Poll says Ozzie should go

| 23/12/2014

(CNS): The premier’s decision to swap around areas of responsibility to accommodate his party colleague, Osbourne Bodden, and not remove him from Cabinet is unlikely to put an end to the 'Ozziegate' issue. Over 600 votes were cast in the CNS straw poll during the last five days and more than three quarters called for Bodden’s resignation. The outrage about the minister’s behaviour towards his chief officer, Jennifer Ahearn, has not abated and the shuffling of ministries and chief officers by Premier Alden McLaughlin has done nothing to appease the public outcry and calls for the former health minister to resign.  A second poll on CNS indicated that almost half of the voters want to see him replaced by Alva Suckoo.

When asked if Bodden should resign, 78% said that he should go. In a related poll asking who should replace him, 49% backed Suckoo, with Roy McTaggart emerging as the second most popular choice with 19% of the vote. Although not scientific, the online poll gives a snapshot of publicopinion.

During the last week since the revelations that Bodden had publicly and loudly cursed at his chief officer in front of dozens of civil servants, it is the alleged nationalist slur that has caused the most concern. Bodden has not yet denied making the alleged comments deriding Ahearn’s Caymanian status, suggesting she was no more Caymanian than an “f^*#ing piece of driftwood”.

Following a number of stories on this website relating to the incident, there have been almost 1,000 comments posted to CNS, with the vast majority calling for Bodden to go.

Given the ongoing tensions in the community at present between the different expatriate groups, local people are feeling squeezed out of the job market at both ends. They see professional permit holders taking the top jobs in the finance ad related sectors, while cheap imported labour is taking the traditional posts held in construction and allied manual trades at the bottom.

So the stirring of nationalist sentiments, with the popular perception that the PPM is less welcoming to ex-pats than its former political rivals, the UDP, is fuelling further concerns. The public seems to think that the premier should have acted quickly and decisively to remove Bodden, demonstrating an intolerance in his government of such sentiments.

However, the complete silence from all government members about the outburst, coupled with the decision not to force Bodden’s resignation, has not proved popular with the broader public.

The premier has now taken on Bodden’s major ministerial responsibilities and now has direct responsibility for heath as well as environmental health and the controversial dump issue. Meanwhile, Bodden keeps responsibility for youth and sports with the addition from the premier’s portfolio of community affairs but has lost culture to the premier as well.

Not only has McLaughlin now taken on the more controversial portfolio, he has expanded the size of his ministry and is in danger of facing the criticisms that he hurled at the previous premier, McKeeva Bush, for taking on too many major ministries.

When he was opposition leader, the current premier derided Bush as “minister for everything” after he took on finance, development, tourism and financial services as leader of the UDP administration.

McLaughlin has retained his home affairs ministry, which includes the prisons, police and immigration, and has now taken on two more politically sensitive areas in order to protect his Cabinet colleague.

This is a decision that many commenters, not just on CNS but across the local media, say the premier will come to regret. McLaughlin could have turned to several of his backbench MLAs to take on Bodden’s ministry intact, in particular Suckoo, who won the support of the majority of CNS readers.

But the decision has been made, and while the premier may be hoping the matter will go away during the holidays, the populist outcry is unlikely to die down that quickly. The continued silence from Bodden himself as well as the rest of Cabinet about the alleged derogatory comments is not helping.

CNS is still waiting for the gender affairs and labour minister, Tara Rivers, to comment, given that this is a workplace issue involving gender.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    t shirts are available from the UK band Travis who produced the single "driftwood".



  2. Anonymous says:

    The DriftWood Party is a rising force

    • Anonymous says:

       04:10.Due to your acceptance of the term Driftwood,I take it that you agree with Mr Bodden,s use of the term.(maybe without the cursing).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope this lady is seeking legal advice …. in fact lawyers should be running after her fighting with each other to represent her. This may be the only way she gets any justice.

  4. Skewed says:

    How about taking a poll from registered voters only? Or at least registered BT voters. Anything else means diluted results and extremely skewed "so called" public opinion.

  5. Whodatis says:

    Still waiting to see even a fraction of a response from the CNS readership as it concerns daily abuse and ridicule of Caymanians on this local medium.

    In all seriousness, some of ya'll are full of absolute crap with this ongoing outrage over the angry moment of one individual. Especially when we have some of the most callous and constructive dismissal of all things Caymanians via what are clearly highly educated and well-positioned people in the working community.

    Of the tens of thousands of comments posted on CNS, I can recall maybe 3 or 4 occasions where someone who was clearly not local checked another poster for their blatantly biased words against Caymanians or Caymanian culture. The rest of the time it tends to be overwhelming thumbs ups and egging on of the perp.

    The only person who receives my empathy in this situation is Ahearn.

    Quit the hypocrisy people. Of all off-putting qualities, surely that one tops the list.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, Whodatis.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of all the times you post a comment, I am struggling to think of even one in which you didnt feel that any inappropriate conduct by a local official or institution locally could be excused because, in your view,  worse conduct had been committed by foreign officials or governments. particularly the UK.   Even when it was completely irrelevant or disproportionate.  Oh a certain politician may be corrupt, but at least he is not a war criminal like Tony Blair, for example  So I would be a little reticent about calling people hypocrites.  You like to clothe yourself in the robes of righteousness, but you have the same difficulty in looking beyond your particular prejudices as some of the posters you despise.  Try saying something honest, like what OB did was completely unacceptable, but that is no reason to say all Caymanians think that way, and those that criticise him should take a hard look at thier own viewpoints, and you may be a little more credible.  

      • Whodatis says:

        My friend, nothing you have said, even your clear disdain for all things Whodatis, negates or trumps the issues raised in my post.

        Granted this is my personal opinion, to which I am entitled, and you yours, of course.

        So … yeah.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis, I believe that all the outrage that you speak about has very little to do with the incident involving the Minister and the CO,but rather is rather a tool being used by some individual or group for political purposes.There seems to be a serious effort  to start a political party made up of persons who received status by grant,and they are using this story to push their agenda.                                                                      See comment  by   ",Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 02/01/2015 – 04:10                'The DriftWood Party is a rising force."                                                                                                           . Also this one by Mo Money (not verified) on Mon, 29/12/2014 – 09:42 "I wonder does the Driftwood vote now out number the True Caymanian vote? What does it take to be a True Caymanian as at some point someone in the family must have come from somwhere else unless Caymanians are a decendant of either a Turtle or a Mosquito?Time for Driftwood to come together and build 1 big ship and steer this country in the right direction.".                           There are a lot of other similar opinions expressed by commenters on this article ,as well as a Viewpoint by 101 .One has to wonder as to what is the true intent of the people pushing this.I do not believe that is in the best interest of the locals,judging from the tone of the majority of comments on here by people identifying themselses as driftwood.


  6. Anonymous says:

    If Ozzie can't manage his personal affairs, including his Health issues, how can he manage the coutry's issues, including those of the Ministry of Health?  Ozzie, it's a disgrace when you have a government cell phone and you try to submit a claim to have your own cell phone bill paid.  And for a government that promoted honesty and transparency, how could you try to bully Ms. Ahearn when she was only doing her job to make sure that what was claimed was proper.  If you were foolish enough to use your own cell phone for government business, then be smart enough to pay it yourself.  As someone who is an Accountant by profession, you should know better yourself.  Your behavior was unjustified, and uncalled for and my boy, you should resign.  We have lost respect for you disrespecting Ms. Ahearn in such a way.  Mark my word, you will either do so now, or be embarrassed when we step you down in 2017.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it true that ministers earn a full pension for serving just one term?  If so then that is disgusting and shouldn't happen!  Civil servants have to work decades to earn their pension and some of these useless ministers and MLA's get it in no time.  Just not right!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I predicted that when the resaon for this adolecent behaviour came out, people would be pissed. Yes, in spite of having a phone issued to him by the Ministry, he wanted them to pay 1/2 his personal phone bill. That's lijke giving him an official car and paying for gas for his personal one. Madness.

    What I didn't predict – but could have – was that Cassanova would simply dig deeper into his hole and chill. What a juvenile.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just learn that orders are now being taking for 'Driftwood'  Tee-Shirts.  So far the count is 40,000 and you can only place your order with your ID and Cayman Papers. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately no matter what the people of Cayman want, we aren't going to get!! Ozzie will stay, collect his salary and and…and thats it…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ozzie is a disgrace – but what of the chill-axing premier?  Less chill and more axe, Alden.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The ability to manage personal differences and assimilate culturally is the latchkey to success in this new era. While boardroom behaviour is one topic, the more blatant issue that has arisen here is the pathetic attempt to tar and feather an entire gender, party, race and nationality — all for some selfish reason.

    Few countries were as culturally isolated and pristine as Cayman was a few decades ago. that is what attracted the masses.

    Fewer countries still have allowed their First Peoples tobe overshadowed and outnumbered by newcomers (not attaching any judgement ot that, for much good has come with this).

    However, the attack on local culture in these "Ozzie" blogs are almost laughable..and all over a Phone Bill?
    Come on people – this seems more like an attempt to completely usurp the local culture, instead or assimilating.

    Eg. the Canadian experience has been a notable example: http://www.multiculturalcanada.ca/Encyclopedia/A-Z/c2

    • Anonymous says:

      Its First Peoples!  You mean the Jamaicans, scottish, english, irish.  Its supposed "First Peoples" were the melting pot.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Loads of countries have left their"first people be out numbered", inlcuding USA, Canada, Mexico, nearly all the Caribbean islands as first people were Caribs and Arowak, the Aztecs and Malayans of central america, the Incas and all the tribes of the Amazon. Even England where us Celts were outnumbered by the Saxons, then the Normans and the Vikings.

  11. Anonymous says:

    16:13.  Mr. McTaggart respects himself and expats. So we gonna keep him.  Remember he still learning the job and he is a very happy politician with his nose out f the sky.  He treats all nationals with the same amount of respect and just naturally pleasant.  Nothing has flown to his head.  One more term and you will know what he can do.  He will be stronger next election. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am disgusted by Mr. Bodden's tirade which I fear gives the appearance to the outside world that this supposedly sophisticated fincancial centre is run and represented by uncivilized and prejudiced boors.  I understand he may have been frustrated by the unresponsiveness of Ms Ahearn (I'm sure we have all felt this before) however this does not come close to justifying his behaviour.  Having said that I believe we are better led by this government then the last (even with the excpetion of this decidedly unsophisticated gorilla).  There really are some great people now in government.  Don't forget the nefarious ways of the jetsetters previously leading this country….Nation Building slush Fund…..Expat Tax….CHEC port….Cohen debt/jet…conflicted government property deals…and in general the continuous evasiveness and blatant lies.  I am sorry for what Ms Ahearn had to deal with but in truth she was probably not totally surprised at how low this person could behave.  We still have some dinosaurs in the political pool.

  13. Sweet sop says:

    Can't believe that the Premier has given Ozzie Ministry in charge of Youth. What a role model for our youth. God help us, thought we should be setting good examples. Do the right thing Ozzie and resign.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Has Ozzie been told in no uncertain terms that the government does not pay for calls from his private phones when he has a perfectly working government one?  Will Ozzies next Chief Officer be treated in the same way when this issue arises again?  

    • Anonymous says:

      Has Ozzie been told that the fu##39 drift wood is more professional than him . Ozzie should have given Cayman the biggest Christmas present ever stepping down, since you have given us the most embarrassing present ever.

    • Ananymous says:

      When this issue comes up again, I am positive a Caymanian will handle this is an amicable, ethical and passionate way – "I still have doubts of this story" Personally as a long standing employee of government and working in Ministries it caused no problems when the calls were identified personal or work related, no matter which phone was used, A separation was made and the bills were paid in accordance of their identity no problems. 

      My opinion was that both parties stepped on each other toes, and one was more agressive than the other.  These matters are so petty, why did it have to come to this brawl.  I hope both can heal  and rekindle the nonsense.   Telelphone bills are paid by Government and the person concerned.   By golly,  if we were to retract the many other nationals that owes telephone bills  and left the Service High and Dry – of course, leaving for there next destination.

      • Anonymous says:

        But it was a discussion between two Caymanians, unless of course you are a racist Ossie sympathizer.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Honestly no poll needed here, we voters we be at the polls in 2017 and out you go PPM. My advice to Al is jump ship as soon as you can!!!

    I think we need to hear from the PPM community on their thoughts, I thought they had a council who decided who is eligible to run, surely as their bylaws state, they can go to a vote and insist the premier sacks this racist donkey (sorry to insult a donkey)…

    Mind you in saying this we still have to deal with our caymanian memory loss problem as I am sure in a few weeks this discussion will unfortunately be forgotten. .

    • Anonymous says:

      18:19.And you really believe that you are setting a good example.God help us.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I'm waiting to see what Barefoot has to sing.

    There should be a whole album about driftwood.

    As he is a piece he cant offend anyone!


  17. Anonymous says:

    I'm now a member of the Driftwood Party – A movement is born… Finally

    • Anonymous says:

      15:21.Caymanians Unite,and fight this with all your might.I hope all our MLAs are reading this and realize that if they do not unite "Dog eat ouva suppa".

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you come from the nearby war zones where they riot and burn? The “driftwood ” title is not for you. You already have a title and it wont change. Stop trying to be included where you’re not warned.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ossie at the trough wants half his personal cell bills paid on top of his inflated salary.  Classy.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least he's not asking for a second pension…yet. Lord help the Cayman Islands.

  19. Anonymous says:

    So it seems Ozzie was trying to get half his personal phone bill paid by the people – and Ms Ahearne queried this – as she should. This was wha cause the disguin behaviour

    Ozzie pay your damn phone bill with your wages like everyone else has to.


    • C'Mon Now! says:

      He needed the money before "Chmas" to buy presents.  His non-apology apology also brings into question his fitness to remain in office is his personal matters including health issues make him unstable he should step down.

  20. Anonymous says:

    "The premier’s decision to swap around areas of responsibility to accommodate his party colleague, Osbourne Bodden…"

    This article is riddled with bias starting from the 1st sentence. It is providing the writer's own biassed opinon in what is supposed to be a news article. It is not fair comment. Transferring responsibilities for Health to the Premier is obviously a demotion for Ozzie while retaining Jennifer for that Ministry so she can continue to carry on her work without what appears to be a toxic relationship with the Minister she reports to. 

    Under the previous government she may have been simply been put on paid leave.   

  21. Why is Compass says:

    publishing emails with a student's name unredacted?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am a Caymanian having lived here for 29 years and my son is of Caymanian parentage and heritage.   What I have always taught him is that we never make excuses for bad behaviour. NEVER.   When we do that, we create criminals because we make our children feel that what they do is right when it is clearly downright wrong.  That is the case with the Ozziegate.  While some may be glad that he made the comment that most are thinking and which is his right to express, the language used, the threatening tone and attitude, plus the THREAT to make her life a living hell, are all wrong and for these alone he should be fired or resign.   So forget that he hates foreigners being here, forget that he said it out loud but DO NOT tolerate violent and aggressive verbal assault of a person.  That is illegal and unprofessional.  If we condone that then we can only expect worse in future because we would have given our stamp of approval to assault others because we are mad at them!!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Good bye Ozzie

    • Anonymous says:

       09:03.Plaese note that you are not allowed to change the facts to suit your point of view.Mr Bodden is alleged to have used insulting remarks to one expat .There is no mention of him including anyone other than the CO that he was addressing,so please do not change that and substitute your version which says  "he hates foreigners being here", it is not supported by any reports so far.

      • Anonymous says:

        calling a Caymanian an expat really does shows your bias, or are you changing the facts to suit your purposes, hypocrite

        • Anonymous says:

          17:31.Unless Ms Ahearn has renounced her foreign citizenship,she is still an expat; an expat with Caymanian status,but still an expat.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Another political party was created and it is called, Fuc#@king Driftwood.  It is made up  of all paper Caymanians who drifted to these shores and made it home.  We have provided you with jobs, teach your children, nursed and doctored you, set up strong businesses in the community, build condominiums, served in your accounting, legal and HR organizations, picked up your garbage, wash your vehicles, care for your kds, 99.9% Blue Collar and White Collar  workers providing a valuable service to you. Your florist, morticians, Partners at various firms,  Bakers and the list goes on and on.  It is thousands of us here who are Paper Caymanians and which equates and become one of you at the polls.  The FUC#@ng Driftwoods are not idiots.    We supported you last election not knowing, that the Progressive government viewed us as FUC#@ing Driftwoods.  Well guess what, these expats from all over the world who drifted to your country will be going to the polls to demonstrate our democratic rights  which is NOT TO vote for a government who has insulted us and our intelligence. No wonder,  we are ignored by the government whenever we send emails or try to make an appointment with the sitting government.  Well, we going out at the polls and all of you will know and feel the power of FUC#@ing Driftwoods.  A few of you will be spared, like Mr. Eden, Mr. Archer, Mr. Suckoo and Mr. McTaggart. 

    • AnnaMouse says:

      Why spare anyone, the silence is deafening.  The only problem I see is that there is no other viable option.  I hope & pray we see some other candidates emerge.

    • Whodatis says:

      Respectfully, I put it to you that the usage and distinctions of "us", "yours" and "we" throughout your post speaks to the issue at hand today.

      I am the child of a "paper Caymanian", and that individual only and always speaks of Cayman and Caymanians as a single unit. In fact, most (Caymanian) people are shocked to learn that they were not born and raised in this country – and that is all their doing.

      They arrived here, realized quickly they wanted to make Cayman their home, so went about their daily life integrating and socializing as if they were in their country of birth. I.e., No creation of exclusive sub-groups, social circles, housing developments, gated communities and the like based on criteria of nationality, language, and most interestingly, the colour of one's skin.

      The concerns and interests of this individual flows from the perspective of a "Caymanian" and generally caters to the welfare of "Caymanians". During this time of year, this individual has a wide array of people from various backgrounds in their home to share the festive season.

      Throughout my lifetime Cayman has always attracted people from all over the world, so as a community this is nothing new. However, the point that as of late, the caliber of emigrated individual and their efforts to integrate within the community pales in comparison to those before them. Might I remind the room that it was outsiders / foreigners / expats / "driftwood" that labelled us as "a warm and friendly people" – not us ourselves.

      Interestingly, just recently I happened to attend a Christmas social gathering at a particular "development", and was stunned to find myself as the only Caymanian in the room. Mind you, some of the people there were going into their 10th and 20th year living in Cayman – and from a gathering of maybe 40 friendly and well-acquainted adults, couples and children, I was the only Caymanian. Does this type fo thing just "happen" or is it by way of design, purposeful or subconscious? (Btw, it appears as if many in attendance were as shocked to learn I was a Caymanian as I was to realize I was the only Caymanian, lol. Figure that one out!)

      To the fellow "driftwoods" that may be reading this post, please do the community a favor. Look around your home this holiday season, analyse your friends and most importantly, the friends of your kids and rate the diversity against the backdrop of years living in the Cayman Islands. If you are honestly satisfied that your particular circumstances are reasonable for an emigrated person or family living in another country, then good on you. If otherwise, then that may be something to work on for next Christmas.

      To my fellow Caymanians, I also encourage you to uphold the morals and values that have remained as part of our culture and identity for generations, because truth be told, I have heard some alarming utterings from some of my people recently.

      At the end of the day, the base nationality and identity is Caymanian in the Cayman Islands. When one emigrates to the USA or the UK one should respect and appreciate those cultures for what they are and adapt accordingly. Naturally, the same principles apply to these Beloved Isles Cayman.

      All the best for the holidays to each and every one of you. Please be safe this festive season and remember – do not drink and drive.

      – Whodatis

      • Anonymous says:

        WTF… Happy Christmas! Will shoot you down once I have digested fully. Cannot stomach you any other way!

      • Diogenes says:

        If the people in the room had been here for 10 to 20 years, how come they were not Caymanian?  Surely they would have status by now, or would have been rolled?  Or do you think they have to be born here to be Caymanian?  Don't understand.

        • Whodatis says:

          You do understand, unless of course you had difficulty with paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 of my post.

          Interestingly, one could argue that it is many of our newcomers that believe "they have to be born here to be Caymanian".

          Unfortunately, many people today are seeking the "Caymanian" label for selfish and superficial reasons only. Rest assured, this will not end well if the status quo remains going forward.

          • Anonymous says:

            Equally, many people do not seek the cayman in label or have since changed their mind. Let's keep it in perspective.

      • Anonymous says:

        100  thumbs up to you Whodatis, i noticed even your adversary agrees.

      • Anonymous says:

        what a sweeping observation.  Many more Caymanians may have been invited but for various reasons were unable to attend.  I regularly invite Caymanians to my home and for various reasons many decline or just don't show.  Note in the five years in Cayman I have never been invited to a Caymanian home.  I try not to draw any inference from this but you on the other hand would judge me because of the numbers of expats attending.  

    • Anonymous says:

                   08:11.I see that you are resorting to political threats to reach your goal,whatever that is..You also seem to be twisting this story for political gain,makes me wonder what is really behind your so called outrage. Is it simply the fact that Caymanians are in charge and you want to be.Ozzie apparently made insulting comments to one expat/Caymanian ,yet you are attempting to turn all status holders against the locals ,why.It is obvious that someone is using this situation to create further division in the Cayman community,and it should stop.One more thing ,why do you insist on using the insulting language that was allegedly used by Mr Bodden,is it that you hold simslar sentiments ,or do you think that it is ok for you to do so but not  Mr Bodden.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please remind what Mr. McTaggart has accomplished so far.

    • Anonymous says:

      You came here to make money not to help Caymanians. You have an entitlement mentality so the Handouts Parties are your choice.

      • Anonymous says:

        It's not an entitlement if you get paid for the labour you provide, it's called earning money. Remember Cayman Islands does not have many saleable natural resources. The pillar of its economy is money passing through the jurisdiction from money generated elsewhere eg USA, UK, Canada Why shouldn't the labour providers do the same,?

    • Anonymous says:

      How ridiculous is this poster!!! to say they have done so many things for Caymanians, I for one have not received their courtesies.  they never associate with the Caymanians, and if so it is only a temporary situationuntil they have wings.  A good suggestion is to raise the Status Grants to CI$100,000.00, We need to stop  a brokening system where we depend on the revenue from Work Permit, Residency and Status Grants fees from the Immigration Department, Our government requires innovation to find ways and means to seek revenue,  so the  Driftwoods can stay out.   If life was wrapped in a gold barrel  where they came from they would still be there.  To elevate in there country they compete  1 -20,000 and making just a few dollars a forthnight or month.  The motto is "pilfridge and Plunder" the cayman society.

      • The REAL Truth says:

        I think you are really saying that Caymanians need to raise their own money (like driftwood countries do)  off of their own labor and recources and not have to depend on the Driftwoods to survive like they do now. Even the Driftwoods wish this could happen.  As for the "Pilfridge and Plunder" motto, in case you haven't had the news read to you lately here is a basic synopsis.  Bush XXXXX gambles.  2 ministries (at least) steals and plunders 1 billion so far.  The others have no idea where the money went. The airport and harbor and Turtle farms are pilfridge and Plundered out and still going strong.  Your right about the motto.  I am not sure why you think the drifwoods (who you get all your money from) get the blame of stealing that money from you.  I now however understand why your Caymanian leadership gets away with it.

      • Gut Check says:

        You are both painting with a very broad brush;  what is the point or value of such sweeping generalisations?   

        How about we recognise that the very economy of these islands depends upon expats, regardless of their motives for being here?   How about that?    How many businesses would not (apparently) be able to stay in business without employing a majority of low-wage expats? 

        People tend to congregate with those similar with themselves, whether it is nationality, religious affiliation or other variables;   that tendancy isn't unique to the Cayman Islands.    

        Why don't we endeavor to treat others how we'd like to be treated, regardless of their differences.  How would that be?  

        It should be obvious, however I'll spell it out for you.   I speak only for myself and notfor my demographic.   Just like you.  

      • Anonymous says:

        So what you are saying is you want Caymanians to be self sufficient and to pay their own way without outside help, I can't possibly imagine why someone hasn't thought of that before!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can Buzzrd call for a vote of no confidence in a less tha honourable minister?

  25. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    Does Cayman have an ambassador to North Korea? This is something the Premier should consider.

  26. RP says:

    Isn't that what the politicos did when joey Ebanks got into trouble at CTF?  Move him to a better post, the ERA.  Now we take an abusive personality and move him to handle our aggressive and troubled youth.  You can't make this stuff up! Unreal.  


    • Anonymous says:

      According to the Compass this entire uproar is over a phone bill. So our BT rep and Misiter destroys his political career over a phone bill. I certainly was expecting more than that for a major uproar of this caliber.

      • Anonymous says:

        He obviously thought he was above the law and accountability and one should just take his word. If he had nothing to hide , why did he get so furious?  “A hat is burning on the thief!”  That’s his guilty conscience speaking.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is Cayman to blame for the crime infested world?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Those who know Alden know what he is good at, and has been good at for a long time. It is not 'leadership' and so his failure in this matter is no surprise.

    Hopefully those who don't know him and erroneously assumed that he was capable of leading the country have learned the lesson that he has so ably taught us. 

    This should be his final term in any public office – IF he can survive until May 2017.

  28. Anonymous says:

    If he doesn't publicly admit his wrongs and quit,  he will be looked down upon. This country is very small,one can't hide. It will be  hard to carry such a load of contempt for the rest of ones life. Once you lose your reputation it is impossible to restore it.  It will ruin ones health and joy of living.

    But if he admits his sins and repents,sincerely of course, people might forgive.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ozzie is the poster child for Caymankind…..

    • Anonymous says:

      It's people like you that fuel the rift with your pointless comments. I'm not defending the man by any means, but in my opinion, the above comment is just as bad as Ozzie's rant. It has the same effect.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are completely right of course. Most expats on here only seem to get it when they are on the receiving end but are happy to dish it out.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ozzie, you are a disgrace to BT voters, but I hope you know we na like West Bayers.  We gave you a chance once and then a break and we gave you a chance again, but you are too arrogant for your own good.  Goodbye Ozzie.  We will never vote for you in 2017, so do yourself a favour and fade away.

  31. Fa'real says:

    If Ossie has to go, so does Baines.

    The Gov says Baines aint going.

    BT says Ossie aint going.

    Plain, clear and simply………no discrimination here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting arbitrary line of thought

      • FloMos says:

        Yup. Almost as arbirtary+pedantic as calling a social media “poll” by amonymous bloggers+trolls, to call for the removal of a democratically-elected Minister.

    • Foreign Devil. says:


  32. MEN IN BLACK says:

    Racism is alive and well on both sides…Local speaks out and boom…crucified!

    He said what many of us feel.  Many of us a foreigners in our own land and treated as such.  If he vented in such an angry manner, yes it was wrong, but obviously he does feel it as Caymanian.

    Like it or not- doesn't matter.  Fact and truth remains RACISM is alive on both sides!



    • C'Mon Now! says:

      I think lots of people of all origins would like Baines to go. We were better off before they ran Kernahan out of town.  It is interesting that crime appeared to be under control and going down before he was investigated and we wasted a tonne of time & money on the investigation that resulted in ernhan being paid off by the CIG to drop his wrongful dismissal case. 

    • Anonymous says:

      May, but this was about a man wanting to charge the government to make private calls.  No accountability needed he thought, I am Caymanian, how dare you CO question me a born Caymanian with a right to pilfer the public purse.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Miss Rivers will not touch this issue with a long stick neither will Juliana or any women in high position. Government knows this. Don't hold your breath.

    • Anonymous says:

      Miss Rivers would not touch this outreagous  subject of behavior by Bodden , to a woman . Her silence on this subject really shows who she is protecting .

    • Anonymous says:

      It's a shame that those who ought to be forthright, know better, and in a position to offer an example to young wonen, choose to deliberately lay silent, and feather their political nests with these contemptuous characters.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Rivers Razor – if there are two options, Tara wil always pick the less impressive one.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep she is not impressive but really would you expect her to speak out on this issue knowing that   The CO was threatened that her life would be made a living hell.  On this issue I understand why she cannot speak out.

  34. Expat Andy says:

    This has evolved into a game of Chicken, Alden & Ozzie are not goign to say anything.  They just want Christmas and New Year's to pass and hope that CNS & other media outlets will stop running stories.  Eventually something else will come along and attention will move on.  This being Cayman Ozzie will run again and has a good shot of being re-elected.  However none of the Driftwood and guest workers here on the Island need to be happy about it. 


  35. Anonymous1 says:

    I think this just shows the depth of contempt for all the MLAs following scandal after scandal after scandal and never a hint of accountability. Not to detract from the contempt felt for Osbourne Bodden specifically but you'd probably get a similar response to the same question about any almost MLA.

    I don't know if anyone has compiled afull list but here's some of the recent scandals I can recall off of the top of my head:

    – the missing $1b and lack of public accounts

    – misuse of government credit cards

    – the nation building fund

    – the dump tender (and ensuing court case against CIG)

    – the dart deal (and ensuing court case against CIG)

    – the cruise terminal (can't remember if there was a court case against CIG)

    – the unbelievably excessive travel by MLAs as highlighted by the AG

    – Mac spending $250k of government money in casinos

    – the "Stan Thomas" affair

    – millions worth of duty waivers handed out aby MLAs without explanation

    – Juliana OCC spending thousands and thousands at Brac hotels without explanation

    – the illegal paving of private (voters only, of course) homes in the Brac

    – the bailout of homeowners (voters only, of course) who were behind in their mortgages on obscenely favourable terms that they mostly failed to honor

    – Joey Ebanks and how he came to be in charge of the ERA

    – the disgraceful expat tax proposal


    Can anyone think of some more?



    • Anonymous says:

      – Rolston getting DUIs

      – other miscellaneous bribery for votes

      – and let's not forget how McKeeva talks to women as well. Recall a certain public speaking when he belittled a woman for asking a question

      – the list goes on…

      • Anonymous says:

        Status grants seemingly on the basis of choice of realtor. 

      • AnnaMouse says:

        Ah Good Times! Good Times!  There are a few more but they all blend together at this point.  A two term lifetim limit on Cabinet membership would help.  These should not be lifetime careers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Christian heritage park.

    • Anonymous1 says:

      the civil servants on full-pay "required leave" for years

      abuse of the "gasboy" cards

      abuse at CINICO

      MLAs refusing to properly disclose their interests

      the goings on at the CIAA board

      Joey Ebanks.  He deserves to be on the list twice – once for when he ripped off the Turtle Farm and paid it back with a sack full of cash, and again for how he got appointed to the ERA after that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Emergency prayers in response to a spate of murders.


    • Anonymous says:

      Private jets and entourage

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac's proposed oil terminal

  36. Anonymous says:

    Who da hell caressss… zzzzzzzzzz

  37. Anonymous says:

    The silence from women on this issue is deafening. 

    • Anonymous says:

      They are intimidated. "I can make your life a living hell" is not something to take lightly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe some are but some may not be intimidated, simply just fed up with slackness from both sides Ministers and CO's and simply choosing to not make comments.

        Digging deeper may expose what really transpired leading up to the nasty tirade of Min OB. There could be 2 even 3 sides to the story. Without a doubt Minister Bodden should never ever… have addressed his CO in that manner. No matter how frustrated he was, by what he felt she should have done, or had not done.

        Something is not adding up and is possibly being kept on the downlow. Sad thing is that this type of unsavoury behaviour, even if not exact thing, happens day in and day out with many of our politicians from both sides and nothing is ever done.

        We keep voting them in, grinning with them, and swapping parties every election. So why would we expect any different now? few of the very politicians we voted in who are doing their jobs are making no comments because it seems they can't think for themselvesand dont wish to go against their leader.

        When they were out campaiging comments were made referring to UDP,  about how the politicians in that party were all scared of Mackeeva and wouldnt go against him. Why don't these speak out now and and let us know what really took place.  I am sure they all know exactly what happened and what led up to it.

        Still no matter what transpired, no one should ever be spoken to in such a disrespectful manner. Whatever the issue, it should have been handled in a professional manner. Until consequences are  dished out and faced by the perpetrators for this type of action nothing will ever change.

        Politicians, Civil Servants and all Caymanians,  born and paper, and  residents all have to be the change we want to see. Other wise nothing will ever change.


      • Anonymous says:

        and I would say that was the most alarming thing said.  

      • FloMos says:

        A mistake that was. He should have said “I can see your life IS a living Hell”.
        Angry Bird

      • Anonymous says:

        Also the way he spoke. Is not a gender issue.  No one should be subjected to that type of verbal abuse and threatening words either male or female.  Some of us have spoken here because yes we are afraid for ourselves, our children and families.

    • Married to a Caymanian- hear my voice says:

      As a woman who is married to a Caymanian, I think this is a shameful display of xenophobic racist madness!

      My spouse was not born in Cayman, yet his heriticage goes back to Pedro St. James. We both are treated like expats and people are shocked to learn that we have a long family tree in Cayman.

      The problem is the polticians dividing us like Ossie did.  Disgraceful.  Paper or blood we all cling to this little rock and should respect people on permits or permanent residents or born Caymanians all the same.

      I have been here 25 years and can honestly say that I embraced this country and give back to the community.  There are so many expats that truly act better than most of our elected poltiicians, it is only a shame that 50% of the people are NOT represented. That would be a game changer.

      Our elected officials are a disgrace, but as voters we are also to blame if we keep electing these "party" fools.

      Ya get what ya vote for folks…..

  38. futurethoughts says:

    We need leaders, who will lead for the sake of the country and not for their friends.  Mr. Mclaughlin and Mr. Bodden, go back a long ways.  It will be hard to dismiss his friend on such a small technicality, hoping the voters will forget what happened!!  Well, I think it is about time that we put the country first and foremost.  Mr. Bodden should resign humbly and ask for the forgiveness of the Caymanian people, both born and paper!!  We have to be able to control these emotions, before it is too late.  If Mr. Bodden does not resign and Mr. McLaughlin does not dismiss him, then they should both go!!   Imagine if he was representing us overseas and had one of his little temper outbursts!!

    • C'Mon Now! says:

      It is too late for Ozzie, any apology at this point is not going to be genuie but it would be nice if he thought about what he is going to do going forward.  At this point one resonably expects a statement from him and others etc.

      The quality of what passes for leaders here is truly underwhelming.

      Someone new could run inBodden Town on the basis of "Hope & Change"  We all hope for it but know we will just get more of the same.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Ozzie, give us a Christmas present and just quit.

  40. Anonymous says:

    If Mr. Bodden had went off on another Caymanian male…or the average bloke on the street, would we be thowing hissy fits and taking polls?….please…the most damaging lies we tell are the ones we tell to ourselves…get over it Cayman….

  41. Anon says:


  42. Anonymous says:

    CNS, please do a poll on whether or not Baines should go too!

    • FloMos says:

      Why do a CNS Poll??
      The Queen appointed CoP Paines, so the locals can’t ‘fire’ him.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do a CNS poll of any sort? It is a matter for the Premier and the Governor. 

    • anonymous says:

      Cns – it would also be interesting to see how many people here want Independence from the United Kingdom and how many peoplebelieve  that they should get it regardless of any vote.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I believe there should be a provision in the constitution to deal with bad behavior. If you leave it for the Premier to do the necessary, then don't expect anything to be done. We need to get rid of the party systems. It is always party first and not country first. 

  44. Anonymous says:

    I just hate the fact that these jumped up, uncouth rude and ignorant bullies are collecting a huge wage for their carry on. And its not just Ozzie I am referring to!


  45. Anonymous says:

    Ozzie needs to be reminded that it was the majority of "driftwoods" who voted and allowed PPM standings.  So let's say the driftwoods chose not to vote in 2017, this would ultimately mean that the PPM party – DONE!!!

    Old people say…. you never know whats in ants belly, until you mash him. 

  46. Anonymous says:

    The dump will still be there in 2017 then.

  47. Anonymous says:

    What is the point of the Public Service Code of Conduct which goverment thought so essential just a couple of years ago to prevent exactly the type of behavior the Minister exhibited? Will all public servants now be allowed to behave in a similar manner without consequence?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry friend. Elected Ministers or MLAs aren’t considered public servants under this code of conduct. CNS went to some lengths to explain this yesterday I believe.

  48. Anonymous says:

    ANYONE who supports or believes that what Ozzie Bodden did was right- is just as sick, disgraceful and arrogant as Bodden himself. The time will come though where his tirade is not condoned and some innocent person clobbers him in the mouth- (bet they would get arrested) for his irrational behavior. As a suggestion to the Civil Service- do a sit in and demand his removal; you would be supporting your fellow CS colleagues in his Mimistry and showing collective disapproval for his stupidity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not the best reccomendation but hey I would tend to agree with you- a sit in would speak volumes to the lack of confidence that government employees, specifically in Bodden's Ministry have with working with this kind of loose canon. And to put icing on the cake, as per todays Compass, his reasons for 'blowing his top' has been revelaed that he wanted to be reimbursed for cell phone charges- on his PERSONAL BILL without quantifying the charges is ludicrous. It is simple, you have a CIG cell phone issued to you Osbourne Bodden- use that for government work and not your personal phone. If you use your personal phone, then you and you alone are responsible for charges, no matter how, where and why the charges were incurred.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree 8:08.  and he was having personal issues…who don't????  The Civil Servants are being blamed and called lazy for not doing their jobs.  Jennifer was doing her job.  Eveything comes into question with the Audtor General and a few months down the line the Civil Servant will get the blame for this reimbursement if not properly documents.  The email apology sounded far from genuine in my opinion.

  49. ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

    The "driftwood" voters are also waiting for a sensible response from other MLAs, the Governor, Deputy Governor, and the police. It is hard to believe this is not a criminal matter.

    If McKeeva had erupted like this would the reaction from any of the people mentioned above been different?  

  50. Anonymous says:


  51. Anonymous says:

    PPM will pay for this typical Alden arrogance in 2017 elections

    • Anonymous says:

      I can't believe some ignorant called on a morning talk show today to say that Ozzie had been set up.  Really????  Did someone force Ozzie to be himself and act like he did?  These fool fool people are our downfall.

  52. Anonymous says:

    CNS is doing a good job,but  sesspool of despicable men is ust too deep for anyone to handle.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS is doing great job, but cesspool of despicable men is just too deep for anyone to handle. Another option is to show them how disgusted you are next time you encounter them.

  53. Anonymous says:

    The female voters are also waiting to hear from Minister Rivers on this now public denegration of a longstanding civil servant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who is worse Tara or Ossie as minister? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Tara Rivers has proven to be a disaster as Minister of Education, Labour & Gender Affairs. Her silence says everything about her leadership abilities.

      • Anonymous says:

        Boy, you “Tara haters” jump on anything to try to attack Minister Rivers. UDP agent are you? This isn’t about her Ministry. This is a matter for the Premier and Deputy Governor.

        • ananymous says:

          This should lhave been an ANTS NEST where they poked their noses – I am not a fan of Tara but I believe she was not in the midst of this – and knows the result of the ants nest.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Business and Professional women’s club have also yet to utter a word.

      • drWes says:

        Who else ya want to hear from?
        The Pink ladies? The Girls Brigade?
        Quit stirring sh#t or somebody gonna take yo stick and break it off
        Pathetic cheap reverse-psychology!