Bodden Town water cut due to burst pipe

| 10/12/2014

(CNS): Updated: Customers in the heart of Bodden Town had to wait until almost 11:00 last night before their water was reconnected following a burst water main on Bodden Town Road which impacted homes and businesses from the junction of Gun Square to the Bodden Town Cemetery. A spokesperson for the Water Authority said Thursday morning that work on the pipe finished after 10:30pm Wednesday night (10 December) and then water was restored to a short time later. Thanking customers for their patience the government company also thanked drivers who were affected because of the diversions around the water works. The pipe, which burst around 3:30pm Wednesday.

The work took longer than the expected, with customers in some cases being without water for more than six hours.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The scenery was beautiful just watching the water run like a river down stream, filling a swimming pool, flowing  straight to the sea while creating a new beach path  As a lover of nature I could not resist taken photos of this iwonderful lanndscape.  Water was flowing for a long time that the road side had created a cave effect, while the tar stayed on the surface and was not noticiable to motorist and I assisted the owners with a safe traffic flow.  A Police car passed but never stopped to enquire of the situation –

  2. Anonymous2 says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Why is the Bodden Town water main always breaking? Is it old? Was it installed incorrectly? Sabotage?

    • Anonymous says:

      Keep digging up the same rocks that caused the pipe to burst and throw em back in the trench to eventually burst the pipe again. Keeps the WAC in work, its how its done, its WAC!