. All those "good people" who think it's someone else's job to put straight the ill of their own society will ultimately inherit their own failings. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Instead of these supermarkets keeping a bunch of security guards in a/c perhaps they should have them in the parking lots patrolling looking out for criminals attacking their customers. 

    Cayman is well on its way to becoming another Caribbean disaster. 

    Alden better wake up, or his first term will be his last. Stop worrying about pleasing colonial masters and try do something about saving your country. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is crazy!!!

    Mr. Premier, can we please at least try to deal with crime in Cayman?!!!

    Having money in the coffers is one thing, but if you do not deal with this issue soon all the money in the world won't help Cayman. 

    You got to start worrying about the welfare of ALL and not just the few.