F….kng Driftwood

| 18/12/2014

That’s apparently what Minister Osborne Bodden thinks of you if you are not Caymanian by birthright or parentage, as evidenced by his aggressive verbal abuse of a Caymanian woman working as his chief officer. That’s what he ultimately thinks of approximately half of the Caymanians living in this country. In a single tirade Mr Bodden has threatened to set the country’s diversity back some 25 years.

But what has occurred in the past two days is just as harmful. A next to nothing statement from the premier and even less from the deputy governor suggest that this incident will be regarded as nothing more than a ‘serious-ish’ argument in the office. Requiring no more than a strong apology from the minister for his behavior and platitudes about how ‘tough things can get in the office environment when everyone cares so much about their work’. This response is also 100% sure proof that Mr Bodden’s actions have the support of his cabinet colleagues.

Because if you accept in this case that Mr Bodden’s actions are wrong, then you cannot come to any other conclusion other than that he must immediately tender his resignation. A sitting minister of Cabinet cannot hurl abuse at a woman. He/she cannot make a statement that threatens to divide a population of over 55,000 which has an unusually high percentage of expats. 

And for whats it worth to the premier politically, Mr Bodden’s actions threatens to further deepen the sentiment that his party has a tendency to be more than a little xenophobic; that those ‘paper Caymanians’ should somehow have less rights than the others; that it's time we take our country back from ‘them’, etc. While at the same time benefiting from your ‘driftwood votes’ come election time.

This country hasgone through periods where its diversity has been threatened and in all cases it has managed to survive and come back out with some semblance of harmony. There is nothing easy about maintaining harmony on such a small island with a large percentage of expats but the fact that we managed to do so is a key feature of why we remain reasonably successful and safe compared to other countries.

Mr Bodden’s actions are wrong on many levels and deserve a response on many more. For example, the minister with responsibility for gender affairs would be keenly aware that violence against women includes actions that harm women mentally or psychologically, such as Mr Bodden’s tirade against the chief officer. Less than three weeks ago, after penning a viewpoint here on CNS about violence against women, Ms Rivers’s silence is deafening.

Mr Connolly, who went against the grain with such bravery to make a statement on how disappointed he was in the acquittal of the former premier on corruption charges, would do well to go against the grain on this occasion as well and publicly call for Mr Bodden’s resignation. The fact that the removal of Mr Bodden is more likely to result in someone other than Mr Connolly securing the position of minister should not deter Mr Connolly from doing the right thing.

Many of the sitting members of the LA, and in particular those on the government side, will try to hide behind the façade that their leader will take the lead on responding and that they must act united as a group. But the public will not rest this solely at Mr McLaughlin's feet. 

It is already resting not so quietly and growing by the day at the feet of Joey Hew, Alva Suckoo, Moses Kirkconnell, Marco Archer, Tara Rivers, Roy McTaggart, Anthony Eden, and Juliana O'Connor-Connolly (who waspreviously responsible for gender affairs). These members are especially important because they, as the ruling government, have the power to do what is right. The opposition has responded, although their response is at least partially politically motivated. But they are also on the hook and must call for Mr Bodden to do the right thing.

We understand that the governor and deputy governor will always do their best to ‘work’ with the existing political directorate but this issue rests squarely in their domain (security and the civil service). If they believe that Mr Bodden’s actions were wrong, they cannot hope that it quietly blows over with the Christmas breeze. And if they do not act, they should be among the first in line for the criticism.

As for the public, it has shown at least by the many comments online that overwhelmingly it feels Mr Bodden was wrong in his actions and would expect him to step down as a sitting member of what is increasingly difficult to call the Honourable Cabinet. The PPM would do well to listen and act quickly.

In Mr Bodden’s tirade he reportedly told his CO to get the f..k out of his office.

You sir (and without the profanity) should ‘drift’ out of ours.


CNS poll 1: Should Osbourne Bodden resign from Cabinet?

CNS poll 2: If Osbourne Bodden resigned or was ousted from the Health Ministry, who should replace him?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    F@@@ing driftwood.  I love the term and the absolute fact that it could apply to each and every person in Cayman.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    The people get the government they deserve.

    I am glad to be driftwood and not able to vote.

    This is one problem you cannot attempt to blame the expat community for.

    I think the saying goes "Da wha ya get"

  3. Anonymous says:

    Put it behind us?  I need clarification as to where I stand.  Living in the Cayman Islands for 30 years I thought I was a very acceptable part of the landscale.  My children were born here, we t to school here and this is the only country they know.  Are they too "driftwood"?  Its a simple question needing advice from the good people on here and they need to know.

  4. Leroy shufly says:

    Driftwoods need to stop threatening to leave and carry out their threats. and yes maybe this place might get backsome respect and dignity.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have just returned to the island after a time away and was surprised by this mess up on Osbourne's and Alden's part. Both of them were taught almost entirely by driftwood teachers as there were very few Caymanian teachers at that time in the High School and those that were there were in promoted posts so did very little actual teaching. In fact, very many-the majority – of the present MLAs who had a secondary education were driftwood products. What a sad state of affairs to see things come to this.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder what went on in the "minds" of the persons who clicked on thumbs down and troll in response to 11:28's post.  I am an ex teacher and most of these MLAs generously acknowledge the efforts of their expat (driftwood) teachers.

  6. Peanuts says:

    Time for the F……Driftwood and those who write as if they are suchnice and warm folk who never lost it and told someone to drop dead. Listen when you are angry at another person we ALL curse the difference we see in them. Be it Fat, Short, Jamaican, Caymanian, Black, White, Jew or anything we can come up with.

    I have lived in North America, Cayman, Jamaica, also worked with many nationals and this atempt to tar and feather Minister Bodden is plain BS. In the real world people carry on like pigs and it is worked out withen the organization not in the biased reporting that passes as Media in Cayman. I have noticed that Cayman being small the misdeeds get blown out of proportion in every instance. Yes he was wrong however some will recall the late Richard Nixon or Lynden Johnson who makes Ossie sound like Mother Theresa.

    • The REAL Truth says:

      Just because your as bad as he is does not mean the rest of us are too.  We are not!

    • Anonymous says:

      Another person condoning the actions of Minister Bodden – this is what makes this whole situation so sad.  The racist abuse I saw hurled recently at a predominantly all-white football team playing in Bodden Town by the local spectators and opposition team would make even some of the most patriotic Caymanians cringe.  I wonder who represents that district?  Don't compare to xenophobic politicians who were in power 40-50 years ago – this is 2015 (nearly),  To pass this off as being blown ouf of proportion is typical and sad.  If the lady in question had responded she would be without a job right now, let's face it.  Wake up please, this type of small misdeed breeds bigger ones as long as the perpetrator continues to get away with it, then where does it end?



    • Anonymous says:

      Of course some people lose it.  It's human nature.  However, a senior MLA losing it publicly in office to his Chief Officer who was patiently pointing out he couldn't snuffle his face in the public trough to pay his private phone bill; resorting to profanity and racial slur (f&#++ng driftwood) to a woman is perhaps beyond even your low standards Peanuts…….but then again, perhaps not.  Is this Bodden a friend of yours or something?

    • Anonymous says:

      19:53, for someone so worldly as yourself you should know that Bodden would have been fired on the spot for his racist tirade in any other country, because a person in his position should not be acting in a manner such as that.

      And that is the bottom line.

    • Anonymous says:

      The leaders of a community must be held to a standard of conduct that is much higher than the standard for us plebeians.

      I don't care if other countries elect idiots, we do not have to follow suit.


      • Anonymous says:

        The problem tends to be the over-representation of Bodden Town, North Side, East End and the Lesser Caymans.

      • Anonymous says:

        Since you bring up the word plebeian, contrast the handling of this incident with the fall-out from the "Plebgate" incident in the UK, when a junior minister allegedly called a policeman a "f***ing pleb" for refusing to allow him through the main gates at the end of Downing Street.

        In Cayman, a Minister throws a strop and intimidates, insults and abuses a woman civil servant and receives no effective punishment, not even a reprimand.

        in the UK, a Minister insults an armed police officer (who can hardly have claimed to be intimidated by a speccy geek on a pushbike) and the Minister is forced to resign.

        Ho hum

      • Anonymous says:

        Since you bring up the word plebeian, contrast the handling of this incident with the fall-out from the "Plebgate" incident in the UK,when a junior minister allegedly called a policeman a "f***ing pleb" for refusing to allow him through the main gates at the end of Downing Street.

        In Cayman, a Minister throws a strop and intimidates, insults and abuses a woman civil servant and receives no effective punishment, not even a reprimand.

        in the UK, a Minister insults an armed police officer (who can hardly have claimed to be intimidated by a speccy geek on a pushbike) and the Minister is forced to resign.

        Ho hum

  7. Anonymous says:

    If this is how the Ggovernment really feels about expats who now hold cayman status then don't bother to give any more statuses. Give them all permanent residence, like the US green card system. I don't even know what "paper Caymanian" means, either you have accepted these people as a Caymanian or you have not and if you are going to make a distinction after you have given them Caymanian Status then what is the point of giving it? This is really sad because it now seems to be clear that it is only because Mother said we had to offer some system for a person to eventually qualify for status that status is given but they will never be accepted as Caymanian. Fear and ignorance are two very volatile ingredients. A lot of Caymanians suffer from both. Fear of events that have not occurred but possible events they have invented in their minds. Ignorance of who/what they should actually be afraid of. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I am so sick and tired of this issue being distorted in this way. Anyone who reads CNS on a regular basis knows the digusting way that Caymanians – and every one is clear that they mean native Caymanians – are spoken about. Everyone knows that the vast majority of those who are granted Caymanian status still view and refer to themselves as English, Canadians, Jamaicans etc., not as Caymanians and only claim to be Caymanian when it offers a benefit such as owning your own business or voting. Everyone knows that Caymanian status is not citizenship per se but an immigration status. When Caymanians in turn regard them accordingly hypocrites like yourself try to take some moral high ground and pretend that it is purely one-sided.   

      The truth of the matter is that traditionally Caymanians have been a warm and welcoming people. Many of the first expats who came and settled here when it was a lot less comfortable were embraced even as they embraced Cayman and made it their home. I think of people like the late Mr. Charles Adams. People who came and made this place better than they found it but not with any sense of superiority but with a sense of commitment to their adopted homeland. We appreciate them.  But now Caymanians find themselves being marginalised in their own country, and being displaced and sidelined in favour of expats, being treated as inferiors, their culture mocked and ridiculed. Obviously there is going to be a reaction, but instead you choose to dismiss it all as "fear and ignorance". Take a step back and place yourself in the shoes of Caymanians. However, we are far more likely to read some some assinine retort, or some pretence that these complaints are imaginary, or LOLs all of which only serve to prove my point.            


      • Whodatis says:


        Couldn't have said it any better ma damn self!

        Excellent post.


      • Anonymous says:

        While acknoeledging there is tension when a people become a minority in their own country, there is a solution.  Stop having Cayman as a tax have  and many expats will soon leave.  Is that what you want?

        • Anonymous says:

          Try reading and understanding the post. smh.

        • Anonymous says:

          As I predicted, an assinine response. In other words, "we are going to continue to marginalise, displace and sideline you and treat you as inferiors, and if you don't like it we'll just get up and leave".   

          • Anonymous says:

            …but its best that that mentality leaves; we don’t want to be overpopulated. Fresh air is healthy.

            Racism is everywhere. Caymanians are really feeling it!

        • Anonymous says:

          As I see it, if the driftwood is not eanted then why have them here.  Simply close your borders, don't allow any "foreigners" have work permits, don't renew any expat contracts, and each time a position becomes available only allow it to be filled by Caymanians and definitely remove the tax haven status of this country.  Problen solved, no more driftwood, no more having a sense of being marginalised in your own country.  This will lead to a wonderfully progressive paradise island and everyone will live happily everafter.  Simples!

        • Anonymous says:

          Keep the tax haven and all troublemakers leave. Deal.

      • Anonymous says:

        So what, as Caymanians are you personally and collectively going to do about it?

        I hear a lot of talk nowadays,  I see a lot of people leaving problems for others to sort out yet taking no moral or personal responsibility for anything. 

    • Anonymous says:

           22:51.You say that you  'don't even know what "paper Caymanian" means' so I recommend that you read the comment by poster 'Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 31/12/2014 – 10:47' who says " the vast majority of those who are granted Caymanian status still view and refer to themselves as English, Canadians, Jamaicans etc., not as Caymanians and only claim to be Caymanian when it offers a benefit such as owning your own business or voting".In other words  a "paper Caymanian" is someone who has obtained Caymanian status but is Caymanian on paper only and not in thought or deeds. In other words to them, having status is just another way of saying 'expat with the right to work' and that is the way they are seen by the locals.Unfortunately there is no way to differentiate between these people and individuals who want to be a Caymanian and integrate themselves into the society.The latter group is recognized as Caymanian,and identify themselves as Caymanian;they are the ones who when arriving at Owen Roberts Airport from a trip to UK,for example,will say "It is good to be back home in Cayman".            You also say "either you have accepted these people as a Caymanian or you have not and if you are going to make a distinction after you have given them Caymanian Status then what is the point of giving it? " I would like to add to that by saying 'if you have been granted status,but have not accepted the Caymanian people ,or do not integrate,or continue to make a distinction' then why did you obtain it. You see 22:51 and 101 ,this thing works both ways you know;it takes two to tango.Being granted Caymanian status should not be taken as meaning that the individual has to be accepted as equal by the locals,whilst he or she has no obligation to accept the locals as equals.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, how busy you must be mr. Bodden to have not one, not too but three phones! And why are you making calls in the name of government with your own private phones????? Maybe you are saying something you should not, or asking for something you should not. Well, at least do not ask for reimbursement…..

  9. because says:

    About civil servants, 2014 was the lowest ever in terms of senior-level performance. Between Auditor General reports of billion$$ missing, (yes the civil servants manage the Books) To the inability to produce business plans and financial forecasts for any+all the major projects, and the resulting amount of contracts and consultancies to do the work of Chief Officers and CFOs is damning in itself!
    In the opinion of most: Clean out the whole bunch!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I find sociology an interesting study and have spent 20 years in Cayman and find that the country is changing yet many refuse to accept that reality.

    People regularly refer to the good old days of smoke pots and mosquitos with fondness yet do not really seem to focus upon how divided the small island of Grand Cayman was in the good old days.

    People went into other districts at their own peril.   The division between districts was stunning and I have heard of people from West Bay who have never ventured out to East End.

    It is my understanding that the Old Holiday Inn where the Ritz now stands was the first neutral zone established where people from all districts could attend a show in safety.

    I regularly advocate breaking down the district mentality when redistricting occurs for OMOV.  Join North Side and East End and break up Boddentown to remind people of the bigger picture, I do not neglect West Bay and George Town in that same message

    The faces of Caymanians has changed and that is a simple fact.  You weaken the society by not embracing the new citizens that want to be accepted and contribute to the betterment of the country.

    The spectrum of born Caymanians has also changed, all those who have attended schools in other countries are different than those who have remained. Hate the fact if you want to but the reality is that you cannot help but change when living in another country.  That is not a bad thing.

    Are people threatened by these changes? You bet but they cannot stop the change. The radio programs spewing their negativing with impunity do not help the country heal and move forward.

    The gap needs to be narrowed between the old and the new and education is traditionally the key. I have heard that early college graduates from Cayman were ridiculed upon their return to Cayman.

    So I advocate forgiveness and tolerence. Ozzie needs to step up and apologize not send out an email. Answer question about the incident own up and make amends or this will continue to haunt him.

    Happy New Year.

    • Anonymous says:

      A little unfocused, but this is mostly an interesting and thought-provoking post.

    • Anonymous says:

      10:00.You seem to have heard a lot ,but seem to have observed nothing.I will remind of a little saying"Do not believe anything you hear,and only half of what you see."I suggest that you get out and mingle and may be you will actually learn something positive about Cayman,You have been listening to the wrong people.

      • Anonymous says:

        0004 What part of my submission do you disagree with and would be willing to correct? You say I hear yet I do not observe so please clarify and educate me as I am interested in how things are here.

        • Anonymous says:

          I ask respectfully for information and clarification on my previous post and get trolled.  I don't understand you.

  11. Members of the 'Driftwood' class says:

    An interesting thing happened around the Christmas dinner table, which is one of the usual times our family has discussions of topics affecting our well being.

    The topic quickly turned to the recently estabished "f…ing Caymanian" class of people.  As a proud member of this 'class,' and a registered voting block of 9 members of our family (with  one more becoming eligible before next election), a spirited debate raged about the plans for that next election.  As the PPM obviously has no respect for our tenure or position in society, we decided we can no longer support their mandate to govern. Since the only viable alternative is also totally unacceptable, we will likely NOT be voting in the next election, barring the availability of a sutable independent candidate or candidates in George Town.

    How has Cayman's fabric of society sunk so far in such a short time?  Or has this sentiment simply been simmering just below the surface for many years?  As a business owner who holds NO WORK PERMITS and employs 9 Caymanians other than our own family members, I shudder to think that any of our employees share such a view. It has never surfaced in our 23 years of operation, but if it does, they will find themselves looking for other employment!  We operate in an environment of mutual respect and equal opportunity and anyone who exhibited such an outburst would instantly be terminated, and likely prosecuted.

    As a family, we can leave at any time without significant financial hardship as we have other various business interests elsewhere, but what about the jobs and services we provide to the Cayman economy?  If we are now not welcome after 40+ years of residence and hard work, community service (via service clubs) and charitable work within our church, then why should we remain?

    Obviously by his lack of decisive action, the Premier and his associates agree with the views expressed by Minister Bodden! It's fortunate that a 'cow cod' was not within reach at the time, or significant physical injuries could have ensued! To have the title "Honourable" in front of that name now diminishes the value and respect for the title held by others in a similar position.

    We as a family will be watching as events further unfold to decide whether we wish to remain in residence in a place where our loyalty and hard work count for so little in the overall scheme of things. At every point in time when we have considered purchasing property in Cayman, a similar issue or controversy arose to pursuade us otherwise.  If we as a family decided to leave now, it would just be 4 more empty rental properties vying for a limited and seemingly shrinking tenant pool.

    What shall it be?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not Voting doesn't help matters, Your votes counts even if it's for the lesser of two evils..

      • Anonymous says:

        Go and vote and spoil your ballot. Write in "none of the above".

        It shows that:

         – you care, and

         – what you think of the current ruling class.

        It sends a clear message.

        • Anonymous says:

          …and that message is that you are incompetent and don't know how to cast a ballot properly.

      • Anonymous says:

                   12:21    I think you misunderstood the intention of Members of the Driftwood class @ 01:57.Here is my interpretation;That family will not be voting as long as only Natives are running for office,in other words they want to 'see their own kind ' controlling the LA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please!! Give me a break!

    • Anonymous says:

      – 01:57.Stop being mischievous,this story is about one expat with status ,vs one native caymanian.Do not try to make it about yourself (unless you are Ms Ahearn) and all expats vs the locals.

  12. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    The basic mistake being made here is the presumption government, whether PPM or UDP, Democrats, or Republicans, reflects the will, or the attitudes of the people. In many cases it does not. It is elected to perform a function not dictate attitudes. And in many cases it uses devisiousness to gain and maintain control. I could give examples but I won't this was a vicious and unwarranted attack and there was no excuse for it. But before it deteriorates into us v. them, or "real Caymanian" v. "not so real" don't waste time interpreting what the government's attitude is or what they're going to do.It will probably be the wrong thing! Ask yourself what your attitude is.And if it is to live in peace and harmony with fellow islanders-your islands-be that way ACT that way. Don't let others represent how you should feel or live. Peace on earth is achievable and starts with all of us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. And to 101, Ozzie’s statement/action cannot divide 55,000 people. If people here are anti-expat or anti-native that’s not Ozzie’s fault. The vicious remarks made on this site and in general by some of the populace, together with their destructive actions, are destroying our islands.

      These islands are no worse than the countries from where you all migrated, otherwise you wouldn’t be fighting so darn hard to stay here. For now, you are in control of most, but it is in our best interests not to push people up against the wall, they only have one way to go.

      Bury your hatchets.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ossie let his true colors slip with his racist coments in that argument and a man with views like that is unfit for public office in any nation other than Apartheid-era South Africa.

        • Mo Money says:

          I wonder does the Driftwood vote now out number the True Caymanian vote? What does it take to be a True Caymanian as at some point someone in the family must have come from somwhere else unless Caymanians are a decendant of either a Turtle or a Mosquito?


          Time for Driftwood to come together and build 1 big ship and steer this country in the right direction…

          • Anonymous says:

            Why don’t you try fixing the country you left behind? You will turn our islands into a place from where you have to run again.

          • Anonymous says:

            We all know what a Caymanian is, and we all know what a paper Caymanian is. There is only confusion when it is convenient. 

          • Anonymous says:

                       09:42.Now we see the true reason for all this supposed outrage;something Caymanians have long suspected;the desire of some expats to control everything here ,especially the Legislative Assembly.This is due to their entitlement mentality,as they feel more deserving of these beautiful islands than the 'natives'.I just hope that all our politicians (UDP,PPM,Independent) see this for what it is and come together to prevent this from happening.God Bless the Cayman Islands and protect them from this hostile takeover.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps some of you have read about the basis for which this tirade occurred?  Don't remember the source at the moment but the tirade seemed to be about reimbursement of Ozzie's private cell phone charges.

    It surprised and disappointed me that the cause of this shocking behavior seemed to be so relatively petty.

    I would urge the Minister on Boxing Day to call a news conference and directly apologize to everyone involved for this shameful behavior and make no excuses or blame rather take responsiblity like a man and ask the country for forgiveness with the promise that this behavior will never happen again.

    We need to move on in the New Year and put this behind us.

    • Anonymous says:

      He has a government cell.  Fat piggy at the trough wanted some extra morsels.

      • Anonymous says:

        11:50.Your comments are no better than what Mr Bodden allegedly said. How would you like it if someone called you a fat pig?

        • Anonymous says:

          I am not fit for public office.  Neither is Ossie.

          • Anonymous says:

            So that is your way of exonerating yourself while condemning Ozzie for the same behaviour. Hypocrisy. 

      • fredmille says:

        The rant reminds me of Angry Birds. Lol

    • Anonymous says:

      This will not go away and neither should it go away!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep i am drifting right alomg! 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Replace him with a qualified expat requiring a work permit. Then he will have a genuine reason to loose his temper.

    • FloMos says:

      Doofus. A supposedly “qualified expat” would not be eligible to represent voters.
      But… If you counter by saying it could be a status holder, your “expat” label shows where ur loyalties really lie.
      Real new integrated Caymaians will Always be welcomed;
      BUT Drift away trolls….

    • fredmille says:

      There’s only one “o” in lose.
      As in “you LOSER”.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are the class we don’t want here. Troublemaker.

      • Anonymous says:

        It seems you do not want anyone here except Caymanians, though you DO want domestics, nursery nurses, skilled labourers and those who will work, etc and conveniently forget to give your own people these jobs.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I feel embarrased now to admit I voted for Mr. Osbourne in the last election , while at the same time disgraced by his recent actions and the obvious show of support by the Premier & his colleauges. This display has shown the real colours of the current leadership of this country, on so many levels. The PPM should be suitably doomed by these actions . I hope this revelation keeps you awake ay night …Alden, for the forseeable future. 

    • Anonymous says:

      There has been no "show of support" by the Premier and his colleagues. I don't believe for one second that you voted for Ozzie or indeed the PPM in the last election. I think you are a UDP opportunist.

    • Anonymous says:

      What did you expect?  He clearly fell far below any credible standard for holding a position in public life, and all this incident shows is that the "I told you so's" were right, not that that was a shck

  16. Anonymous says:

    What do you call a paper caymanian in Cayman? Apparently anything you want with no consequence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure if I should laugh, upvote or downvote. I mean I agree but wish it wasn't so.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you dropped "paper" from that statement it would be just as correct.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't know why there are any thiumbs down. One only has to read CNS on a daily basis to see the derogatory statements about Caymanians. Hypocrisy is an ugly thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ooh, 'tis the season for melodramatic self-pity.

        • Anonymous says:

          By which you are of course referring to the comment at 07:53. Unless of course you are a hypocrite.

        • Anonymous says:

          So true! Please expats – stop with the melodramatic self-pity.

          You're makiing off quite well here so chill and sheeshh up!

          You never know what u will awaken with your f *#ng bellows & rants..

      • Anonymous says:

        Please show us proof then, and tangible truth not hear say, because I have heard many stories to show that even parking in a Caymanians parking spot led to a work permit denial.

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL. I love how you demand proof and not hearsay and then immediately proceed to give hearsay for your side! What a clown. 

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL. The proof lies in reading the many expat comments here on CNS.

          I love how you object to hearsay while spouting hearsay. Why don't you give us tangible proof of your claim that parking in a Caymanian's parking spot led to a work permit denial? You know you can't because it is hateful nonsense. The board has to give reasons for their decisions and those decision may be appealed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same as natives – whatever fits your fancy..

  17. Anonymous says:

    If Ozzie's view that expats are driftwood was not endorsed by the PPM, then he would be removed from Cabinet, and actions taken to remove him from the Party.

    The fact is that PPM does consider expats to be driftwood – and you need only listen to many of their supporters to see that position resonates amongst its base.

    The reason why it was merely a reshuffle within Cabinet – if you can call that 'punishment' was because to have moved the Chief Officer would have been to punish her for having suffered his verbal abuse.

    So – in sum – PPM thinks expats are driftwood, and I guess that means the Jamaicans that voted for them are driftwood as well – cause some of them haven't lived here as long as the Chief Officer.

    • Anonymous says:

      how does anyone know that the comment about driftwood was related to whether the person is an expatriate or caymanian? could it not have some other meaning?

      • Anonymous says:

        You've got to be kidding. If I were to call you an idiot, how do you know the comment would be related to your intelligence?

      • Anonymous says:

        According to the report of staff members present, the attack included the words “You aren’t even Caymanian, you are like a piece of f&%king driftwood”?

        Clear enough for you now?
    • Anonymous says:

      That the outburst was about a Minister being told he could not put 50 percent of his private phone bill down to government expenses without providing proof that calls were of a work related nature is even more alarming.  Mclaughlin's response is equally alarming and will come back to haunt him.

    • Anonymous says:

      18:51. Sorry but you are the one trying to make this about Jamaicans or all expats. I do not believe that Ms Ahearn is Jamaican so to single out Jamaicans ,is just plain mischievous on your part,as if you even care about Jamaicans; more likely you want to use them for your own selfish game.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The PPM has always been more anti-expat than the UDP, but even so… It's alarming to see the PPM's leadership endorse that position so blatantly. The endorsement will cost the PPM the next election, without a doubt. And unless the C4C independents can get their act together, the "FD" people will have nowhere to turn but to McKeeva. (Who are the "FD" people? Well, the D stands for "Driftwood", and we all know what the F stands for.)

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a load of BS. I do not condone what Minister Bodden said, however, I do believe that there is alway 2 sides to any disagreement and I doubt very much that whatever caused the "explosion" was an isolated issue. That said, he should have found a better way to deal with the problem(s) than he did.

      If you are willing to turn to McKeeva then you are in need of understanding the damage he has done and that he/UDP are only in politics for themselves. They do not care for anyone unless it benefits them.

      • noname says:

        Not denying that McKeeva caused untold damage to Cayman and its reputation, but there is no acceptable "side" to thrs story from Osbourne Bodden. His profaniy-laced, threatening, anti-expat rant is inexcusable. The fact that we permtted by the PPM to do this without the obvious consequences will spell doom for the PPM next election. You can count on it.

        • Anonymous says:

          McKeva did not cause damage to Cayman.  Cayman Goverrnment cased damage to Cayman.

          • Anonymous says:

            People have been dipping into the Christmas cheer a little early I see.

          • Anonymous says:

            00:56, with your logic, which can only be described as retarded, Hilter was not reposnible for anything, it was the Nazi's correct? 

      • Anonymous says:

        yeas the reason was he could not have his own way, and a lowly piece of f'ing driftwood had the audacity to request further information so that good governce could be met. Some of these MLA's seem to have a mental age of a toddler, who  throw their toys out of the pram if mummy says no!

    • Anonymous says:

                  15:01   Looks like the UDP propaganda machine is hard at work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which party was it that attempted to introduce the expatriate income tax? The Progressives/C4C coalition are far from perfect but they are a much more honest and experienced group of individuals than the UDP. On the Government side , there are persons such as Ministers Kirkconnell, Archer and Panton and Councillor McTaggart who are persons of the highest order and educational abillity and professional/business experience.

  19. Whodatis says:

    Your right.  It was not a mistake.  It would be a mistake to now keep beliveing that Most Caymanians in power don't look at the rest of us as f……….Driftwood too.  Like Whodatis."

    Hmmm … wow.

    Poster, I challenge you to provide evidence to back up your claim.

    Please, stand behind your words. Do not deflect onto some random tangent – but kindly produce something, anything, from Whodatis' online contributions that support your accusation. (Anyoneelse can feel free to do the same.)

    I look forward to your reply.



    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Whodatis.


      He has stated he is mixed, one half being Caymanian and has clearly been more of a supporter who use the British/UK failings as a reason for all problems around the world, not the driftwood here.

      From the few articles I have read he is constantly fighting for the rights of now the so-called dritfwood, unless of course if you're British.




      A fellow, proud Driftwood too

      • Anonymous says:

        I rarely if ever hear Whodatis hold Caymanians responsible or accountable for their behavior.  Often I hear his attacks on the British imperialism and war mongering and anytime a Caymanian is held accountable such as the recent Ozzie rant, Whodatis shifts the focus to Expat racism or blog rants of a racist nature.

        He decrys the European and especially English colonialism and racism but never focuses that laser intelect upon Caymanian behavior.

        Double standard or hypocrisy?

        Until Caymanians develop the capacity for self evaluation and holding each other accountable moving the country forward will be very difficult.

    • Tony Blair says:

      "Do not deflect onto some random tangent"  Whodatis, I suggest you stick to your own advice and leave me out of your posts when you are backed into a corner.

    • Whodatis says:

      Clearly reading comprehension was not a part of the education syllabus across the pond – for I am seeing nothing but random tangents of deflection galore.

      Love me or loathe me – just be sure you pay close attention.



      • Anonymous says:

        We loathe you.  And troll you.  And move on.  Reading your hackneyed angry man nonsense is just a waste of a few seconds of our lives.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hear Driftwood Village in North Side is overflowing with people clamouring to get in.  It's the only place in Cayman where expats  feel fully accepted –  Ezzard is furious!

  21. Foreign Devil. says:

    With Ozzie still in office a lot of wood is going to be drifting into McKeeva's camp.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If you are at an event where Mr. Bodden is speaking then when he starts his speech get up and leave the room until he has finished.  Then at least we won't be embarrassed by what he says!

    • Anonymous says:

      Imagine if he is representing us overseas.

      What a disaster

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me say first up that I voted for him.

      I am tremendously dissappointed. I dont know what she said or did that upset him but his actions were pathetic.

      More than just apologising to her and the ministry the country and indeed the people that voted for him needs one. And then we monitor him and he very might not get in next election.

      The people of bodden town must be convinced that we are not voting in a time bomb.

      • Anon says:

        11:18 – The people of Bodden town should already be convinced! 

        • Rabble-douser says:

          I live and vote in Bodden Town. I was not born here, but have lived most of my life in this community, have no criminal record and have Caymanian Status, (through the Board). I expect  to die here.

          At the time of the last election, I thought that the leadership of the UDP represent the most unethical, corrupt government that we shall ever have to deal with. Hence, I voted for PPM candidates. 

          All, except one.  I did  not vote for Ozzie because the "cow cod" trial left me worried that this man had anger issues. My final vote went to Charles Clifford, whom I considered had the balls to stand up to another loud-mouthed bully, McKeeva. 

          Ossie does not have to fret about the loss of my vote; he never had it. The other  PPM candidates in Bodden Town should seriously consider if they are interested in the "driftwood" vote or not.

    • Anonymous says:

      14:58. But others may be embarassed by this show of bad manners.Two wrongs do not make a right.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I can never understand why Cayman does what it does to itself

    Its like Cayman has a self destruct button

    God help you all if you ever get indepndence!

    • drWes says:

      So true. Why did they ever allow those status grants! Pity, really. Makes it look bad for real adopted +integrated expats.

    • driftwooding on says:

      It is safe to say and evident, that the best years in Cayman have passed. The banks are on the way out and there will be more in the New Year. Despite the knee jerk reactions and press releases painting a rosy picture for the future, long term driftwood are rolling themselves over.

      For over a decade I have lived here and spent most of that time watching the elected bump from one personal or professional shit show to the next. During this time, each is making more money in a month than some of their constituents make in a year, whilst drawing their pension early? WTF?

      Sadly, I haven't got the time, will power or patience to wait for another election, just in case and against all odds, a half decent government are elected.

      • Anonymous says:

        06:52.You say "long term driftwood are rolling themselves over."This only confirms what Caymanians have felt for years,that the loyalty of expats cannot be counted on,hence the use of the expression "You are here to go,while we are here to stay". In other words when the going gets rough in Cayman ,some expats (like yourself) get going. I gather from your post that you believe that Cayman employment opportunities are on the decline,(you seem to take some pleasure in this) so you are ready to cut and run `No surprise there.Guess what ,Cayman survived for 500 years before you came,we will survive after you leave.

        • Anonymous says:

          You get what you reap, you have rolled over countless people who loved Cayman for expats that that come only for a couple of years and save what they can. It was the roll over policy that did this. You call expats all the names under the sun, try and secretly tax them more and make them feel unwelcome, and you still expect loyalty? Loyalty works both ways, if you do not earn it you will not get it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Give it a go without us then! If you are confident you don't need us, things should be fine and dandy!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if he will be charged for insulting the modesty of a woman or common assault as was the case with the Premier’s assistant?I wonder if he will be suspended from his duties or will see if any charges at all as did other members of the MLA ie drinking and driving and so forth.

    • The Caymanian says:

      Stop wondering.  He is a member of the tribe of the intitlement and will be protected as such.   This is the Cayman islands.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have sympathy for Ozzie, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. The print newspaper with its exploitative agenda has called for the Governor to remove him. We know that a newspaper that defends CUC and the former Premeir on a frequent basis doesn't have much credibility. We know Ozzie will not move the dump to Bodden Town. With Ozzie gone it will be easier for a powerful and very rich man to get what he wants at the expense of the country's national interests. Be careful what you wish for, those that pretend that profanity laced tirades are unique to Caymanian politicians need a reality check. Ozzie admit you messed up in a more substantial form than an email, be a man and make a public statement, accept responsibility and apologise and make clear that your words spoken while in a rage do not reflect your true views of people with Caymanian status. You could turn this incident into an opportunity to educate. If you can't do that you deserve to be hounded out of office.

    • Anon says:

      This was not a mistake. This was a Cabinet Minister displaying his true core. He is not fit to be in that position. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I hear that this isn't the first time something like this happened in that ministry. I must sadly agree that this wasn't a mistake, but Ozzie showing his true colours.The fact that Alden supported him means he thinks the exact same way. 

      • Anonymous says:


        Your right.  It was not a mistake.  It would be a mistake to now keep beliveing that Most Caymanians in power don't look at the rest of us as f……….Driftwood too.  Like Whodatis.

  26. Whodatis says:

    The greatest irony in all of this on CNS is the overwhelming criticism in respect to xenophobic, racist and divisive comments by posters in the thread.

    We all know that be it Sunday shopping, crime, turtle consumption, local unemployment  – any and every thing really – this forum is constantly awash with the aforementioned.

    A few hypocrites much perhaps?!

    Ozzie only got caught out in his honesty – many others, on BOTH "sides" of the fence, think (and behind closed doors say), sentiments similar to what has been reported. (Enter feigned outrage at this point.) 

    In fact, be it the USA, France, Germany or the UK at this very moment – IMMIGRATION (along with its accompanying racism, xenophobia, and division) is THE hot button of the day.

    Just saying …

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, Whodatis! Spot on. The stench of hypocrisy on here is unbearable.

    • Food 4 Thought says:

      I agree BIGOTRY goes both ways and unacceptable period!

      Can we also agree that any expat that openly derides "F…ing Caymanians" in the workplace causing similar upset and even Caymanian staff to quit should also go?

      Right now we just renew their permits…think it about it people

      • Anonymous says:

        Except that that sort of thing is said on a regular basis by expats and now, all of a sudden, we are all on our high horses because the shoe is on the other foot. 

        • Anonymous says:

          I have been here 30 years and I've NEVER seen an expat do something like that to a Caymanian. Never. In fact, I've only witnessed something like this four times in 30 years: Twice by a Caymanian employer to an expat (one a woman) and twice by a Status Caymanian to an expat (again, one a woman). I'm not denying that I've heard plenty of Caymanian-bashing going on behind closed doors from groups of expats over the years (and I am sure that works both ways) but it just doesn't happen in public. So your "regular basis" comment is complete BS.

          Personally, I think the workplace must be protected from all forms of bullying no matter who is doing it. Your argument seems to stem from a "two wrongs make a right" kind of thinking, which I think is very unproductive. This isn't about shoes on other feet; it's about right and wrong. Don't you get that?

          • Anonymous says:

            I get it, but getting crapped on in your own home by outsiders has an extra sting to it. Neither should be accepted.

            • Anonymous says:

              I'm not unsympathetic to your first point; however, your second point is the one everyone should focus on. Neither should be accepted, indeed. 

            • Pink Parrot says:

              I know some friends who pay good money just to get that sort of experience.  I tend to only do it in other people's homes, because the clean up afterwards is awful.

          • Anonymous says:

            Then you must be living in a cocoon. Happens all the time. There was particularly nasty senior partner at one of the major law firms who was notorious for the way he would speak to Caymanian employees.

            • Anonymous says:

              Well, just because I don't work at a particular major law firm doesn't mean I live in a cocoon. I have worked for six different employers, some relatively large and some very small over the 30 years I've been here and I've never seen an expat yell and swear at a Caymanian and call them names. Maybe that stuff happens in the major law firms, but major law firms aren't the predominant or even typical workplace here. If what you say is true, then that's equally as wrong and the person responsible should have been held accountable.  I'm sorry, but the idea that because some idiot senior partner of a major law firm was notorious for supposedly swearing at his Caymanian staff and calling them names, does not make what Osbourne Bodden right.  There is a difference between right and wrong no matter what the precedent. You are trying to rationalize inexusable behavior by trying to deflect blame unto others. 

              • Anonymous says:

                You need to accept that your knowledge is limited. You are not everywhere like God.

                • Anonymous says:

                  But you are?

                  • Anonymous says:

                    You are not very bright, are you? He doesn't have to be everywhere to say that there are problems in some sectors, but you would have to be everywhere to say there no such problems in any sector. Sheeesh.  

          • Anonymous says:

            Guess you don'tknow what happens in many law firms.

            Take your pick, start with one of the top firms, check how many Caymanian professionals were constructively dismissed and nothing ever happens to these foreign lawyers, most now with status too.

            Perhaps Ozzie worked with the Canadian, Australian lawyers?? hmm

            • Anonymous says:

              And why oh why will immigration do nothing? It is all a joke. The destruction of Caymanians in certain law firms is obvious and continuing.

            • Anonymous says:

              "Constructively dismissed" is not the same as being screamed/swore at and threatened, and this doesn't even delve into the "driftwood" aspect of the rant.

          • Anonymous says:

            Your ears are everywhere all day and all night. NOT

      • Anonymous says:

        So far it seems that 5 people think expats calling people F….ing Caymanians in their own country is acceptable. Scary stuff this.  

        • Anonymous says:

          While I gave that comment a thumbs up, I don't think the 'crime' of calling someone a f__g Caymanian should require a legal punishment.    To me, that's no worse nor better than other serious insults and should be responded to — if at all —   with the same vehemence  as f__g expats, or any other insult.    

          We should and do expect more from those we elected to office.   If it were easy, somebody else would be doing it.   We require more civility than has been shown.   It is bad enough to scream at an employee.    I don't permit it toward myself, and don't do so to others.    

          • Anonymous says:

            We should also expect more from all residents of these Islands, including those who come here (initially) as our guests. Abuse of one by the other should not be tolerated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis doesn't seem to understand the difference between a highly placed elected governmental Minister with the term "Honorable" placed before their name and simply a member of society.

      If he is unable to distinguish the difference between the expectation of intellgence, civility and decorum of a national leader and that of a member of the society at large then he dosn't get it.

      I believe the national leaders need to be held to a high standard but perhaps I expect too much.


      • Whodatis says:

        No poster, I get it.

        What you are saying in light of Ozzie-gate and my initial post, is that it is perfectly acceptable for the CNS readership to throw around the most racist, hateful and despicable forms of abuse at one another. However, we still reserve the right to be outraged and harshly condemn  – calling for the head, no less – our officials when they are accused of the same.

        To better understand where I am coming from, I politely encourage you to click on any turtle consumption / WSPA news story on CNS and read the comments.

        Yes Ozzie appears to be dead wrong on this one, however, if he has to go then so should the countless numbers of powerful anti-Caymanians that quietly destroy and disenfranchise the local people with their evil, daily deeds. Those are the forces doing the most damage to this country, not one hot-headed politician.

        • Anonymous says:

          What would Tony Blair do?

        • Anonymous says:

          Again you simply restated your case which indicates to me that you do not distinguish between ordinary civilians and most senior elected leaders.

          There is a difference as none of the postings to which you refer pretend to lead the country or are people who even post their name to their vile rants.

          The reference of Ozzie's rant that I as an expat was most disturbed about was the refrence to ruining the other person's life and making it hell.

          I agree with you that there are vile ignorant rants posted here but those people are not our elected leaders.

          Whodatis, I disagre with much of your world view, but please have a Merry Christmas where ever you are or Happy Christmas.

          • Whodatis says:

            Many, many expats of power and influence make it their mission to sideline Caymanians in the Cayman Islands. The community knows this, I know this, and you know this.

            Have we ever heard a chorus of protest on CNS to have them removed from their positions? Has this decades-old reality been given even half the attention from the CNS readership as has Ozzie-gate?

            No. Not ever. 

            Discriminatory words or discriminatory action – clearly neither is acceptable, but which would you prefer to endure?

            I am simply addressing the hypocrisy that exists and shining a bright light in the process.

            You don't have to like it, but it is what it is.

            *I am not saying you dont have a point nor am I defending Ozzie. However, this particular forum has absolutely no ground to be demanding higher standards given the daily utterings and exchanges hereon. 

            • Anonymous says:

              I love the italicised post-scripts.  He is letting us know something really important, because in his mind what he says is really valuable.

            • Anonymous says:

              I believe the best thing for Ozzie is to have a news conference and take responsiblity for the mistake and do it before Christmas so this doesn't continue.

              Apologize own up and anyone who cannot let him move on it can be their problem.

              This is the time of year for forgiveness and we have all said things in the heat of the moment that we regret.

              Ozzie man up, own up, and I think you will be forgiven and we can all move forward.

              I am not an expat of power pulling any strings in the background.

              • Whodatis says:

                I agree, that would be a good way of handling the situation.

                However, in this law suit crazy world, and on an island awash with shady lawyers, he may want to carefully consider such a move.

            • Peanuts says:

              As a Status holder I must side with the people with Cayman Roots. As I move around within the expat circles I hear the derogatory and snide comments by some of the driftwood given the chance to live in Cayman. I ask what other country would allow the local population of their country to be outnumbered by mirgrants? 

              • Anonymous says:

                Canada.  Just take a drive the next voting cycle in Vancouver and Toronto and I bet you will see more Immigrant not only out numbering Canadians but also out numbering their political landscape…how about them apples.

            • logic says:

              I am not following your logic. 

              Has there been an outburst where an expat Manager berated a Caymanian employee subordinate, that was wtinessed by other staff, and it ended up covered in the press? If so, I have missed that article in the past 20 years.

              If it did occur, and it wasn't covered, then it was those who observed or experienced the episode who didn't speak up against it or pass the information on to the press. Who is culpable then? The passive bystander I suggest.  

              This is a good discussion but let's be clear that if this statement is true:

              "Many, many expats of power and influence make it their mission to sideline Caymanians in the Cayman Islands. The community knows this, I know this, and you know this.

              My question becomes- Why hasn't there been a chorus of protest from Caymanians (and expats for that matter) in this instance? Let's have some examples with concrete names of persons involved. Your claims don't add up for me.

              If your statement is true, speak up and speak out. Otherwise wallow in silence. 

              • Anonymous says:

                You would not find that in the expat controlled press, that is part of the point. They are not so much concerned about the kind of abuse as about who was on the receiving end of it. 

                • Anonymous says:

                  Expat controlled press? When there is a 60% Caymanian owner?  Would like to hear your definition of expat as well? 

                  Wasn't Desmond Seales a long time owner? Remind me who owns CNS? Former owners of Cayman Free Press? You believe they are all controlled by expats?

                  Your claim doesn't add up. Try again. 


        • Anonymous says:


          You hit that one dead centre.

          Who are these people to call us anti expats, racist,and xanaphobic/

          I will go back just 20 years ago,before they drift up on our shores, we all lived in harmony and peace, they brought all the negatives to the Cayman Islands.

          Yes they  have quitley destroyed and disenfranchised the local people, not only with their evilness and nasty deeds, but also out of  greed they have practically put  the Caymanians out of existance.

          • Expat Andy says:

            If you think there were no Expats here 20 years ago then I am not sure what to say.  The problem is you have politicians pandering to the worst of human nature as a means to grab and maintain power.  It is much easier to blame outsiders than actually make difficult and likely unpopular decisions for the good of the community.

          • Anonymous says:

            God spare us all from people like 06:54. And he/she can't spell either.

            • Anonymous says:

              God spare you all! you must be one of the unfortunate ones that didn't make. I might not can spell, but you sure understood what iwrote. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Racism is racism.  Eating turtle is barbaric.  No double standards.

    • Fred the Piemaker says:

      you really do have a forgiving soul – that man believes one of your parents is no more than f*^*ing driftwood, and all you can say that he was "only caught out in his honesty" and, sigh, other people are worse.  SO bigotry is fine, as long as its open and honest and not hidden and hypocritical?   Your abilty to turn the other cheek is admirable , where it not for the fact that you then apply it selectively.  You do understand that to people like Ozzie Bodden you are still not Caymanian, no matter how much you hate the colonial masters?  Still an Uncle Tom as far as Ozzie is concerned.  Hey keep sucking up – maybe your grandkids will get in the club.   

      • Whodatis says:

        Well, if that is the case then the joke is on him, as he has married part-driftwood and in fact pro-created with full driftwood during the days of his life.

        (As a matter of fact, I saw him interacting well yesterday with many of his driftwood staff at the fish fry shack … go figure eh?)

        Anyway, I stand by my original post and the attempts to draw me in personally are all for naught.

      • Anonymous says:

        00:22. Are you saying that Whodatis is the son of Ms Ahearn.If he is not then you are telling an outright lie when you say "that man believes one of your parents is no more than f*^*ing driftwood, and all you can say that he was "only caught out in his honesty" Not Good..

      • Anonymous says:

        That man was you.

    • Nathan Forrest says:

      You are just the product of a piece of f&*^ing driftwood – why the hell does any true Caymanian care what you have to say on the subject.  Enough honesty for you?

      • Whodatis says:

        I guess it is, but I always consider the source.

        Considering that you are clearly one of my regular, life-less stalkers here on CNS – your words matter very little I'm afraid.

        Appreciate the spilling of guts though – that was big of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      As you are bringing up the UK, what recently happened to the MP, that called a civil servant a "pleb", was he just shuffled? UK may have problems but at least they expect a higher standard from their politicians. After all if you scaled it up to population, would the UK have happily allowed their leader to persoanlly gamble with over $300 million. And you defend these guys (unpaid as well, well hopefully you never can tell)

  27. anon says:

    I can see it now, Derek Haines handing over $1 million he raised to Cayman hospice to chants of "f**cking driftwood, get out of our country!"

    • Anonymous says:

      what did the driftwood ever to for us? their the worst especially when they are our Sacred Vassal too!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Time for full poilitical rights for driftwood.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how to start a petition online calling for this bully's resignation?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Funny when the "drift woods" get together and talk about those "natives" in their own country that it somehow seems to be ok. When the Caymanians get cussed out by the driftwood bosses and I don’t mean driftwood in Northside, It turns out not a big deal.

    Give me a break about asking the man to resign. So he was elected by the "Natives" and the "drift woods" want him to quit? Cha man, bout embarrassed to be Caymanian. You should be embarrassed to take advantage of that poor native with yu tall hair and nice skin, marry him and leave him broke when you get a status to drift on.

    I can imagine if that was a Jamaican, all bombo words would have broken loose both ways and you can imagine what the "natives" call those Jacans in public?

    Did we not hear talk about those "Limeys"? And on and on and all the degrading slangs for nationalities? Mr. Manderson need to give Ozzie a good Caymanian cuss out and let him know it not supposed to happen again.

    Stop the stupidity about resign and all this rass talk. It was a heated moment; they will kiss and make up. If she can’t work with the boss of that section then "drift" to another area after all she is “Caymanian” so she can drift from Job to Job how she feels. Good thing she in Cayman, after all the department would not function, because there are no natives to do the job she do. But she Caymanian so it not matter now. In a normal world, after a good cuss out, the boss would apologize and ask the person to take a few days off to cool down, and if they want to come back to the same department or transfer to another department. What the fussabout? This happens in the private sector every day. I wonder if she made Ozzie turn green.  Hulk with a cod. (Now tell me you did not LOL.) See that’s how ignorant this whole episode is about asking the man to resign. Thatwould be over doing it, as the natives like to say.

    I am not condoning what Ozzie said in public, (maybe he should do what everyone else does, behind other person back and then pretend in her face that all is good). Yes that would work good. Let us just keep pretending that we love one another, all the Spaniards, the jacans, the dog eaters, the chinks, and all the other driftwoods, including the natives.

    Cut the crap. Nobody likes anybody around here. Every nationality looks out for his or her own. XXXXX Move on back where you do not have to be called drift wood. Otherwise, don’t pretend there is love all around. All happened was a cuss out. It happens all the time. XXXXX

    What would be the more interesting is what the cuss out was all about. A man does not dish out a good cussing out unless something or someone touches something that was off limits. (Especially when a woman is involved). If this was all about work, man, somebody really messed up or had a different idea of who is in charge.

    I guess now we have to wait until the next elections to get that dump discussion project started again. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You confuse your xenophobic view of the world with everyone's view of the world and let me assure you that not everyone thinks as you do.

      You sound like a most unhappy individual and  am sorry for you.

      Merry Christmas

      • Whodatis says:

        I disagree, he (or she) does not sound very unhappy at all.


        • Anonymous says:

          So a man is allowed to "dish out a good cussing" i.e. act the way Ossie did?

          • Anonymous says:

            Yep. They do it all the time in the private sector. No heads roll.

    • Anonymous says:

      It was about a CO doing their job and advising the Minister against a particular course of action that could be seen by the Auditor General as being dubious allegedly.

    • Anonymous says:

      "A man does does dish out a good cussing unless  . . . "  Says it all.  And was that line stolen from a bad Western script from the early 60's?

  31. Anon says:

    Osbourne Bodden should not only resign from Cabinet, but from the LA as well.  Of course this would mean a bi-election which could easily further weaken the PPM government! So, don't hold your breath for the Premier to move this Minister. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    Very well said 101

    Pure racism and abuse by Bodden on this matter. And it doesn't really surprise me.

    I do hope i'm wrong but i'm afraid the powers that be will NOT effect "Good Governance" by doing the right thing.


  33. Anonymous says:

    All emotions aside, it looks to me that racism and xenophobia should be punishable by law. Anyone with legal expertize please comment. Where can I read the Cayman Islands constitution?  She should hire a lawyer and bring up a lawsuit.  Discrimination,bullying, emotional and psychological distress, employer's failure to provide safe working environment etc. If she lets him slide unpunished it will be loss for the entire island..

    • Anonymous says:

       19:03.Do you also recommend getting a lawyer and bringing a lawsuit ,when unemployed Caymanians are at the receiving end of racist and xenophobic comments.Of course the majority of these are made on CNS using  Anonymous as the handle,so no chance of facing a lawsuit.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This really leaves me thinking about where the Cayman Islands is heading. The fact that a government minister lashed out at a high-ranking female civil servant like that really disgusts me. And also going one step further by saying she was "f****n driftwood" and another step further by telling her to "get the f**k out of my office" not only reflects badly on Mr. Bodden but also the PPM government and Legislative Assembly as a whole. What kind of message does that send out to the world about our country?  What kind of message does that send to the many adopted Caymanians who wanted nothing more than to gain citizenship here and live here and contribute to the country for years to come?

    Mr. Bodden shame on you! I know you aren't going tolive this one down! He should be stripped of his MLA status and a new person elected to take his place. You're the "f****n driftwood" sir, not the CO. I used to respect Mr. Bodden, but he can forget all about that now!

    With regard to the CO, Cayman's got your back! You have dedicated many years to the Cayman Islands Government and have earned your current position. Don't let that one bad day mar your many years of service. Work on!

    Let's hope that 2017 comes to us like a bee out of hell so we can start fresh and actually elect the cream of the crop and not the bottom of the barrel…if we can actually last that long.


    • Anonymous says:

      Also, what kind of example does it set for Caymans youth?

      Numerous politicians have used the xenophobic card for personal gain (votes) for decades now (and yes it should be illegal!)

      Check the history of the several other destinations (Bahamas comes to mind) and we'll see much of the same socail ills fueled by selfish ego driven politicians.

      Hopefully the more intelligent and humble powers (especially politicians) will stand and do what's right….but i'm not inclined to bet on it!

      • Anonymous says:

         09:07.Same thing happens in the UK,why do you think it is so easy for ISIS to recruit there.

    • Jonas Dwyer says:

      Its "a bat out of hell".

    • jkjuram says:

      In Canada we say”Bee” out of hell. Not Bat
      “Batty” is so rude to say

  35. Anonymous says:

    Very well said 101. I  have nothing more to add.

  36. Anonymous says:

         13:27.Why is it disgusting for someone to be proud to be Caymanian.Is it that you believe you are more deserving and should be elected to lead the Islands' electorate?

    • Anonymous says:

      Bangs head on wall and walks away.

    • Fred the Piemaker says:

      Proud to be Caymanian = admirable.  Shouting foul abuse at a female subordinate = shameful.   Telling someone who has been in the Cayman civil service for 18 years, is married to a Caymanian and has two Caymanian children that she is not a Caymanian but a piece of driftwood = outrageous.  Ahern has done more for her adopted country than OB ever has – he is Caymanian as a result of reproduction; she earned her right to call herself Caymanian.   And last – proud!  Really – you are proud of men who behave like cavemen. Dear God.  

    • Strawman says:

      Hitler was proud to be German (ad he was born in Austria), did you not find what he did disgusting?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back 101. Insightful as usual and correct. Personally I don't believe Alden is a poor leader and my bet is that he will ask Ozzie to resign because that's the only thing to do 

  38. Anon says:

    Well put 101. I hope every member of the LA reads this viewpoint and the comments on the Cns story. If only they would pay attention.

  39. Anonymous says:

    One can only wonder what the Governor thinks of this display. Obviously she cannot be impressed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't thinks she cares too much unless it's an attack on baines. I always think it's funny how the governors carefully select what they comment on. Being the first female governor I thought she would be all over this?..

    • jkjuram says:

      Columbus was driftwood. So was she

  40. Anonymous says:

    Just like how the Governor support Baines i support Ozzie – Its high time Caymanian stand with Caymanian!

    • Anon says:

      Great.,, so just because he's Caymanian we should look the other way? Don't you think we should stand up as a proud people for what's right? This is pure ignorance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well because Baines was English you looked the other way. 

        • Expat Andy says:

          Pardon me, I think we all want a better job done by the RCIPS.  I think we could clean out Baines & Co. as well.  Unforuntely he isn't the only one at the RCIPS not getting the job done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor management by Baines due in part to his subordinates incompetence is not to be mistaken for abuse TO subordinates by an MLA.

      Maybe Osbourne is more suited for CoP

    • Anonymous says:

      Your comparison is flawed.

      But then again you sound like you simply want to "stir the pot".

      Merry Christmas

    • Anonymous says:

      I will not as a Caymanian stand support for a Caymanian when he is obviously wrong. We cannot repay the wrong of the Police Chief with the wrong of a Politician just because he is a Caymanian.

  41. Anonymous says:

    If you think this ignorance is limited to Ozzie then you are in denial.  Simply listen to AM talk radio and hear this type of ignorance from sitting MLAs on a fairly regular basis. 

    There is a sizable segment of the population who concur with this ignorance.

    • Anonymous says:

      14:43. You say "There is a sizable segment of the population who concur with this ignorance." The fact that you are calling Caymanians ignorant just because they have a point of view that differs from your own, is one of the main causes of tension between Caymanians and expats.

      • Anonymous says:

        The impression I get from your response to my 14:43 comments is that you do not believe that Ossie's behavior was ignorant. That a Government Minister would verbally abuse a subordinate employee is OK in your opinion.

        Yes I believe that behavior is ignorant and would be ignorant were it done by an Expat. If you are playing an unjustly accused from my mean point of view you are mistaken.

        Would you want your wife, mother or daughter treated with such disrespect?

        I do not think so.

      • Just Commentin' says:

        Hey, Bobo! I am a Caymanian and I will look any fellow-Caymanian (or non-Caymanian) right in the eye and say only an absolute brainless, ignorant, and trashy moron would in any way excuse Ozz's xenophobic, misogynistic, and profane rantings. It was pure trashy behaviour, period!

        While on the subject, it is a minority of morons and generally trashy people (both local and expat) that cause tension between Caymanians and expats. Well-bred Caymanians with a bit of class know better than to demean someone based on their nationality. Expats possessing intelligence try to elevate themselves and others, regardless of nationality. But, as always, trash will do what trash will do.

  42. Anonymous says:

    To be fair one the best things about becoming fxxxxxg driftwood is that it is much easier to leave and let other people stay to make you money.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant 101, simply brilliant.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The Premier and his constituents need to respond to Minister Bodden's absurd actions and as a Caymanian I demand a response from the elected members regarding what actions they intend to take……

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly if he is still in office on January 15 I will be very embarrassed as a caymanian.


  45. anon says:

    yes boss. agreed 150%. he must go. we should arrange a peaceful demonstration before christmas. we must do something. this is against everything that I stand for as a caymanian.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Agreed! Very unprofessional and unbecoming of a Minister………..I would sign a petition for his resignation!

    • Anonymous says:

      Only driftwood Caymanians would join you in the petition.the truth is there is resentment for years and this only coming out in public now. 

      • Anonymous says:

        To be fair, all Caymanians are driftwood. Some have just been here longer and are more weathered. 

        • Anonymous says:

          18:57.And so are the British,who came out of Africa by way of Mainland Europe>

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't be hypocrite. Caymanians joined you in protesting against the expat tax and that is the only time, when it was for your own benefit, that you wanted to be united with Caymanians. And Caymanians fell for it. 

        • Strawman says:

          no taxation without representation

          • Anonymous says:

            Iam glad you identified yourself as posing a strawman point. In every country in this world there is taxation without representation. If go to work in the U.S. on a work visa I will have to pay their  taxes – fderal, state and municipal – but I will not be allowed to vote. 

            • Anonymous says:

              Except they pay the same taxes as US citizens, they are not singled out and taxed more. they are also entitled to services for paying their taxes, unlike Cayman. In fact even before an "expat tax" we pay more in taxes. Our stamp duty is higher, out duty free limit is lower. Cayman is all about milky the expat or driftwood and then spitting on him. Just look what you did to Derek Haines for raisning all that money to benefit older caymanians.

              • Anonymous says:

                The taxes go into paying for the roads you drive on which we would not need if we had a purely native Caymanian population. In general, everyone pays the same taxes. Your duty free limit is not lower; that is a lie. You don't pay more in taxes compared to what you earn because most of you spend very little on these Islands. It is hoarded elsewhere. 

                What "we" did to Derek Haines??? So you are equating Caymanians with the criminal class? And you wonder why there is anti-expat resentment when you dish out this sort of hateful nonsense?     

  47. driftwood guy says:

    tough chance that tara or winston will do anything 101. no one wants to mess up their political careers by going against ozzie and upsetting alden. sorry…

    all you need are a few people to keep saying that criticising ozzie is just all of us acting like crabs in a barrel and the whole thing will go away by christmas!

    I am worried that there are people out there who actually support what he said.

  48. Anon says:

    right on the head. never before have I felt so strongly about something. I have many friends who were born here but also many others who were not. Do you guys realise that his comment is actually considered racist?

  49. Anon says:

    Alden you lack leadership on this one. This is also a chance for him to actually get some work done in that ministry by appointing someone else.

    only in Cayman can he remain in office. I bet after a week this will just blow away.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this 101. There is absolutely no excuse for ozzie's actions and he must resign from Cabinet. If this were in any other country he would have made a public statement resigining days ago.


  51. Anonymous says:

    The truth is everyone knows that status holders are treated in a discriminatory manner by "generational" Caymanians.  It is rare for the ugly racism to spill out into the open.  Until and unless the sons-of-the-soil brigage stop discriminating there can be no basis to complain about how they are treated by the victims of their discrimination.  At the last election candidates raised their mutli-generational Caymanian-ness as a positive attribute in their campaigns.  It was quite disgusting.

    • noname says:

      It is nice to know that the passage fo time and simple math will ensure that the influence of certain generation Caymanian "Statesmen" of today will fade into oblivion.  There are more long-term residents becoming Dirftwood Caymanians every year and more children of the Paper Caymanians turning voting age with each election cycle.  Some of our current lot of politicians should enjoy their status while it lasts.

    • Anonymous says:

      The truth is trhat everyone knows that Caymanians are treated in a discriminatory manner by expats and that is the source of the resentment. So you can just get off your shaky moral high ground before it collapses under you. 

    • Anonymous says:

      13:27.Why is it disgusting for someone to be proud to be Caymanian.Is it that you believe you are more deserving and should be elected to lead the Islands' electorate?