Governor backs Baines

| 15/12/2014

(CNS): The police commissioner has received the public backing of Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick. In a short statement on Monday afternoon from her office, she said she believed David Baines’ actions over the recruitment of a police officer under investigation for murder, later charged and convicted, were justified and in line with procedures. She took aim at those who have criticised the commissioner and said everyone should support him. However, a number of local politicians have made it clear that they no longer have faith in the police boss and also believe that he has lost the support of the wider Caymanian community.

Kilpatrick said the “false criticisms and unwarranted personal attacks” on Baines were damaging the reputation of the Cayman Islands and were undermining the effectiveness of the police and safety of the community, as she offered her full support to the commissioner.

However, this is unlikely to be an end to the issue, regardless of the governor's comments.

Backbench MLA Bernie Bush has said that he intends to bring a motion for a no confidence vote regarding the commissioner’s position in the Legislative Assembly to allow MLAs to express their concerns about the revelations regarding the recruitment of a Jamaican officer to the RCIPS who was convicted of murder last month.

Ezzard Miller (North Side), Arden McLean (East End) and government backbencher Alva Suckoo (Bodden Town) have all publicly expressed their concerns. Other members of the government benches are also understood to have raised their concerns with the premier behind closed doors.

The considerable amount of public backlash and criticism of the way the RCIPS is being managed in a number of public forums, as well as the parliament, appears to have done nothing to persuade the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's representative that the commissioner should be replaced.

In the short statement Kilpatrick said, “Having returned to office, I have reviewed the circumstances surrounding the recruitment of a Jamaican national officer by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and the subsequent decisions in relation to this officer when he was charged with a serious offence. I am fully satisfied that the actions of the Commissioner of Police were justified and in line with the law and standard disciplinary procedures for any civil servant.

“It is important for all sectors of the community to support the Commissioner and members of the RCIPS in their continued fight against crime on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands. We should not tolerate false criticisms and unwarranted personal attacks on the Commissioner of Police as these serve only to damage the reputation of the Cayman Islands and undermine the effectiveness of the police and hence the safety of our community. The Commissioner has my full support as he carries out his vital duties,” she stated.

Premier Alden McLaughlin has made no comment on his position, and neither he nor any members of his Cabinet have responded to questions from CNS about their support or otherwise for the commissioner. However, he persuaded MLAs during last week’s Legislative Assembly meeting, in particular Bernie Bush, to hold their fire and wait until he had met with the governor to discuss the matter. In the statement there was no indication as to whether the governor had discussed the matter with McLaughlin and there has been nothing from the premier’s office about whether or not the leaders met.

During last week’s debate in the LA, Arden McLean asked the premier to impress upon the governor that the opposition and other members of the parliament wouldalso like to discuss the matter with her and have a chance to express their concerns and those of their constituents.

The governor has made no mention of whether she will consider a meeting with the wider parliament or any members of the opposition benches on the matter of the commissioner's job.

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  1. the haranguer says:

    The voice of reason, thank God these local yokels don't have the power to push around the police, what a mess that would be.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope it doesnt go un-noticed that she didnt even have the common courtesy to meet with the Premier to have a discussion before she publicly backed her support…………………………………………

    Time and time again they rub our faces in it and we just accept it when will we learn to stand united for a COMMON cause.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Commissioner Baines, in a public statement in last week's newspaper defended himself and his actions by claiming poor social values and poor parenting is the real culprit for crime. No question he is partly correct. HE defends him on similar inferred grounds. But he and Her Excellency clearly miss the point of the public outcry for his replacement. They CHOOSE to focus only on the recuritment of a murderer into the RCIPS and they are sooo far off the mark!! They are both intelligent, highly educated professionals so it's totally inconceivable that they miss the point for any reason other than arrogance and defiance against the wishes of a large section of our population.

    For clarity, HE and Commissioner in the unlikely event that you might read these blogs, the issue is that of built-up frustration about RCIPS' continuing poor performance in fighting crime. They are not to blame for the criminal activity (at least one would hope that no off-duty RCIPS officers are involving themselves in crime) but their track record of reducing crime – first by apprehending offenders and secondly by building successful cases against those charged – is, frankly, appalling! Further, their relationship with the public in general is in the toilet, and thus public trust in RCIPS and public assistance in crime-fighting is non-existent. Really, there is very little for the public to be satisfied with in respect to RCIPS – yet we have to provide MILLION$$$ every year for them to waste!!

    HE and Commissioner Baines, it is that with which the public is fed-up. Continuing to ignore that fact is clear disrespect of the situation and our right to a safer existence.

    • No Mob Rule says:

      The public may well have a valid reasons to be fed-up with the crime situation, but that is not the focus of the current controversy.

      It is Bernie Bush and the rabble-rousing talk show hosts and callers that CHOOSE to focus on the recruitment of an officer, later convicted of murder, into the RCIPS. They also CHOOSE to ignore the facts behind the case, such as that the officer had a clean record and excellent references when recruited, that the Deputy Commissioner (a Caymanian), not the COP is responsible for recruitment, or that the officer was on a contract, not probation, and couldn't be simply dismissed according to law. They also CHOOSE to allow the myth to perpetuate that Caymanian officers in similar situations are immediately dismissed. 

      The arguments presented inevitably include ethnic or racist overtones such as HE sticking up for the COP because he is British, and conveniently ignore the fact that the convicted officer in question is Jamaican, not British.  

      If you present a case supported by a slew of incorrect facts and distortions of the truth, don't be surprised when it is not accepted by reasonable people with a responsibility to make rational decisions.

  4. Ph says:

    18:36 – "I don't know what I'd do if I were Commissioner. More police?? CCTV cameras?? The fact is the RCIPS can't be everywhere. "  I won't be surprise that all these things were implemented not to really fight crime, but for their advantage to socially control us if we should object to a major FCO policy or arbitrary law. All these CCTV camaras we think is for the peace of our society, becomes used for the demolishing of democracy and hush key individuals. Time will tell. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Madam Governor:

    You need to get someone else to write your responses. This is terrible.

  6. Anonymous says:


    I agree with you 100% in that what you say is so true. We have been regressing in this country for quite some time now.

    We have developed this country too fast and for all the wrong reasons. Why develop with foreign capital and then we do not have enough educated Caymanians to fill the top positions?

    We employ expats in these positions and they in turn  bring friends and family to fill the lower positions. For example our Judicery and police, the two most important departments are heded up by expats and then we are looking for justice?

    The big businesses import cheap labour and in my opinion those people have to survive too and so creeps in crime. It is my opinion that some of these people are connected to criminal activity in their home country and then it is very easy to import it here, just look at what hapened in the RCIPS recently and who knows what is going on in other departments.

    It is time for us to wake up and make some changes for the better or else our children are doomed for the future.

  7. caymanianmom says:

    We ALL have to stick together. We may be long gone when things get too far gone to change, but our children will suffer. We really cannot blame too much the actions of the "leaders" of our country when they were chosen by us. I DO agree that RCIP is corrupt and, Yes they play a major part in the failure of this island but why do we sit by and let it happen? I use to call in to the morning show and ask for a group gathering. I use to encourage unemployed people to meet me at the public library, but instead i got NO ONE. i finally realized that most people enjoyed 'talking" about the issues rather than trying to fix them. This situation is the same. We know where the problem starts, and we know what to do. Let us all figure out when to start, where to take it and how to go from there. I know it is a lot to sacrifice when we have families and jobs to protect, but if we don’t take a stand now, how will we see change? I am all for thumbs down and any other negative feedback, but the fight is in us all. We just have to use it in a positive way. If our country fails, it will be our beautiful children who will suffer. Please, let us figure out a way to make a change. Let it be known that fancy words and money cannot buy out our home. Let us show the MLA's and the Government that our island and out children’s future is worth much more then what they want to buy our silence with. Be your own leader. 

  8. Knot S Smart says:

    I'm thinking of having a second career as an apologist…

    Just looking for potential clients at the moment though…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I told you so, "The UK will always take care of the UK interests" whether in the Cayman Islands or elsewhere. 


  10. Soldier Crab says:

    I aint never heard such a load of garbage as most of these comments.  The Jamaican officer was qualified and the standard recruitment procedure was followed.  If the procedure is at fault then scream and shout to get it changed, you can't blame the commissioner for following the system.  I doubt the commissioner himself gets involved in recruitment anyhow.

    Most crime is because of poverty or drug addiction.  The police cant fix either of these.

  11. Anonymous says:

    hahaha…well done helen….its about time you told the uneducated arrogant natives where to stick it…..hahahaha

  12. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    #BainesOut #KilpatrickOut

  13. Anonymous says:

    They sure got rid of Stuart Kernohan in a hurry!  What's the difference with Baines?

  14. t says:

    what a nightmare Cayman.. to know someone has power over you, your house, your children, and they can do as they please and you have no say or power to change it

    • Anonymous says:

      yes, it's rough the British at top of policing, Jamaicans in schools, police force, prisons etc etc when will it stop

    • Pit Bull says:

      Sounds great.

      • Anonymous says:

        17:15.To be expected from someone calling himself a pitbull.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pit Bull, you are deteriorating in the quality of your posts. Time to go back to the UK. Or have you not made enough moneyyet?

        • Pit Bull says:

          If I am going to be stalked online, I would prefer it to be done by someone with more wit and imagination than you.  And believe me, that is not asking for much.  Also, when you are writing your toothless comments, try to improve your English style.  You should be referring to the alleged deterioration of my posts, not that I am deteriorating.  Such errors often creep in when someone is trying to hard to come across as clever.  Pip, pip, I have some carols to sing and some figgy pudding to prepare.

  15. Cayman Mafiya says:

    Did you even notice how this government thrives on failure.

  16. Bull Dog says:

    CNS:  "Kilpatrick said the 'false criticisms and unwarranted personal attacks' on Baines were damaging the reputation of the Cayman Islands"  … I don't think damaging to our islands; rather, damaging to the already darkened reputation of the Foreign Office.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well duh!!! Those Brits stick together like white on rice.

    • Fred the Piemaker says:

      Unlike the Caymanians criticising the CoP for an HR failure when the HR department is headed by a born Caymanian, or the private member criticising the man that brought his boss up on criminal charges.  Matthew 7.3 makes good reading for anyone who wants to try and reduce this to a Caymanian: everyone else argument.  . 

    • Anonymous says:

      And Jamaicans stick together and Philipinos stick together and Cubans stick together. What a shame that us Caymanians (who btw are British) cannot.

    • Anonymous says:

      And they are never wrong.

  18. Anonymous says:

    She’s a bigger let down than Baines, let’s take to the person she answers to! Argument done!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      But she's probably got her marching orders from the person she reports to.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am truly sorry for the people of this island and for those who put their trust in the likes of Baines and Kilpatrick and these elected colonial stooges. No meeting no Caymanians needed no input either.This will only stop when Caymanian stop it. Those who assist this terrible Regime and its foreign mercenaries are responsible for its destruction. We need to put or trust in Lord not David Baines and this useless Governor.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well 08.11, you hit it right on the head. Your failure to even think of a Caymanian who could do better just about somes it up. And the big Fella, as much as I love him, is not going to make an appearance here anytime soon. However in his words, paraphrased, he did give us the powers to sort out our own mess, if that is what we want. Stepping up?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep there is the problem, putting your trust in a make believe person. Mind you, over time the REAL, elected native leaders haven't proved to be up to much either…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know why Findlay wasn't immediately returned to Jamaica and placed on remand there when the murder charge was filed against him?

    It just seems strange that someone who was facing such a serious charge was allowed to remain free pending his trial.  


  21. Pit Bull says:

    Hear, hear!

  22. Anonymous says:

    If Caymanians do not like what they hear from the auditor general, the police commissioner, and the governor, then they should hold a referendum on independence.



    • Cayman possible next Pines Retirement says:

      I think its coming to that. There are other alliances that Cayman can go arm-to-arm with.  Independence is not some natural disaster on us like how so many others protray it to be. If the transition is done properly and there are proper checks and balances, we can be successful. But have you ever seen a country that went independent from the Uk and somthing covertly was done during the transition that left the country crippled and in the hands of corrupt leaders?  Unless that country fought directly against the Uk like the United States, chances are they will do something to us like they did TCI, and when we are helpless crying for mother to save us. It is either we put up and shut up under the corrupt Uk's FCO, or we put up and shut up whilst being independent under local corrupt politicians. Pick which one you want /

      All the same, this generation we have is not a generation of fighters. They don't know what absolute freedom is and hence are content under Mother and her crap, naive to the fact that she is molding them to her image.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well side!  you stepped someone's toes 😉

      • Judean People's Front says:

        "There are other alliances that Cayman can go arm-to-arm with. "

        You mean the people's front of Judea? 


    • Anonymous says:

      Sign me up, babe!

      • Anonymous says:

        Me too, and all my family. The sooner we free ourselves from the corrupt UK and corrupt Caymanian politicians who milk a British system of failure, the better.

        • Fred the Piemaker says:

          You do see the irony in suggesting that independence will free you from corrupt Caymanian politicians, right?

        • Judean People's Front says:

          We stand with you brother. This cause is blessed and is up there with the Greek and the cheesemakers!

    • Anonymous says:

      caymanian haven't got the stones or backbone for independence…..

  23. Anonymous says:

    No surprise there!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Just hope from now on that recommendations from Jamaca wont be accepted no  where…

  25. Whodatis says:

    Re: "She took aim at those who have criticised the commissioner and said everyone should support him."

    Umm … excuse you, but who the heck are you to demand that we should all support Baines … or you for that matter, Kilpatrick?

    (I sometimes wonder if certain people honestly believe their perspective is valued even at the best of times? Especially as they are simply the latest puppet-dictator sent to "rule" over the Cayman Islands in accordance with the demands of your behind-the-curtain higher-ups.)

    Why don't you try that logic in the UK when the London Met CoP is in the firing line of politicians, victims (or surviving family members thereof), and the general public? E.g. Do you recall the Menenzes shambolic debacle?

    The nerve of these people.

    Anyway, all of this is under the FCO / UK govt umbrella so one should not expect any perspective worthy of respect of sincere welfare of the Cayman Islands.

    At the end of the day Cayman – there are other options. No use to complain about a situation that is obviously stagnant.


    • Anonymous says:

      whodatis – It's a cold day in hell when I thumbs up one of your comments. You've come a long way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you wondered if we care who the heck you are or what you think? You must be getting close to the world record for being the most trolled person ever for the rubbish you spout. Yet it does not deter you from carrying on, so why should the governor or Baines care what you write?

      • Whodatis says:

        Ad hominem alert.

        Speak to the issues or kindly stfu.

        Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  26. Anonymous says:

    If politicians would stop playing politrix, they'd too would support the Commissioner.  Afterall, everyone of them have made bigger mistakes than that.  Didn't Arden's attempt with the mining of the dump leave truckers unpaid? Did Ezzard Hospital in the swamp fail? Do I need to keep listing their failures?  I am so sick of this crap.  Ezzard, let me make something abundantly clear to you, Mac, Arden, Alden and the whole bunch of you, WE are never going to support your thirst for absolute power so you can discontinue your scheming to lead us away from the check and balance we have with England.  A born and will dead CAYMANIAN.

    • Anonymous says:

      well bye bye dead caymanian!  true caymanians who are alive and well will replace you!

    • Anonymous says:

      You have Mac to thank for the "Doctor Hortor Hospital Stopping" debacle. The Ez was committed to us having a new hospital when we could have afforded it. Have you visited our hospital lately? Well I have and Cleveland Hospital too. When I compare what we have and what we are paying and what Cleveland has well … it saddens me. Has nothing to do with the personnel at our hospital but when I see the continued "prop up" of our aged facility and I think what could have been if we had continued. Sad. The Ez was on to something back in 1990 .. or thereabouts. Give the devil his due. We not all bad through and through.     

  27. Anonymous says:

    All of his shortcomings & poor leadership &, poor judgment is a reflection your leadership Miss Governor!! Gt voter

  28. Anonymous says:

    I hope you take the fall when he hits rock bottom!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I applaud Mckeeva for saying nothing (at least publicly) because some would say that it is a vendetta against Baines. The C4C and the PPM are a bunch of WIMPS!  Alden was so quick to bring a no confidence vote against Mckeeva but is mum on this subject Only caymanians are divided against each other and that is why they will all suffer later. caymanians You should be your brothers keeper .


  30. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the blind leading the blind. Helen Kilpatrick has done nothing for the Cayman Islands and she is in good company with David Baines.

  31. Anonymous says:

    If the Governor's mansion was subject to the waft from the dump, we'd hear a lot more, you can be assured of that. As it is, we hear the selective bleating from the inadequate and corrupt crown.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Only caymanians that cant see beyond their noses will believe the crap that is fed to us by these ppl.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Well done Governor! Excellent choice to keep Baines.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Helen!! Go to h@ll

  35. Anonymous says:

    Lets see..I'll bet Alden's statement mirrors hers…Progressive my a$$

  36. Anonymous says:

    If she supports his actions then maybe she should go too..English colonialism at its best…


    We are f-d

    • Anonymous says:

      Vote for independence then and see how it goes. Think the UK actually gives a shit if Cayman stays ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Tell that to the Falklands.

        • Anonymous says:

          They have large quantities of oil and some pretty sheep. We have large quantities of uneducated ignorants from all over, and iguanas are not as much fun at bachelor parties.

        • Anonymous says:

          The difference is Cayman does not give the UK access toa big slice of the mineral resources of Antartica like the falklnaks did. But actually the Uk would happily allow the falklands and cayman an independence referendum, but in the Falklands case the Agries object to British speakers have self determination.

        • Fred the Piemaker says:

          Who are desperate to leave and being forced to stay by the UK – yeah right.

  37. Knot S Smart says:

    Ok folks… Time to move on…

    Come to think of it – I wonder why Mac is so quiet on this issue…

  38. Well says:

    So much for having a Premier then… We know who really runs things

  39. Local Yokel says:

    One weekend. Two shootings, two muggings and a stabbing.

    Baines has had 6 years and about $180,000,000 (RCIP budget is about $30,000,000 per year).

    We are not getting much of a return for our investment.


  40. Anonymous says:

    Haters gonna hate…

    This is a brazen witch-hunt which is based on gossip, prejudice, bitterness and innuendo. Those calling for the commissioner to fall on his sword (including by implication CNS, although I think it's doing it out of mischief) don't even know the facts. Nor do I, but at least I'm not ignoring basic principles of fair play.

    That doesn't mean I don't think the authorities are at fault. All the facts should be made public, and they haven't been. Only then can there be a reasoned debate – which of course would be the last thing the haters want.

    Additionally, there's a distinct whiff here of "the governor has pronounced that all is well, so just shut up because we know what's best for you". Well, as they've proved countless times in the past, they don't. 

  41. Anonymous says:

    I don't know what I'd do if I were Commissioner. More police?? CCTV cameras?? The fact is the RCIPS can't be everywhere. What they could is identify areas of concern and increase their presence in them, but it would soon be evident to thugs where NOT to go.

    It also takes more public participation in reporting suspicious activity and or people, and a police force willing to respond. Not 'soon come' but immediately.

    And remember also, the escalation in street crime isn't just limited to Cayman.

    I can't help thinking also what is depicted on t.v. is a contributing factor for some of these not-too-bright and shiftless young men. Let's face it, on many shows crime is glorified, seen as a badge of honor, a step up to fame and fortune, or at least worth a try.

    Getting rid of Baines won't solve it, it is a community problem and requires a community solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      But this is the man that said he knew who the 15 or so people were that were causing all this raucous. I blame him! He should round them up swiftly so he can keep his bloodly job and I can get my Christmas shopping done out by Countryside without getting my A$$ mugged!!! Dang!!! Sum' body do sommin' nah!!!  

    • Anonymous says:

      Blah, blah, dee blah-blah, blah! Stop making excuses for your friend!!! Time to try someone different. We shouldn't have renewed this man's contract without the public knowing! Sneaky, Kilpatrick! Dang! We no longer want this man as he has failed to perform. He just doesn't have it in him!!! Cut our losses and get the He$$ out! Stop blaming the criminals for his non-performance! What a dang mess!!! They are criminals!! They are playing for the OTHER side and they ARE WINNING!!!!  I'm switching sides! Ref!!! Coach!!! I'm switching sides!    

  42. Kenny says:

    what has Baines done wrong? I have yet to hear anything that makes sense. He is arresting the bad guys who we keep producing and northward and the courts are full.


  43. futurethoughts says:

    Why is this a surprise for us, that we had a corrupt police working in the Cayman Islands from Jamaica?  Have you all not read of all the corruption, from the Jamaican Police Force in Jamaica? Just go online and read up some of the eye opening corruption in Jamaica amongst the Police Force.  

    "One member of the public dies at the hands of the police in Jamaica every day, the Daily Mail can reveal.

    Since the start of the year, officers from the island’s notoriously corrupt force have killed someone every 24 hours.
    The shocking figure comes after a local newspaper last weekend alleged there are ‘police death squads’ operating in the country. Similar accusations have been around since the 1980s".
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
    This is just one of the reports, and there are hundreds of other reports that will support this.  Let us stop recruiting officers from Jamaica until they can prove to us that they are not corrupt, not us trying to find out if they are.  Not mean to discriminate, but the truth is the truth!!  Let us put a hold on any new applications for officers from Jamaica, and investigate what we have here now!!  The other countries put a hold on these nationals, not allowing them to work in their countries, until they canstart behaving in an appropiate manner!!  Let us follow suit Cayman, time to start cleaning up some of this mess, seriously!!
  44. Anonymous says:

    wow ! REALLY ?  governor backs him ?   wow .. was there even a thought that she would NOT back him   lol  lol 

  45. Anonymous says:

    Please let it be made clear that I have no faith in the local politicians to do anything right.  Wrong yes.  Right no.  Got that?  You have lost the right a long time ago to go and criticise anyone else.  You have proven yourselves time and time again to be incompetent at what you do and imoral as well.  Caymanians should be ashamed or themselves to have voted in to this important job.

  46. philip says:

    Rooster in the morning is going to be fun to listen to.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      It is Stoopid Tuesday!

    • Anonymous says:

      This whole matter has been handled so badly.  Now we have the icing on the cake. 

    • Jonas Dwyer says:

      After cateful analysis of Mr. Baines performance it has been agreed by the Colonial Poers that he is still their Darling and the natives well they wil get over it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rooster is never fun, anytime. It is a terrible bunch os BS which only degrades the Cayman Islands, especially the citizens.

  47. laugh says:

    This is not a surprise, caymanians need to take note and start supporting their own they way the governor supporting her own..

    Lets see how much you know what the Premier has and if he will still request the meeting. etc  LOL  what a bunch we gotta deal with

    • Anonymous says:

      The British all support each other so this is no surprise.  Bernie must still bring a motion of no confidence no matter what the governor has said.

    • Anonymous says:

      What amazes me, as soon as an investigation launches against your Chief Immigration Officer, right away, she is suspended. But as soon as its a commish from Britian working for the FCO who is not elected by the people but appointed, oh noooo we can't suspend him. He gets to remain in his seat and deviantly gets to speak out against your MLAs, the leaders of your elected government. Just incredible! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Because he isn't subject to the same type of allegations as the CIO you silly person. Apples and oranges. Let's hope Ozzie gets suspended when a criminal complaint of his behaviour towards the lady is brought. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Come on, Gov! Put your guy on required leave. Let's see how this changes things! Give the local guys a chance. Send him home for 30 days!!! Send him home for 30 days!!!  

  48. Anonymous says:

    Well, sometimes you get what you asked for. She has sopken, next subject.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Finally common sense has prevailed.  Let's move on now.

  50. Anonymous says:

    "Shocker"………………. did anyone expect anything different from Her Majesty's representative???

    How convenient that she is now concerned withthe reputation of the Cayman Islands, please!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      The regressives are the mental slaves of the FCO.

      When will they wake up and realize that playing nicely is not working? 

    • green bird says:

      Rather, the Interest of those behind the Foriegn and Commonwealth Office. See their website for yourself,  /

      It states,

      "The FCO promotes the United Kingdom's interests overseas, supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe."

      Notice the word "citizens".  History has taught us that islanders are considered lower than second class to them. They smile with us and shake hands, but they have special interest – not Cayman interest. Besides they have no ties here (except what they can get financially from us) so you don't expect them to look out for our interest and children's interest